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PROJ6004 Assessment Answers

PROJ6004 Contracts and Procurements are the two most important factors of successful project management. This course is designed to train the student about the planning for vendor selection, contract closure, acquisitions and purchase, contract administration, and many more. In this curriculum, all the students can gather knowledge on how to deal with the short term and long-term contracts as well as with the small and large contracts.


During PROJ6004 assessment answers, the students will get to know about several practical issues like how to maintain the relationship between a buyer and seller, how to measure the vendor performance, conflict resolution. Besides all these, all the legal rules and regulations and commercial implications are also mentioned in PROJ6004 solutions. The different processes of business-like bidding, tendering will also be discussed under this project.


There are a few learning outcomes of this module and these are

  • Critically identify the possible threats linked with the contracts and procurements management and give a useful recommendation to make the business successful

  • Next thing is to identify the external factor that can influence the process of contracts and procurement and take decisions according to that.

  • The most important step is to understand the responsibilities of the project manager to satisfy the stakeholders.

Unit Details PROJ6004 Assignment Answers

Location: United States

Study Level: Post-Graduation/ Graduation

Unit Code: PROJ6004

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Explain Brief of PROJ6004 Assessment

PROJ6004 assignment answers are divided into multiple subparts for a better understanding of the students. The students can apply for a different level of study under this course. There are six different courses under this unit code. The first is Master of Global Project and the duration of this course is 4 trimesters, next topic is Management (Advanced) which has 3 trimesters after that the next topic is Master of Global Project Management which has 2 trimesters and the last topic is Graduate Diploma Project Management which has 1 semester.


Assessment 1 has two parts, Part A and Part B. Both are the individual assessment and these are discussion board participation. This assessment is based on a review of a case study on a project. The length of both Part A and Part B is 250 words. The deadline for Part A is Module 2 and the deadline for Part B is Module 3.


Assessment 2 focuses on the complexities of project management and helps to identify the key issues in the project. PROJ6004 task answers also analyses the leadership skills that will help to improve the learning outcomes. PROJ6004 task answers is based on a case study and the students are requested to thoroughly look into the essential learning resources and another additional document that are attached with the case study. The main aim of this assessment is to encourage the students and give them a better understanding of all the critical challenges that can be faced in a complex project. The assessment also focuses on the student to understand different organizational issues and financial related issues related to the project. The length of the assessment is 2400 words and consists of three parts. In Part A the context of the procurement should be discussed with the possible scope. In Part B the complexities of the project should be described. The other factors like leadership skills and project environment, organizational aspects also should be analysed which creates an impact on the outcomes. In Part C all the learnings or the recommendation should be discussed. The deadline for assessment 2 is after the end of Module 4 by 11: 55 pm.


Assessment 3 is based on a case study and associated with learning outcomes and it also includes a comprehensive analysis of key findings. The assessment will be virtual mode and the report should be submitted group-wise. The final presentation is will be face to face and it is also a group presentation. The length of the group report is 2000 words and the group presentation should have a maximum of 18 slides. The online report should be submitted by 11: 55 p.m. after completion end of 1st week of Module 6. The deadline for the group presentation is in the last class of Module 6.


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What is the Weightage of this PROJ6004 Course Code in Their Semester?

 The total marks for assessment A are 30 marks and the weightage of part A is 15% and for Part B is 15 %.  Assessment 2 consists of 40 marks and has 40% of weightage for all three parts.  Besides that, 30 % is allocated for content and purpose, the next 30% is allocated for knowledge and understanding, 20% is allocated for right citation and references last 20% is allocated for good communication. Assessment 3 has a total number of 30 marks and the weightage of this assessment is 30 %. In assessment 3 the total marks are divided according to different criteria like for overall group presentation and report there is 30%, for knowledge and understanding it has 20%, analysis of better knowledge it has 25%, then another 25% is allocated for evaluating the information, 10% is for correct citation, and last 20 is for effective communication.

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