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PROJ6012 Managing Information Systems Assessment Answers


PROJ6012 Assessment Answers

The intervention of information systems and technology has been progressing each day within every commercial activity. Organizations seek to exploit the benefits of information systems to meet their organizational desires and also to meet their consumer requirements. This particular course of PROJ6012 Managing Information Systems will introduce the learners to the notions and concepts of Managing Information Systems (MIS) and also the influence it brings over the business organizations. The majority of this subject acknowledges the data systems that constitute technical components like computers, keyboards, and other relevant network paradigms required for sustaining the connectivity fundamentals within an organization. The students will be able to critically evaluate the fact that management of information systems is more vital than that of the actual impact of technologies.


During the PROJ6012 assessment answers module, the learners will attain the ability to understand different technological procedures and designs employed within organizations to assist them in their respective functionalities. The students who look to build their professional career based upon the management of information systems or other relevant technologies will be able to learn the appropriate technological procedures, and how organizations use novel technologies and their designing methods or approaches. During the course, the learners will be able to conjointly investigate the application of Management of Information Systems in commercial activities in business and learn the patterns of how MIS has returned while the origination of the knowledge era.

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Concepts of PROJ6012 Assessments

Subsequently, this PROJ6012 solutions will also cover the concepts related to project management such that management of information systems becomes much easier for the students during their professional careers. The unit will also cover up subjects that are associated with different management theories and principles that need to be followed within every organization to maintain their optimum production rates and efficiency.  After completion of this unit, the students will be able to connect with different people within the same sector, learn how to evaluate data, and extract crucial insights from them. This PROJ6012 assignments also employs different practical skills that will enhance the student’s professional life as an information manager. The course lecturers will also help the students in having an engagement with the industry experts such that the learners can apprehend the functionalities maintained with every commercial organization. The four key themes that this particular course will cover are mentioned below:

  • The students will get to learn about the specific approaches and frameworks organization follows for running their business functionalities which are associated with information and technology.

  • The learners will also get a clear understanding of how Information Technology and Information Systems work and how those concepts and ideas can be applied to the specific activities of an organization such that they can maximize efficiency and productivity.

  • Another major prospect that this course will emphasize is the understanding of how to manage and implement technology projects and design their action plans.

  • The last key theme that the course will cover is the development and practice of the interpersonal skills necessary for having a successful career ahead as a professional Information System Manager.

Unit Details of PROJ6012 Assessments

Location: United States

Study Level: Undergraduate

Course Code: PROJ612

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Brief of PROJ6012 Assessment Answers

The entire PROJ6012 task answers module will consist of three assignments that will be provided to the students by their respective assessors. Depending upon the assignments the assessor will evaluate each and every student and will allocate marks accordingly. Completion of all the assignments will assist the students in attaining effective industry engagement, opportunities to get engaged with commercial activities, and gain direct experiences from relevant industries. This will prepare the students for having a successful management role in IT.


The first assignment will be a weekly based assessment where the students are required to submit weekly reflective papers. After completion of every week, the assessor will provide the students with weekly lecture materials. Based upon the slides the student needs to write reflective papers and highlight what they have learned in the entire week and what are the important concepts covered in that week. They are also required to provide analytical thinking on the concepts and theories of management of information systems.


The second assignment will be based upon questionnaires and is a mandatory assignment for all students. The assessor will provide the students with relevant questions and all the questions will be based upon the lecture slides shard and the theories that were discussed during the lectures. The students need to submit the file in a word document.


The third assignment will be a case study-based assignment. A case organization will be provided to the students which they need to evaluate and recommend suggestions to have better management of their information systems. The students also need to perform the following activities:

  • Consider the complexities related to the quality of the project and examine the contraptions utilize for those concerns.
  • The students are also required to investigate the leadership style utilized by the managers of the respective case organization for motivating their team members. It is also important for them to evaluate the frameworks and approaches employed for conflict management.
  • It is important for the students that they assess the approaches taken into account for identifying the relevant stakeholders of the organization and examine the methods utilized for effective communication amongst the stakeholders.
  • Lastly, the student also needs to present a reflective part that will consist of the facts of how they felt about being a part of being the consultant for the respective company and suggest to them certain aspects that will help them manage their operations with optimum efficiency.

What is the Weightage of this PROJ6012 Course Code in Their Semester?

The entire course is allocated with 40% of the total marks for the semester. The three assignments are mandatory for all students and they need to complete those to achieve a minimum of 30% for passing this course. The first assignment will consist of 10% marks, the subsequent assignment will cover another 10% marks and the last assignment will consist of 20% marks and it is the most important assignment of this entire course.

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