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Explanation of PHI210 Critical Thinking

The course is all about developing critical thinking skills and generating people of the future that are smart, intellectual, and can transform millions of people. Examination of good or bad elements depends upon intellectual reasoning or rationalism, which is indeed the core of the course. Hence, the main objective of the course is to establish, evaluate, analyze, and identify application of reasoning and cognitive skills in the context of everyday discourse. Criticality and formulation of all the necessary skills associated with the course lies dependent on a lot of vast set of factors such as the ability of write, speak, think, ponder, and comment a lot of life-oriented matters. This ability of individuals are dependent on how professional reasoning and logic is used for confronting different aspects of critical thinking, discussion, and pragmatic application of knowledge. Moreover, the course is designed on the basis of skillful and active conceptualization of things via synthesizing, evaluating, gathering information, generation of knowledge via experience, reasoning, communication, reflection, observation, and actions guided by belief and contemplation.


At the core of the course lies ability of intellectually disciplined process for better and more relevant conceptualization. The objective of such disciplined action is to analyze lots of facts and information and coming to a judgment based on an individual’s ability to critically assess, evaluate, and appraise, and then coming with a conclusive stance regarding the event or matter of fact. Hence, to conclude, the course seeks to establish foundations of self-corrective actions, means of self-discipline, and self-corrective thinking that will change lives of the students to a markedly positive direction.

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Unit details

Location: - Virginia, United States (US)

Study level: - Undergraduate

Unit code: - PHI210 Critical Thinking

Brief of PHI210 Assessment

PHI210 Assessment Answers of the course will be made on the basis of evaluating the ability of the students to grab difficult concepts of philosophical concepts and critical thinking. Promotion of reasoning skills and application of relevant knowledge in life can change one’s life. There lies the importance of critical thinking and its relevance to students belonging to any stream irrespective of what they are looking for in life. PHI210 Assignment Answers will also be made on the basis of promotion of examination skills and aiding arguments form the best literatures, sciences, business, media, spirituality, and business as well. Hence, the blend of all these factors can elevate the standards of life markedly in whatever direction one is looking ahead to orient their careers. Languages of persuasion, negotiation skills like advanced professionals, informative assessment, and relating these concepts with respect to information and current context can elevate the standards of learning outcomes and professional scopes.

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In the age of information, misleading facts, overindulging information, and misguiding notions have deviated a major range of the global populace to nowhere which was also evident in the case of ‘infodemic’ associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Hence, what information to take and what to reject has put a big area of concern for the people. The course just seeks to train and guide individuals or students in the right direction concerning critical thinking and its practical and meaningful use in life. Learning outcomes of the course centers around developing different dimensions of critical thinking. Explanation of critical thinking tools and generating ability of proper communication among students have become vastly important for students. Productive thinking skills and turning an input to valuable output is another objective of the course. Hence, the assessments of the course will more or less be relied on developing cross-border utilization to intellectual deduction skills and management of critical learning. Moreover, the added objective of the course is to generate people-friendly skills that attract teachers, public, audiences, and populace. Creation of persuasive arguments are added advantage of the course that further seeks to assume termination of biases, elimination of partisanship, and manipulative appeals for saving people form abuses of language. Variety of solutions are also necessary for giving direction to the PHI210 solutions that will be provided in the course which students can access form their university portals.

What is the Weightage of this PHI210 Course Code in Their Semester?

The weightage of the course is laid in equivalence to 3 credit points. The PHI210 task answers also gives weightage on generating pragmatic capabilities of critical thinking. Both online and offline modes are available for the course. However, there will be marked weightage in developing critical thinking with respect to development of analysis, identity, and evaluation of reasoning in everyday discourse. Examination of various elements that help induce good reasoning skills for enhancing both external and internal skills. In life, philosophy is such as aspect form the available options of courses to study or contemplate, which is not only limited to career outcomes. Career is nothing compared to the benediction of philosophical enlightenment. Introduction to various formal and information attributes are laid on the course. There shall be other facets and aspects of career related attributes concerning various kinds of professional courses such as management, engineering, medicine, nursing etc. However, philosophy is such as subject that transform a person form within which is very little learned to the western people. They mostly live in materialism and propagation of material affairs and live like other creatures that live in mere senses. However, now the US and other Western nations are gradually understanding the necessity of philosophical education and proliferation of critical reasoning skills.


This impetus of rationalism and incorporation of philosophical studies have long-term benefits in life which is not just limited to livelihood or occupation. But, when one learns about introspection and self-direction, they creates miracles. However, these formulas are known to a trivial portion of the global population. Hence, impetus and emphasis on critical thinking can markedly increase the basic concepts of how to live life so that one can live to the fullest and achieve unimaginable goals and reach great heights. Deduction of intellectual reasoning and application of philosophical concepts in life are the core direction of the course that has major weightage in the course.

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