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ORG5800 Assessment Answers

This ORG5800 assessment answers is mainly focused on people who want to hold the position of manager in any firm. The students in this course are introduced to the different strategies of managing different projects and in addition it will also talk about how a number of teams associated to project management are managed effectively in order to derive optimum results. This course is mainly focused at helping the budding managers in understanding the different ways in which the management of team is extremely important in carrying out different projects. The students in this case are introduced to a range of strategies which are applied in trying to carry out different projects with utmost efficiency. It reflects on the process of project management in general and why does project management assignment act as an integral part of any organization in general.

It would then go on to draw evidences from successful firms which have been able to enlist themselves as being one of the most effectively managed firms. The students in this case indulge in a close analysis of how these firms function in general. It would also talk in details about the different strategies and frameworks which are applied within the company. The course also gives the students an understanding about the different ways of managing teams in general. The students form an understanding about the different kinds of leadership as well in this process. The ability of the students to manage different teams is based on their understanding of managing a range of people and teams under any given circumstances. The ORG5800 assignment help is focused at ensuring that the conceptual understanding of the students is absolutely clear and they are able to make sense of the different ways in which the process of management is carried out by the managers. The students form a clear understanding of the dynamic role that is played by the people holding the position of project managers in general.

This ORG5800 solutions will also help the students in forming a composed idea of what the management of project means and how is this aspect carried out in general. They students will also know about the common issues which is faced by the managers as they will be closely analyzing a number of situations and the way in which the issues can be solved without any of the employees in the project and also maintain a healthy environment within the organization in general. Thus, by the end of this course the students will be able to carry out team management as well as assuring that each of the teams are pushed to provide the company the maximum success with respect to any project. They will also have an understanding about the ways in which the issues can be tackled.

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Unit Details of ORG5800 Assessment Answers


Location: - Waldorf University, Lowa

Study level: - Bachelor’s level course.

Unit code: - ORG5800

Brief of ORG5800 Assessment Assignments

The assessment help mainly focuses on the areas that are related to management of people, project as well as the teams in general. The entire assessment is divided into parts and each part is supposed to address one aspect of the broader aspect. The idea is to cover every area with respect to management of the human force aligned to project management and are added to teams. Every module consists of two parts where first half of the module consists of reading materials. Every student is given some points for reading and the main purpose for this is to ensure that the background knowledge within the student is absolutely clear. The ORG5800 task answers focuses on making the background knowledge absolutely clear among the students because without the same it would be difficult for the students to apply the knowledge that they have gathered. The concepts are made absolutely clear among the students. After the reading the assessment tests the understanding that is gathered by the students. In order to understand the success of the student’s understanding of the concepts there are different assessments that are provided to the students.

The students are supposed to apply the different theories that are learnt by them. In other words, the students are supposed to choose the most relevant strategy that would help in solving the given situation. The first assessment would include the reflective analysis carried out by the individual. The next segment would include providing the students with different case studies. The case study would typically include the background of the company and the basic details of the company would also be shared. This would typically include the area in which the company works and some details about the teams that are associated with the project under question. The problem with respect to the team management would also be laid out clearly to the student and thereafter a list of questions would be presented at the end of the case study. These questions would guide the students into reflecting on their knowledge with respect to the different theories of management. This is then checked by the professors and they then provided necessary guidelines to the students.

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What is The Weightage of ORG5800 Course Code in Their Semester?

This course holds great amount of importance within the semester and has 20% weightage to it.  Since the semester mainly deals with the aspect of efficient business management of project teams within a company, this section of management of team and people hold great importance. In order to ensure the success of the company it is important that all the people and the teams working in the company are managed properly. This course assesses the important principles and theories that have been underlying the strategic management of the people and then it goes on to talk about how the performance of the people can be improved in order to meet the goals set by the company with complete efficiency. This course also brings to light the effectiveness of different theories and approaches in order to gain maximum results and also to improve the relationship between the project’s performance and the management of the human force with efficiency.

This course also goes into teaching the students about the problem-solving skills and how can they be improved in order to gain maximum results even in difficult situations. It also highlights the importance of communication among the people in order to gather the most amount of output through efficient management of the people in different contexts of the organization. The roles of the managers and not just laid down before the students but in addition to that their roles are thoroughly analyzed and also brings to the forefront the different challenges that has to be faced by the managers in order to ensure the smooth running of a business. Lastly, the course makes the students aware of the different models with respect to management awareness of the teams.

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