PSY302 Brain and Mind Assessment Answers

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PSY302 Assessment Answers

As a child grows up to be an adolescent there are several different changes that occur in the mind and bodies of the children. This is a phase where the transition from childhood to adulthood happens. Hence this is the middle phase between the childhood and adulthood of a person. This is a phase where they develop several hormonal issues and mood swings when they try to understand what is happening in their minds and bodies while suffering from existential crisis to some extent. At this point in life, every person goes through different physical changes and mental changes as well. Puberty is hit at this point in time and the hormonal changes are such that it can be sometimes risky for the people to handle themselves.


PSY302 assessment answers This is one of the times that a person explodes himself or herself and has different perspectives. The kind of a person that child is developing into is a question that he or she keeps on asking himself or herself. Not only that but also did develop sexual interest and also try to figure out what their sexual orientation is. Different people from different cultural backgrounds have different ways of hitting puberty and entering adolescence. It is the development stage that is reached by the people of the country in their own diversify the ways.

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PSY302 Brain and Mind Assessment Assignments

The children start hitting puberty and are different things that they come up with. In western countries, it is very e normal for children who are becoming adults to move out from their parent’s house and seek their own jobs. However, in the agent contacts, it is not how things happen. The parents become stricter towards the children when they start entering the teenage. There is no discrimination between the girls in the boys in the western countries however on the other hand in the Asian context there are certain discriminations between the boys and the girls. Talking about the physical changes that happen in the teenagers who just entered adolescence is that for boys they grow up faster than usual. Start developing hair in underarms and become much taller than what to use to be in childhood.


PSY302 assessment assignments Whereas for girls the development of the breasts and starting of the menstrual cycle is a sign that they have hit puberty. Hormones like this restaurant for boys and estrogen for girls have also been seen to develop during this time. These hormonal changes not only make the physical changes that happen in their bodies but also are the reason for their constant mood swings because of the hormonal changes that the body is going through. There are several cognitive changes as well that happens in the brain of the adolescents such as their sensations becoming very active and develop hi emotional changes. They are in constant need of attention for what they are doing and also the brain becomes more developed when they start thinking about their future orientation.

PSY302 Assessment Solutions

However, there are certain negative aspects of cognitive behaviour as well such as some adolescence developing drinking and smoking and reckless driving as a few bad habits. Therefore, these are the risks that might hamper the growth and development of a teenager into a full-fledged adult. It is at this point in time that they commit several mistakes which they regret in their future. Not only that but also, they develop several social changes as well. A constant problem arising between the parents and the adolescents is seen in many countries. PSY302  solutions At this point in time, the adolescents develop the thinking that the parents are trying to control them and they want to break free. This is one of the major reasons why teenagers develop a very beta relationship with their parents. However, in this process parents play an important role and the parents should be controlling and try to make the children understand the importance of their adolescence. In addition to that, they should constantly keep an eye on the children so that they do not hurt themselves in any way whatsoever.


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PSY302 Assessment Task Answers

Mixing with peer groups becomes a problem for some adolescence. Such as while mixing with a group of people of the same liking and background help them to develop a friendship but on the other hand mixing with families becomes a problem for them as they get inclined towards friends more than families. They develop romantic relationships at this point in time as the hormones are rather high which makes them feel the emotions in a much more romantic way. Sometimes you also get involved in sexual activities which can lead to parenthood as well. PSY302 task answers Sometimes it has also been seen that adolescence develop aggression and antisocial behaviour as well. If they are doing something that is wrong and they are stopped by their parents they become really aggressive because they start thinking that what they are doing is correct and stopping them would only harm them even more. Hens as a defence mechanism to become really aggressive towards their parents which ends up in a better relationship between the parents and the child. Not only this but also the developing as it and depression over the passage of time which becomes an issue and can persist in the adulthood is able.

PSY302 Diagnosis Assessment Answers

Hence constant diagnosis and checking up on them is highly important by the parents so that they can understand the mental health of that child and also monitor the problems that he or she might be going through. Sometimes counselling sessions are equally important which would help them to gain newer perspectives and understand themselves in a better way. However, this phase of life is one of the most interesting ones when the children have no clue what is happening around them and they also tried to develop themselves with the passage of time. Some choose the wrong track and some choose the right track and this is the constructive phase of life that can actually make them into the humans that they would be as adults.

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