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PSYC100 Assessment Answers

The PSYC100 assessment answers intends to introduce the subject of psychology as being one of the disciplines of science that intends to examine concepts as well as methods in learning, motivation, measurement, personality as well as development. Based on that premise, the course sees to focus on the application of psychological science for the purpose of aiding students to be able to navigate their lives. Hence the tentative intent of the course is to maximize what one knows about how people learn best while at the same time being able to find as well as create opportunities in other subsequent courses. To that extent, the framework of the course sees to delve into the understanding that psychology is the constituent subject that deals with study of behavior as well as mental processes that extends to human as well as animals alike.


The introductory course will lead towards introducing new as well as exciting topics while relating with the fact that it relates with the practical life stating the fact that it has been encountered in everyday routine of some. On that basis, the PSYC100 assignments will seem to conduct classes wherein students are requiring to go through various textbooks while requiring to spend a considerable amount of time in understanding the core concepts as well as theories related to the subject of psychology. Upon the completion of the course, students will seem to have gain a better appreciation for psychology while understanding it as a scientific discipline and further be utilized in covering topics which are to be applied for understanding as well as discussing on the relevant theories and concepts.         


The unit is comprising of four sets of exams which are non-cumulative while majorly comprising multiple choice questions in the form of True or False, fill in the blanks along with certain short question answers that will be provided to the students and are also required to be completed in a specified amount of time. The exams are meant to serve as an indication in consideration of the amount of effort as well as time being put into the track of the course. While there is no option of dropped exams, it is required for every student to make considerable effort in order to ensure that students submit their test within the specified deadline. The tests are further structured with the overall exams accounting for fifty five percent of the final grade. Alongside exams, there are Recti as well as Review activities wherein the former intends to assess the knowledge of students on the basis of a particular chapter. The Recite activities constitutes fifteen questions based on quizzes that will be due at the time the test is taking place. On the other hand, the Review activities tend to be a bit different from anything one has experienced while it is meant to enhance one’s learning through interactive activities. It not only entails encountering information in a similar process but also being quizzed along the course of its implementation.


The Recite activities account for sixteen percent of the final grade whereas the Review activities have seventeen assignments wherein each seems to be based around a chapter endowed with a predetermined number of terms. While each assignment count for one percentage of the assignment, the overall activity accounts of seventeen percent of the total grade worth. Furthermore, there are discussion session wherein each student has to contribute while making a relevant insight on the aspect being discussed and thereupon see to mediate an open-ended conversation. It is intended to measure the thinking capability of the assignment as well as seeing to their involvement in a contextual discussion and thereupon makes up for the remaining twelve percent of the overall grade.    

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Unit Details of PSYC100 Assessments

Location: George Mason University, Virginia

Study Level: Undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree

Unit Code: PSYC100

Brief of PSYC100 Assessment Assignments

The focus of this curriculum is to improve the core understanding of psychology while seeing to associate its concepts and theories such that students seem to interpret its notions as being underlined under the discipline of science. To that extent, it is essential for students to develop an understanding of the relevant theories wherein they seem to learn how to communicate the principles of psychology in the aspect of motivation, learning, development, measurement as well as personality. With that being stated, the course gradation has been formulated as such that emphasizes more on enforcing communication in an effective manner alongside attain considerable insight in regards to understanding psychology in the relevant perspective of modern life.


Hence the considerate emphasis of the PSYC100 solutions is exerted towards gaining a wide set of knowledge and further ensuring whether the attained insights can be applied in a session that majorly involves interacting with others. In that regard, to be able to enhance knowledge in the field of psychology can seem as daunting as it requires going through large number of books in order to understand the concepts surrounding the subject. However, the activities being stated under the course of the study requires to be attended by the students in order to increase their chances of attaining good grades during the exams.     

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What is the Weightage of this PSYC100 Course Code in their Semester?

The overall module is based on four sets of activities which are Exam, Recite, Review and Discussion which contributes to the overall grade percentage of the assessment. It is expected for each students attending the course to take part in the relevant activities and thereupon see to secure half percentile of the assessment. It is further required for every enrolled student to be able to attend to discussion sessions daily as they will be graded on the basis of their performance or their contribution to the overall flow of the discussion.

PSYC100 task answers In consequence of the exam as well as that of RECITE and REVIEW activities, it is required by every student to secure half of the designated percentage for each of them in order for them to be deemed as eligible and thereupon be able to proceed to the consecutive level.    

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