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PHIL108 Assessment Answers

Social and political theories of philosophy are related to ethics describing how and what a set of ethics is followed by a group of people. Society as a whole is a structural thing that we are a part of for a very long time. Hence understanding the ethis that are followed by a group of people who are forming a community or institution it is important to know the philosophy that is working behind it. There are different factors related to the social and political philosophy that is related to the group of people that we are talking about. Different countries have different politics and hence the following different social logical theories and philosophies in order to maintain it. Not only that but also the society that we live in is a structural concept of how people are divided into classes and individual groups.


PHIL108 assessment answers Hence it is very important to follow the philosophy that is behind the concept of social logical structures and status. Different issues are also included in the social logic and philosophy that are being talked about such as the issues of human rights justice responsibilities of the Government and fairness towards the people of the country. Not only that but also the people were included in the society should follow different sets of rules that have already been set up by the society itself.

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PHIL108 Assignments Rules and Regulations

Hence it can be precisely said the people living in the society are a part of a structural concept that has certain rules and regulations that need to be followed. Not only that but also the rules and regulations as such embedded in the minds of the people of the society that it sometimes becomes difficult for them to overlook. All these factors that are included in the social logical and political philosophies sometimes lead to conflicts as well. The social conflicts that are being talked about greatly are mainly the issues regarding the fairness and the justice that is provided by governments in different countries. Not only that but also the country sometimes fail to provide proper justice and fairness to the people and hence that leads to social conflicts. It is such that the conflict that has been seen to arise in the society for a very long time now is regarding the race and culture of different people.


PHIL108 assignments the issue regarding the acceptance was faced by people to accept people from other cultural backgrounds and races have raised problems in the society in different parts of the time. It has been seen that the issues regarding race have been very prominent in western countries. The black people were not really accepted by the white people and that lead to conflicts and protests in the western countries for a very long time. The branch of political philosophy also includes a lot of theories that work towards the understanding of society and how it works. In addition to that different governments follow different kinds of social doctrines and practices that are clearly seen in the structure of the society.

Brief of PHIL108 Assessment Assignments

The main doctrine that can be seen in the society are faces I'm democracy communism liberalism absolutism and social contract theory. Talking about fascism it can be said that this particular theory believes in the concept of dictatorial power full stop dictatorship is one of the most prominent factors of this theory which beliefs in the power of one single community formed by a group of people. PHIL108 solutions on the other hand, communism talks about the expression of socialism and individualism to some extent. In this concept, the capitalist theory is replaced by the communal control of the society’s people.


The perspectives and ideas of the people of the society are taken into consideration while talking about this particular theory. In liberalism, it is a political philosophy that talks about the personal liberty of the people living in the country or who are part of the society. This theory works towards the protection of the human rights of the people who are a part of society. The social contract theory talks about the political structure that is followed by a government in order to protect itself. Therefore, it can be said that all these theories which are a part of the society are followed by different parts of the world and the governments which are running the countries.

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PHIL108 Assessment of Moral and Social Problems

These philosophies have sometimes worked towards the welfare of the people living in those countries and sometimes have raised conflicts between the people as well. PHIL108 task answers If communism is taken into consideration, it is one of those theories which actually defy the societal rules and regulations and hence it was not accepted by the people of the society on a major aspect. However, the people who were in the favour of communism were against society as considered by the people of the society. However, it can also be said that the conflict between the people who followed communism and who defined it raised conflicts in society for a very long time. Therefore, all the philosophies that have been discussed about Karl Marx regarding communism and individualism have been seen to provide you a perspective to the people of the society to develop ideas about the concept of self-perception.


Aspects of PHIL108 Assessment Assignments

On the other hand, it was also seen during the world was that the following of racism led to the dictator real power that raised in Germany which caused several conflicts in different parts of the world. The dominating power of the dictatorship that was seen during the onset of the world war actually posed a threat to a lot of people of the world. Hence it can be concluded in a way that the societal and political philosophies that have been followed by the world in different aspects have sometimes been positive for the people of the society and in many times was proved to be negative as well.


PHIL108 assignments the positive aspects of the philosophies had provided enlightenment to the people of the society and on the other hand, the negative aspects lead to conflicts, and was that had left a huge impact on the minds of the people of the society which sometimes lead to protests as well.

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