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Want NUTR2001 Nutritional and Health Consequences in USA


Unit Details of NUTR2001 Assessments

Location: healthy schools

Study level: post graduate

Unit Code: NUTR2001


The prime objective of this course unit module on NUTR2001 Nutritional and health consequences enable and help students in examining the consequences linked with the food insecurity for the nutritional as well as health status of the elderly in different nations. Students would also be able to analyze multiple logistics and linear regression analyzes that could be effective used and assessed the extend to which people were more likely to have low nutrition value especially in nutrients like lower intake of energy, protein and others. This idea could and knowledge about the elderly people with the help of assessments would enable students in taking proper advantages of the opportunities and help people lead an effective and successful life.

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NUTR2001 Assessment Answers     

Upon successful completion of this unit module on NUTR 2001 Nutritional and health consequences students would gain a knowledge that food insecurity has been documented among U.S. elderly persons in several studies. Food insecurity can affect health and quality of life, either directly or indirectly through nutritional status. The majority of studies examining the nutritional and health consequences of food insecurity have focused on younger adult women and children. The consequences include decreased dietary intake. This could be well understood after pursing this course unit on NUTR2001 assignments.


Upon successful completion of this course unit module on NUTR2001 solutions, students will also understand and identify that Nutrition has been recognized and given a special role in national development. This course is following on the same lines laid out in National Policy of Nutrition. This curriculum aims at training students to take up leadership roles in extension and community outreach programs. The students are inspired and encouraged to develop a scientific temper. Familiarizing them with the use of newer technologies, methods in family and community linkages, and sustainable use of resources for human development are the hall mark of this course.

Learning Finger Points of NUTR2001 Assignments

This NUTR2001 task answers aims at enriching the minds of the students who have interest in learning finer points of nutrition. Nutrition generates lot of concerns, problems, and issues and is very close to individual heart.  Students will also understand that nutrition is the key to facilitate the study and enhance the quality of human life. Its approach is therefore inherently interdisciplinary. Its curriculum that engages the student through teaching, research and extension. This course unit module on NUTR2001 Nutritional and health consequences aims to develop a holistic and multidimensional understanding of the various topics. Syllabus covers basic aspects of nutrients, food science, nutrition concerns in various stages of life cycle, food safety , food security as well as open a vast understanding of the current spectrum of malnutrition,. This course module on NUTR2001 Nutritional and health consequences equips the students for skill development, academic understanding, entrepreneurship, community role and employment in various fields of food industry, health clinics, NGOs, and others.


The prime objective of this course unit module on NUTR 2001 Nutritional and health consequences incorporates students:

  • To introduce the students to the fundamentals of Nutrition, food and health

    • To familiarize them with importance of nutrition during various stages of life.

    • To impart knowledge regarding etiology and management of nutritional disorders ranging from nutritional deficiencies to life style disorders.

    • To emphasize on the importance of food safety, food quality, food laws and regulations, ongoing national programmers as well as imparting entrepreneurship skill for job enhancement.


The ongoing B.A. with Nutrition and Health Education course was introduced as restructured course of Home Science. Until 2014 to 15, this course was being offered in B.A. as a discipline course in three colleges of University of Delhi in semester mode. In Choice Based Credit System the course would be of 3-year duration, divided into 3 parts- Part I, Part II and Part III. Each part would consist of 2 semesters. There would be four core papers (along with 4 language and 4 core papers from some other opted discipline of B.A.), 2 Discipline Centric Electives (2 DSE from other opted discipline), 4 Skill Enhancement Elective courses (SEC), 2 Generic Elective courses (GE) and 2 Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses. Students will be given a pool of papers in DSE, SEC and GE from which students can choose their preferred papers.


The contents have been drawn-up to accommodate the widening horizons of the discipline of Food and Nutrition. They reflect the current changing needs of the students and the evolving 3 needs of the community. The option of project or dissertation has been offered to strengthen the knowledge, skills and research procedures to inculcate the scientific temperament of students. For each paper, • the detailed syllabus for each paper is appended with the list of suggested readings. • Teaching time allotted for each paper shall be four periods for each theory paper and 4 periods for each practical class per week. Each practical batch should ideally be between 15 to 20 students so that each student receives individual attention.

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Brief of NUTR2001 Assessment Assignments

This unit course on NUTR2001 Nutritional and health consequences is to help and enable students to recognize as well as identify and contribute towards the prevention of public health and social health problems in the nation and in the region. 2. To equip students with workable knowledge to treat common illnesses at home. In addition to this, this course unit on NUTR2001 Nutritional and health consequences would also allow students to familiarize students with fundamentals of food, nutrients and their relationship to Health and this would also enable the students to develop and create awareness with respect to deriving maximum or enhanced advantage and benefit from available food resources. As a whole, a better understanding of the course unit along with the definition and multidisciplinary nature of public nutrition, Concept and scope and role of public nutritionist could be attained by students pursuing this course unit that could shape the future as well.

What is the Weightage of this NUTR2001 Course Code in Their Semester?

Weightage: Weightage: 75% weight is assigned to this course module for continuous evaluation, and 25 % is assigned to external end semester evaluation in each major and half course.

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