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PJM6015 risk management

The course is supposed to identify the level of risk response plans as it would try to create a connection by analyzing the work through difficult strategies. This would be bringing in positive as well as negative changes. The level of risks is considered to create a response plan and such would be taught in the course. There is a contingency plan which would connect the risk register as it would be used in documenting risk analysis. Therefore, this particular section is supposed to help in clarifying the roles as well as responsibilities of the primary stakeholders in the risk management process. Therefore, the individuals need to be sure in order to distinguish the role of the project managers through the subject of risk owners. Thus, this would be clearly helping in identifying the role of the stakeholder in each of the processes. The coursework would also be explaining and elaborating on the role of risk and how such is budgeted through the project. Therefore, these are supposed to be inclusive of the team’s time to commit the risk and along with such see to the actions that would be addressing the risk. Thus, it can be stated that the risk work would be paid for after taking place.

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The primary purpose of this course is to assess the risk as it would be relating to risk management techniques as the management plan would be leading towards the inclusion of different and distinct risk factors that would be associated with the working and the functioning of the project. This would help in creating certain identification sectors in the course. The unit learnings would be necessary for continuing on the grounds of carrying risks as such would be important in the field which might affect the overall success factor of the project. However, in case of a networking project the overall success can be overlooked as different type of risks would be used in order to associate such with the individuals. This would be creating a scope for identification and mitigation as it would be implemented as well as executed in a different manner that would be creating a place of requirement in the case. In relation to the aspect of project management there are certain different and distinct kinds of processes as such can be executed and applied within the working of a project.


Therefore, the effectiveness of risk management would be through the working of the project as it would be identified as well as detected and mitigated in order to lessen or reduce the risk factors. Thus, there are several distinct processing which can be executed as the process would be applied in a direct manner and it would be reliant on the condition of the project as the risk factors can be seen and faced. However, the project manager through this context would be having a fundamental role as they would be taking up the decision in order to create a process that would have to be implemented. This would not be suiting the environment because of the overall success factor of the project as such can be effected. Therefore, the risk factors need to be identified and resolved to a certain extent in order to have a good functioning of the workforce.

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PJM6015 Assignment Answers

Risk Management is supposed to be a process that identifies and along with such assesses and controls the threats in order to take care of the capitals and the earnings. Therefore, the risks are considered to stem from various sources as such would be inclusive of the financial uncertainties as well as legal liabilities and technological issues which would be added with the strategic management errors that might cause accidents and along with such natural disasters. Therefore, all these risks need to be taken care of as a successful risk management program is supposed to assist the organization by considering the full range of risks. It is also supposed to examine the relationships between the risks as such is deemed to have a cascading impact where the organization’s strategic goals or objectives might be hampered. Consequently, the course is supposed to offer a holistic approach to the students regarding risk management as it describes the enterprise risk management by emphasizing and anticipating on the risk that is across the organization. However, in addition to this, the focus is supposed to be on internal as well as external threats as the enterprise risk management would be concentrating on the significance of managing positive risk.


The positive risks in this course would be taught as the opportunities that would increase or proliferate the business value as it would conversely damage the organization if it is not taken. Therefore, the aim of the risk management program is supposed to not eliminate the risk but to preserve such by adding it to the enterprise value by making certain smart risk decisions. The Northeastern University is supposed to teach this course and it is located in the United States where it is a postgraduate diploma course. Therefore, it can be understood that the course through its unit learnings would help the students by making them experts in this field which would create better job opportunities for them in the future.

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Weightage of The PJM6015 Code:

This particular course is considered to carry significant amount of weightage because each and every organization is supposed to face risk of the unexpected and of harmful events and this can cost the organization a lot of money in order to close or solve the risks. Therefore, the course would help in managing and foreseeing those risks as such would not disrupt the image and reputation of the company along with its success. The guide to risk management course in the university is supposed to offer a comprehensive overview of the concepts that are crucial and through the hyperlinks would connect the students with the reading materials online which would help them find sources to create solutions. This would help the students get a better understanding about managing risks as it would be fueled through the rapid rate of digital technology. Thus, the course would help students have a better life in the future.

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