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PROJ 6002 Assessment Answers

The Australian Institute of Management Education and Training Pvt. Ltd., is an Australian education provider. Often abbreviated to AIM or AIMET, the institute has its campuses and offices in New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. The institute focuses on the provision of short courses. This allows students to gain an introductory understanding to multiple topics in PROJ6002 assessment answers of the choice. The institute provides or 80 short course which includes field of Management, Leadership. Project Management, Human Resource, Sales and Marketing and Professional Development. The Australian Institute of Management Education and Training Pvt. Ltd. provides its students with the different course degrees like that of certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas.


Among the vast array of courses and unit module that the universities provide one of the more effective and sound PROJ 6002 assessment answers is that of Project Planning and Budgeting. Business Process Management and Systems can be considered to be the act of determining the total fund that will be needed for the articular projects to be completed successfully. It is the discipline in which the end-to-end process is analyzed to bring about improvement in the operations of the business or organization through the identifying the required amount of funds to carry out the operations successfully.

It is the process through which the business or company is able to evaluate and analyze the budget of the different projects and evaluate it both on an individual and collective basis. It takes into consideration the current state of the operations processes and attempts to identify the areas of the different project may need more funding or may operate as effectively with a smaller budget so as to improve and enhance productivity and profits.


Through the collection and the evaluation of the data is analyzed, a new budget for the different departments of the organization can be proposed. Through PROJ 6002 assessment answers, The Australian Institute of Management Education and Training Pvt. Ltd. allows it the students to gain an introductory understanding to the process of budgeting and project planning in to order to increase the performance of the business or organization. The course allows the students to get a foundational understanding of the means of making effective budgets without compromising on the efficiency of the organization and the performance of the project.

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Unit Details of PROJ6002 Assignment

Location: New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Study Level: Under Graduate

Unit Code: PROJ 6002

Briefs of PROJ 6002 Assessment

The main learning outcome of PROJ6002 solutions is to be able to establish the skill for critical analysis of the role of project planning and budgeting by the students. Through the successful analysis of different information and past budgets and plans of the organization, the students will be expected to be able to successfully understand the application of planning and budgeting and identify areas of improvements for the establishing of the sustainability in the organization.


Similarly, through the completion of PROJ6002 assessment answers, the students will be expected to be able to critically evaluate different approaches to project planning and budgeting, analyze the different impacts of changing budget that may be associated with it and alongside considered to process through which the plans can be implemented in the business or organization.


PROJ6002 assessment answers will also present the students with the skillset to establish and justify the process of consideration of each and every stakeholder of the business and/or organization are taken into consideration while curating a new plana and budget for the business and organization. Through the following of the course the truest will be able to better curate their professional portfolio and be able to t administer themselves in the inner working of the organizations and businesses to illicit positive change in the business.


By the end of the PROJ6002 task answers, the students will be able to identify the potential areas of improvement for the cashflow of the company. As such, the students will be able to analyze the current situation. The students will also be able to establish themselves in being able to conduct data driven research and research consisting of the comparison and analysis of academic research in order to create ideal and potential changes to the budget of the organization and implement better project planning.


By doing so, the students will be able to professionally curate new project plans and budget for the business which can be implemented to further boost the operational matrix and performance of the respective business or organization, which in turn increases the overall profits and productivity of the organization. Finally, the students will be expected to take into consideration the dynamic nature of the external market environment and influencing factors when curating a new and/or improved business process management and system. This will allow the business to company to be receptive to the constant changes in the external factors while improving both the efficiency and the brand image of the company.

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What is The Weightage of This PROJ6002 Course Code in Their Semester?

With the global pandemic still have a major effect on the world and in the way, people approach public places, the university has placed greater importance to the implementation of online classes. PROJ6002 assessments have to total weightage of 100 percent which will be divided in accordance to the assessment takes which the students will be made aware of upon successful enrollment to the course. The students will be taking part in mock budgeting throughout the course and Weill carefully analysis the different project plans of businesses to identify the factors which make the plan success in its implementation.  


Throughout the duration of PROJ6002 task answers, the students will be taking part in compulsory group discussion and be presenting a report based on the discussion of the course topics. Despite the short duration of PROJ6002, the university places great importance on responsibility and accountability, as such, the students are expected to be punctual in the attending of all online classes and submission of reports in accordance to the deadlines given. Active participation on behalf of the students is encouraged throughout the duration of the course to improve connection and understanding regarding the subject matters discussed in the course.

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