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Explain PRO100 Information Systems Project Management

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology offers the Pro100 Information Systems Project Management course. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) is a public university in Juja, 36 km northeast of Nairobi, off Exit 15 of the Nairobi Tika Super Highway, offering courses in technology, engineering, science, commerce, management and civil engineering. The university has a strong research interest in the fields of biotechnology and engineering. It is the most popular university in Kenya for the third consecutive year. Prominent graduates include PhDs.

In the first two modules of PRO100 Assignment Answers, you will learn some of the core project management concepts, such as project definition, how a project differs from repetitive and routine tasks, and the environment in which the project works. Students will also be introduced to the process of the initiation process group and how to identify and categorise stakeholders and manage their involvement. In this assessment, students need to demonstrate that they understand the following aspects:

  • They have to demonstrate the key aspects of the project concept.

  • They need to formulate the strategy and provide therole of the project  

  • They will be informed about the Stakeholder concept. It will allow them to identify the stakeholders of the project, and they will use effective strategies to address the need and interests of every stakeholder of the project.

  • At the end of the Pro100 Information Systems Project Management course, students have to identify projects and project goals.

  • Learning from this course will allow the students to becomea project

  • They will be able to performa stakeholder analysis and create a stakeholder

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This PRO100 Solutions Unit provides students with insights into project management in the business context. Students undertake long-semester project planning tasks. At the end of the course, students can demonstrate their ability to plan the following aspects of project management: project scope management, project time, cost and quality, project human resource management, project communication management, project risk management and projects. A Project Management Information System is an integrated set of mutually supporting tools, processes, and methods for managing project information applied in a consistent way to support the decision making and information needs of project stakeholders. Project managers use the techniques, processes, and tools to collect, organise, analyse, and share information through electronic and manual means.

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Project Information Management System is the systematic process of creating, identifying, collecting, organising, sharing, Customise and using project information. The student must make informed decisions about the process of identifying stakeholder information for all projects. This book introduces the concept that project information is a strategic resource that must be managed with the same rigour as financial and physical resources. Development project managers need to improve the way they manage their information by bringing the right information to the right time. Through information management, they can improve their decision-making process, learn, and create new knowledge. Information management places people and processes at the centre, and technology is a powerful enabler. It has more to do with managing human behaviours than with managing technology. For projects to be successful in information management, a careful analysis is required on how the elements of the information environment need to be treated. It is not enough to see information as a product. Information should be treated in all dimensions to avoid “tunnel vision” solutions. The management of a project`s information assets is essential to the long-term survival of the development organisation. In the knowledge era, organisations will be measured by how they can tap this vast resource, and an organisation`s ability to learn, adapt, and change will become a core competency. With the proper PIMS, the project manager can Define, search, collect, store, analyse, share and use information. The management of this process is an important project goal. Information is the most important context where the value is created. It will assist the students of this course in reaching the project goals.

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Project information management is an important factor, and the important responsibility of the project manager is to inform, train, guide, build support for your project. The purpose of this course is to set technologies, practices and processes to support project managers and project workers in systematically managing information. Providing relevant information to important project participants Timing can significantly improve decisions to adapt, change, and improve Guide the project and improve the results. Project management Information systems serve five main purposes. 

  • This course will provideinformation for decision making. 

  • It will allow the students to improve their knowledge about project management.

  • Learning from this course will allow them to demonstrate results through project evaluation.

  • This course will empower the students to support communities and other project stakeholders.

  • It can increase opportunities to learn from experience. 

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Systematisation means the reduction to a purposefully regular method of organising data and information. It is not about technology alone. The planning and organisation of the information cycle are independent of developing technology solutions. An Information System does not always mean information technology. A small project with few information requirements and a small budget can have a successful project information system using low technology solutions. Information process systematisation should be excluded. Automate all efforts. Technology only helps make the process faster, but you have to do it First, define and design the process. Systematisation is an organisation of the project information management process. An important element of systematisation is a hierarchy of data for realising knowledge. It is a central part of information management. The data cannot contain relevant information about the project. Suppose the project manager does not have good information. In that case, the project cannot generate the knowledge to understand this relationship, and development organisations need to properly define data, information, knowledge, and how they relate to it. Information technology is not necessary, but the general practice is the project must follow to properly manage that information. This chapter Introducing some basic concepts, definitions, and characteristics (PRO100 Task Answers) Helps manage information.

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