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PHIL380 Intro to Biomedical Ethics

Bioethics is an ethical discipline concerned with moral issues that arise in the practise of medicine and the pursuit of biological research. Physicians may face ethical difficulties on a daily basis in their personal contacts with patients as well as in institutional and societal health-care policy choices. Students will investigate how ethics and legal thought might be applied to health-care issues faced by administrators, policymakers, and physicians. Critical thinking, real-world application, and decision-making in a professional setting will be emphasized. Respect for autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence, and justice are the four basic concepts.

As a result, in laboratory medicine, ethics is extremely important. Aside from the lab findings, another crucial feature of the laboratory is the laboratory employees. As a result, it is strongly advised that understanding of ethics aids in the protection of confidence, operational integrity, capacity, impartiality, and employee safety.

Bioethics concerns the interaction of medicine, law, government policy, religion, and science. Organ donation and transplantation, genetic research, death and dying, and environmental issues are examples of topics that have been the focus of bioethics for a long time. Bioethics not only serves as a guide for medical practitioners in terms of clinical decision-making and medical technology improvements, but it has also played an important part in recent legislative changes and legislation.

Liberty University degrees are acknowledged by graduate institutions and companies. It's a competitive institution (with a 51% admission rate) with a conservative Christian bent. Regional accreditation, which is usually regarded as more prestigious than national accreditation, is also held by Liberty University.

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Explain PHIL380 Intro to biomedical ethics:

Course code: PHIL380

University: Liberty University.

  A focus on key ethical concerns that the life and medical sciences are now dealing with. Ethics in relation to life and death, clinical health care, and medical research will be discussed. The focus will be on offering guidance for making key ethical judgments, particularly for individuals considering professions in medicine.

Unit details:

Discussion Board Forums (4): Discussion boards are places where people may work together to learn. As a result, each forum requires the student to post a topic in response to the offered prompt. Each thread must be at least 400 words long and demonstrate knowledge from the course. Aside from the topic, the student must also react to one of his or her classmates' threads. Each response should be at least 250 words long.

Response Papers (4): The student will produce a meaningful, well-reasoned answer to the presented case for each Response Paper. Each Response Paper must be at least 500 words long and formatted according to current academic guidelines (APA, MLA, Turabian).

Personal Code of Ethics: A Personal Code of Ethics will be completed by the student in six sections. Preamble, Beginning of Life, End of Life, Procreative Technology, Genetic Ethics, and Clinical Ethics are the six sections. Each segment must include a minimum of 250 words. Following the instructor's criticism, the student will rewrite each part before combining them for the Final Complete Submission. At least 1,500 words must be included in the final submission. The Personal Code of Ethics must be formatted in accordance with any current academic standard (APA, MLA, Turabian).

Quizzes (8): Each quiz will cover the allocated module's or week's Reading & Study topics. Each quiz will be open-book/open-notes, with 15 multiple-choice and true/false questions with a time restriction of one hour.

Location: United States.

Study level: Undergraduate and Graduate Degree course.  

Unit code: PHIL380.

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Brief of PHIL380 Assessment: 

 Traditional medical and life science concepts and ideals have been called into question in recent years. Moral principles and judgments have grown hazy and confused as medical technology advances, patient rights become more important, and ethical relativism becomes more accepted. This course will assist students, particularly those intending careers in medicine, in navigating the moral haze they may experience when making challenging medical/ethical judgments.

PHIL380 assessment answers are assessed based on the criteria stated by the university. PHIL380 assignment answers have to be based on evidences since those attract more weightage to this entire course. Student must be able to provide complete PHIL380 answers before the end of their semester. At the same time PHIL380 task answers must include adequate citations. In order to provide a quality PHIL380 solutions, learners must delve deep into the course topic and thereby will be able to meet all the learning outcomes.

Medical ethics deals with issues like euthanasia, patient confidentiality, informed consent, and conflicts of interest in healthcare, and it involves beneficence, autonomy, and justice. You will study how to apply social and moral ideals to health challenges as bioethics major. You'll explore and discuss significant issues like cloning, stem cell research, and euthanasia while studying philosophical ethics, medical sociology, religion, spirituality, policy analysis, and decision theory.

Learning Outcomes:

The learner will be able to do the following after successfully completing this course:

Understand and use the specialist terminology used in the subject of bioethics.

Understand and apply the major normative ethical theories to biological ethical dilemmas.

Identify the many viewpoints on current biomedical concerns and biomedical ethical issues.

Analyze ethical concerns in the medical industry critically.

Make ethical choices in light of a Christian worldview.

Weightage of PHIL380

This course weighs 100%.

Hence it can be concluded that bioethics is an ethical subject that deals with moral dilemmas that occur in medical practise and biological research. On a daily basis, physicians may encounter ethical dilemmas in their personal interactions with patients, as well as in institutional and societal health-care policy decisions. Medical ethics encompasses beneficence, autonomy, and justice, and it addresses topics such as euthanasia, patient confidentiality, informed consent, and conflicts of interest in healthcare. As bioethics major, you'll learn how to apply social and moral ideas to health issues. The answers to the PHIL380 assessment are graded using the university's standards. Because evidences have more weight in this course, PHIL380 assignment solutions must be based on them. Before the conclusion of the semester, students must be able to offer full PHIL380 responses. At the same time, citations must be included in PHIL380 assignment responses. Learners must dive deeply into the course material in order to satisfy all of the learning goals and hence submit excellent PHIL380 solutions.

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