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PACC6009 Assessment Answers

The course code PACC6009 assessment answers offering detail on the study on business law is about the regulations and law that applies to the governing of commerce and business. PACC6009 assessment is specifically applicable for the students carrying out studies in the field of law and commerce. This course is often called the branch of the civil law involving many interesting cases that the students get to study in the module.PACC6009 assessment answers are offered by the Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia where several law students can enroll for the course and gain both practical and theoretical knowledge on the subject matters. PACC6009 solutions on business law enables the students to gain a clear knowledge on the concepts of selling and manufacturing of consumer goods, laws related to regulation of corporate contracts, and hiring practices.Students get to know about the various kinds of business law in force in the country so that they can apply the knowledge gained in the future years when they start their own businesses at the location or are required to advice people and companies on the subject matter. PACC6009 assignment answers offers the students to learn from the examples of real-world companies so that they can understand the complexities involved in agreements, contracts and international legislations on a clear sense and apply them in the practical context.The course requires the students to go through various journals and articles related to business law so that they can gain practical insights into the matters going around in the country and in other parts of the world and can develop the skill of better interpreting the events.

Unit Details of PACC6009 Assessment Answers

Location: Footscray Nicholson, Industry, Werribee

Study level: Vocational and further education (TAFE)

Unit code: PACC6009

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Briefs of the PACC6009 Assessment

The course PACC6009 related to business law is based on various core concepts on which the students are given clear idea along with the amendments that have come in the field.

  • Employment law

This is a vital part of the concept of business law which the students get to learn in the course. Having knowledge of this law is very essential in the modern workplace. Every company requires following the provisions mentioned in the employment law so that employees do not get cheated or harassed in any manner and their optimum safety at the workplace is ensured. This law also helps the students in understanding that employees can never be treated unfairly by an organization and must be considered as the biggest assets of the company.

  • Immigration law

A vital part of the business law is the immigration law which the students must have knowledge about as it is an essential part of the modern business. This law is applicable on every employee starting from full-time employees, temporary employees and special workers joining the companies on a contractual basis.

  • Negotiation and litigation law:

This is yet another concept in the business law which the students must an idea about so that they can help the companies to enter into correct negotiation agreements with the other parties relating to the business. This law is mainly related to the sale of products or lease of products so that the parties involved in the agreement remain on the same page while negotiating with one another.

  • Antitrust law

The laws related to antitrust are of great importance in the business law as the marketplace today is very much competitive and ensuring trust among the customers and the company is very much important. Therefore, the course attaches huge importance to the study of this law in the course module so that the students can be aware of the use of deceptive and unfair practices taking place in the market so that they inform the clients about the same. As a business lawyer, the students in their practical context must help their clients in avoiding such unfair practices in trade so that they can carry on operations in the market in a loyal manner.

  • Intellectual property

Business law covers a huge part of the laws relating to the intellectual property which can help the companies in maintaining their distinct identity in the market. The laws relating to intellectual property help in offering uniqueness to the products of the company and also ensure that the organizations can continue their creative work in the correct manner.

  • Lawsuits

PACC6009 task answers of business law is also relating to the various lawsuits that the companies get entangled into while carrying on business in the real world. Students get to learn the various practical lawsuits that the real companies have got entangled into and get lessons from them so that they can gain better insights into the subject matter. The course helps the students in understanding that lawsuits are inevitable in the business context but sometimes they can even damage the reputation of the companies in the market. The course helps the students in learning that how they must be handling the lawsuits of the companies so that the best results can be arrived at and quick and profitable settlements can be made. The lawsuits taught to the students in the course also help them in learning various legal terminologies which they can apply in the practical world.


The course of business law also acquaints the students about the laws related to business formation and dissolution so that they can develop understanding of the concepts which are quite vital in the study of law. The basic principles of a contract are also taught in the course and the students are given to prepare projects on the topics so that they get an opportunity to apply the theories learnt. Various bankruptcy cases are also cited to the students in the course which makes them aware of the adverse situations which organizations face in businesses and how they must utilize the correct provisions of the business law to get out of such situations.

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Weightage of the Course Code PACC6009 in their Semester

In this semester, the PACC6009 task answers has been given the weightage of 46 credit points where students not just learn the basics of the legal terms but also get an idea as to how they must apply the provisions in the real cases to help their clients.

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