PJM6910 Project Management Capstone Assessment Answers

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PJM6910 Assessment Answers

The coursework is related to project management studies in the United States of America. Project management is one of the integral parts of modern-day businesses. At the rate at which the business is being expanded, the need to take up new projects in almost all sectors has increased. This coursework is for the students who are willing to take up project management in future. PJM6910 assessment answers The coursework offers students all the opportunities for utilization of their project management skillsets. The students shall be able to determine the outcomes of the project, the processes involved in the project management life cycle, and even evaluate a project for its success or failure as well. They shall be able to emphasize the development of tactical approaches and even perform earned value management as well.

Unit Details of PJM6910 Assessments

Location: North-eastern University, Boston, Massachusetts

Study level: Graduate

Unit code: PJM6910

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Brief of PJM6910 Assessment Answers

The following learning outcomes shall be achieved by the student after completion of the coursework.

  • The students shall be able to understand the importance of scope management in a project. They shall be able to identify the importance of the project initiation phase where the deliverables shall be developed for the project that is taken up by the project management teams or any organization.

  • The students shall learn how a priority matrix shall be developed in a project. They will be able to prepare the objective of the project and even make valid assumptions for the projects as well.

  • Importance of determining the limits and exclusion of the projects alongside the constraints of the projects shall be determined by the students.

  • They shall be able to understand the importance of the development of the project milestones, work breakdown structure, scope baseline statement and even the acceptance criteria of the project.

  • Students should be able to understand the importance of the stakeh0older management and development of stakeholder register after completion of the projects.

  • Schedule and time are the two most important aspects of the projects. Time determines numerous other factors of the project. they shall be able to learn how time can be managed in a project. The development of the Gantt Chart is extremely important for the projects. Each student should have the knowledge of the development of the Gantt Chart before the development of the projects as it helps in making the steps and stages of the project clear make project management easier for the project team and the project manager itself. They shall be able to determine the schedule baseline statement for the project.

  • Communication is another important part of project management and is one of the most important criteria for ensuring the success of the projects. In this coursework, the students shall be able to determine the ways in which communication management can be conducted in the projects and how the communication plan shall be developed for ensuring successful communication within the teams and among the stakeholders of the organization or the projects. They shall be able to create a directory for the project teams and can also develop a communication matrix for ensuring a proper communication plan within the organization.

  • Cost and budget planning is the third most important factor which affects the project and this course shall help the students to develop proper planning for the management of the cost and budget of the projects. The students shall be able to determine the project cost statement and also the cost baseline statement.

  • Following ethics in the project helps in improving the work processes for an organization and also helps in maintaining decorum in the workplace. The students shall be able to maintain ethical aspects while they conduct projects in the future.

  • The coursework covers another important aspect of project management and that is risk management. each project is bound to have some kind of risk or the other. It can be due to the lack of proper planning and development of the projects or due to mismanagement of the stakeholders of the project. however, risk management helps in the mitigation of the issues which are taking place within an organization while a project is in the process of development or before or after the completion of the projects. The students shall be able to prepare proper risk management approaches for approaching the issues of the projects, they shall be able to identify the risk roles and responsibilities and prepare a proper response plan for the projects.

  • The students shall be able to learn Risk Qualification, Quantification and Prioritization, risk monitoring and response generation and prepare a risk register as well.

  • Quality delivery is necessary for maintaining the reputation of the companies who are conducting the project management practices within the organization. in this coursework, the students shall learn how quality management planning is conducted. they shall be able to overview the quality of the project, they shall be able to prepare the quality objectives of the project and perform quality control and maintenance as well.

  • The students shall be able to develop the performance evaluation plan for the project. this shall help in the evaluation of the performance of the project. the students shall be able to forecast the future of the performance of the projects and thus provide recommendations based on the same.

  • Procurement Management Plan is included in the project and it is expected that the students shall learn various approaches towards the development of the procurement, plan, types of contracts used in the businesses and perform procurement risks management as well.

  • They shall be able to perform the human resource management plans for the projects.

  • They shall be able to apply RACI matrix skills for the development of the projects.

  • Change management is another important part of the project and this shall be covered in the coursework as well.

  • Lastly, the project management coursework shall cover the closure part, where the presentation, evaluation, lessons learnt and Post-Project Review and Evaluation and other closing details shall be covered.

What is the Weightage of this PJM6910 Course Code in Their Semester?

The overall weightage of the assessment is 100 and students shall get 50 for achieving a passing grade in the course.

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