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Explain PHIL1000 Introduction to philosophy

PHIL 1000 Introduction to philosophy at the University of New Orleans focused on topics in classical and contemporary philosophical writings, such as the nature of truth and knowledge, mind and body, freedom and determinism, right and wrong, and the existence of God. The course aims to teach students how to live a fulfilling life by emphasising positive character traits and practical skills. The course will ponder on questions such issues as: What constitutes a worthwhile existence? Getting what we want when we want it is a direct result of living a fulfilling life. If we could have everything we wanted whenever we wanted, what would it mean to live in a world where that was possible? Yes, but is it possible? Is it a good idea? What are the prerequisites for human progress and development? In what ways is it preferable to live in the actual world than in a virtual one, where all of our wants and needs are met? In what sort of society do we have the chance to lead happy and fulfilling lives? What is the community's or the state's involvement in this?


Introduction to Philosophy at the University of New Orleans provides students with the chance to study four philosophical topics: knowledge, reality, free will, and morality. Students will not only gain a better understanding of how philosophers have addressed these issues, but they will also gain the skills necessary to do it on their own. Many advantages accrue to students who study philosophy. Philosophy provides students with valuable skills that they may apply in both their academic careers and their professional lives. Philosophy, despite its ostensibly abstract character, is a sought-after skill set by employers. With the use of a critical eye, philosophy students learn how to express themselves properly in writing and reading, and how to identify and avoid faulty thinking. As a result, philosophy students have typically performed better on examinations such as the LSAT and GRE than students in practically any other academic field. Philosophy is a popular major for many of the University students who are also majoring in other fields. In this department, students learn how to ask the right questions and how to begin developing answers. In addition to being vital, philosophy is also a lot of fun, and the faculty includes a number of award-winning professors. Participatory teaching is a philosophy at the University of New Orleans, where students are encouraged to create and express their own philosophical beliefs.

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PHIL1000 Unit Details

Students will learn about humanity's long quest to better comprehend its place in the cosmos and its relationship to the rest of creation via this engaging and informative course units. Students will learn to question and seek meaning and truth in their own lives via exposure to some of the greatest philosophers and some of the most profound debates of the past. Additionally, they will get an appreciation for philosophy's role in civilised society and its ability to help solve world problems and foresee better times ahead. In addition, the course helps students acquire a wide variety of analytical, critical, and communication skills, all of which are helpful in the workplace. After completing this course, students will have a better understanding of the many subfields of philosophy and the kinds of topics that philosophers in those fields address. The student will also get an understanding of philosophical ideas and how these theories might be applied to current issues. A readiness to accept criticism, articulate and answer fair arguments, and portray opposing perspectives both critically and sympathetically is expected. Lectures are supplemented by smaller tutorials or seminars in which students can examine the material in further detail. Through group discussions, essay writing, and oral presentations, tutorials and seminars are essential for enhancing your written and spoken communication abilities. An Academic Advisor is appointed to each student, who takes a personal interest in your academic success and can assist you in selecting course units and career options.


After taking an introduction to epistemology and metaphysics, students will be introduced to moral and political philosophy in the first year of their studies in philosophy. Aside from that, they can choose from a variety of additional courses, such as Readings in Value Theory and Knowledge and Reality, as well as courses in critical thinking and reasoning. In the second-year students are required to take a number of required courses in philosophy, including ethics and the philosophy of language. In the final year, students can work on an individual study unit on any topic in philosophy and write an extended essay with the help of a professor. The research interests of faculty members, which range from global justice to physics philosophy, are reflected in the final-year teaching modules.


University of New Orleans

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BA in Philosophy

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Brief of the PHIL1000 Assessment

Students will gain an in-depth grasp of both the academic and practical components of philosophical study through the examination of each unit. The Assessment was divided in three forms: Paper writing, presentation ang Group projects. For the paper writing on philosophical topics, three papers are due during the course of the semester. References not included, the first and second papers should be no more than 1000 words each. Only 2500 words are allowed in the third paper. In class, students will get more information about the papers, as well as writing prompts. The class will be divided into groups of three or four for the purpose of the project. There will be a total of $1000 available to each group to begin their project. As long as the initiative adds to human well-being, does not break state law, or does not break school policy, they are free to do anything they wish.

What is the Weightage of this PHIL1000 Course Code in Their Semester?

Attendance at the University of New Orleans is a must. Students are required to attend and participate actively in all class sessions. Students after the end of each semester must score more than 59.5 percentage. Below that it will deem to be 0 points and will result in Fail for that semester.

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