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Unit details - PROJ6010 Master of Global project management

Location - Australia

Unit code – PROJ6010

Study level – Under Graduate

Torrens University

Master of Global Project Management

To survive and thrive in the long run business entities requires to undertake new projects. Or investments. The new projects that get undertaken by an entity usually are for long term. The long-term investment projects require extensive level of financial and operating analysis before undertaking the same. Capital budgeting techniques are the most commonly used technique for analysing a long-term investment project. Though, the analysis procedures and variables to be used in the project management techniques require to be adjusted as per the requirement of the project or the economy. To elaborate the same with an example, lets consider a similar type of project has get decided to be opened in country X and country Y. The initial capital requirement, the existing borrowing rate, future operating revenues and other variable aspects of the long-term investment projects are expected to be same in both the economies. Though, in country Y due to a local recession in future period of time the inflation rate is expected to be higher than country X. The management of the business entity has a standard for inflation adjustment index to be 1% against expected 1% deviation in the inflation index. Hence, the cost of capital to be applied in country Y will be 1% higher than the cost of capital to be applied in country X. Hence, the capital project management requires some adjustments as per the local economy in which the business operations are required to be operated for both domestic business entities or global business entities.

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The concept of Global project management has become more usable after the globalization that get effective across the globe in the last century. In todays’ competitive market environment where most of the big corporates wants to expend their economic activities all across the globe whether with physical presence or by making import or export transactions, the global project management system is gaining more importance. The globalization has made the economies of every country available for all players across the globe. Now, any business entity with innovative ideas can penetrate into new economies by providing improved products & PROJ6010 Assignment Answers than available in the local market with affordable price range. The concept of global project management is the application of project management practices in a distributed setting where the project stakeholders or the project work takes place in multiple geographical regions or across different cultures. In other words, a global project is one that utilizes resources and team members which are based in multiple countries or areas around the world to achieve the product optimization.

The global project management requires extensive research work at the beginning of any long-term investment project. As long term global projects requires high amount of funds and other resources to be used in the initial phase of the project and the cash revenues are generated over a long period of future PROJ6010 task answers of time, any change in the future expectations can damage the viability of the project at the highest level. Hence, before proceeding into the project, the management of the project team should use reasonable and sufficient care in determining the future benefits, otherwise any deviation get observed in the later time, in the project may damage the overall purpose of the project.

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Further, each and every project must have its own goals and objectives to be achieved in the periodicity of its operations. The management of each and every long-term project should prioritize the goals and objectives that the business entity would require from the project. For an example, a business entity may develop an innovative product, which the business entity may use to penetrate into new markets. Hence, in such a situation capturing the new markets through advanced and innovative product would be the primary goal of the project. On the other hand, a business entity may start a project to observing operating optimization through larger quantity of production in less cost. Hence, the goal or objective of the project for the business entity would be capture the existing market in which it is operating with large market share through providing goods in less price than its competitors. Here, as the priorities of the business entities are different the goals and objectives of the entity will also be different. The PROJ6010 Assessment answers or the business entity should prioritize these objectives in order to achieve the overall goals or objectives of the business entity through the new projects.  

The roles and responsibilities of a long-term investment project should be determined in advance. A long-term investment project would get divided among various sub parts and managers to manage these sub parts are required to be assigned by the central management team of the business entity. In this if the roles and responsibilities of the managers of each sub parts are not clearly demarcated confusions will occur. To elaborate the same, let’s consider an example of a toy producing project. Where, the production department is responsible for making purchases of raw materials at the given price by management to be used in the production of toys and the purchasing team is responsible for deciding the purchase rate and refer to the management. In such a situation, if there are not bifurcation of responsibilities among teams or departments and production department starts purchasing raw materials from suppliers at their quoted prices then the production cost efficiency will not be achieved and the production cost will rise unnecessarily. Hence, the roles and responsibilities are required to be bifurcated with clear terms for a long-term project.

The management of the project should on each point of time oversee the processes that is going under the project. As any deviation on the same may disturb the overall profitability or viability of the project a close monitoring of the same is required to be used.

Hence, without proper global project management understanding in the management of a business entity no entity can be able to survive and thrive in the long run.  

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