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PROJ6000 Assessment Answers

PROJ6000 Assessment Answers Project management is very important all across the world since they provide adaptable scope of aptitudes to oversee changes and to obtain project objectives in a business or industry. Multiple students take project management as a career opportunity. The business project requires a scope objective that require scope of assets to be overseen. The project management courses include everything from defining objectives to hazard management.

Project management tends to have a person who has good knowledge regarding aptitude and efficiency. The project administrators should have certain skillsets such as authorities’ abilities, problem solving skills, decision making skills and leadership skills along with good communication.

Fundamentals of project management includes

Clear objectives for the project

While arranging the assigned project, it is important to set up the first stage which is the planning of the project. Followed by the evaluation which is will determine the significance of the project and the issues that needs to be tackled by the organisation. The essential part is to sketch out an extension regarding the objective of the project.

Clarity about the project status

The project status needs to be transparent. The composition scheme and the achievement plan are some of the valuable instruments that will assist regarding the project target. The project supervision has the right to have the option to introduce a short report regarding the status of the project and discuss it to the leaders or partners at each phase of the project.

Vision and mission

Vision and mission need to be certain and clear for any project. The goal of the project is considered as the most valuable element which includes thought process about the future and also include some notion of accomplishment. This is required to motivate the colleagues for contributing and bringing together and rousing them.

Clarifying roles and responsibility

The project management gives opportunity to the people to have highly characterised jobs and obligations. In other words, the people should know who they need to answer and what are their duties and responsibilities. The project partners need to comprehend about their job responsibilities which includes the jobs of project chief, the project colleague, project director and project support are all having different roles and need to be outlined properly in order to avoid confusion at work place.

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Unit Details of PROJ6000 Assignment Answers

Location- United States

Study level- Post-graduation

Unit code- PROJ6000

Brief of PROJ6000 Assessment

Project leadership deals with inspiring the project team to improve their performance in a team. There is a high requirement of verbal and written communication skill as well as leadership skill. Project charter plays an important role in starting the project. A document of the project charter will describe about the entire project in a brief and presentable way that can be further shared with the project staff and also to other stakeholders to proceed with the project as early as possible. The document will also help in clarifying the project context, the team roles and the goals of the project. In PROJ6000 assignment answers, the student will be given a case study to use it for developing a project charter. All the students will be receiving same case study but each of the students need to think about the project charter from their own perspective like an up coming project manager. Critical thinking skills as well as leadership skills need to be applied in order to lead a project. 

The case study needs to be read properly and have to develop a project charter by assuming as the project manager of this particular project. The word count required for this project is 2000 and minimum of 6 references are required in APA 7th format. The assignment needs to follow a proper report format and need to be completed within the given time period.

The learning outcome of this PROJ6000 solutions include –

  1. Understanding PMBOK knowledge areas and process groups and their roles and its impact on the project.

  2. Critical compare and contrast project management project management approaches and their appropriateness for managing variety of project types which includes IT projects.

  3. Application of proper project management tools and techniques, including IT project management and also including risk management.

The Laureate International University is a leading international network of university that provides higher education across the world. There are around 19000 students who are currently enrolled in the university across 115 different countries globally. The university provides multiple study courses from under graduation to post graduation and in different modes, both on campus and online and blend of two modes.

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What is the Weightage of this PROJ6000 Course Code in Their Semester?

PROJ6000 task answers are one of the important projects of the curriculum and it is a necessary task for the project management students. The course consists of total 3 assignments which consist of different weightage. The assignment 1 has 25% weightage, the assignment 2 has 35% weightage and the assessment 3 has 40% percent weightage. The paper needs to be of good quality with proper referencing and in texting needs to be done in APA formatting. The paper needs to show evidence of related theories and scope related to the organisation. Moreover, the paper needs to be properly related to the topic with the assignment requirement and relevant concepts needs to be implemented with proper understanding related to the field of study in the assignment.

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