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PSYC3003 Literature Review

A literature review is considered to be a piece of academic writing in the form of demonstration which helps in expressing the knowledge of the academic literary evidence for a particular topic. It is considered to be an integral part of the entire research and makes up around 40 % of the entire research. The knowledge and understanding of an individual and their ability to identify the right evidence for the literature review make literature review one of the most crucial and critical parts of a research. A literature review is often considered to be a survey and a bunch of scholarly articles which is related to a particular topic of the research. The sources cab often vary from the journals, articles, research papers of peers or fellow researchers, online authentic websites and more. It is the central part of the research or thesis paper that helps the readers of the paper to understand the subject matter better and identify the areas which are not explored yet. It is often used for the presentation of research resources in the form of critical reviews as well.

To write a literature review, there are certain steps and stages which must be followed. Firstly, one should narrow down the topic and selection of the papers according to the same. Then one should search for the literary pieces of evidence over the internet or from books, magazines and articles as well. The articles should then be read thoroughly and used for the purpose of evaluation. The selected papers should then be organized and patterns must be identified for the development of the sub-topics of the literature review. Subtopics are essential for the research. This helps the readers in gathering ideas regarding the content of the papers or the areas which has been explored in the research.

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The statement of purpose is then developed. This helps in determining the issues which the previous research could not address. After this, the aim and objectives can be justified in the paper. Once pieces of evidence are gathered in the paper, the paper can be written down without much issue. Once the work is done, it must be reviewed. The literature review is mainly done for justifying the research questions such that the researchers can proceed with the analysis section of the research.

There are five Cs used for conducting and writing a literature review assessment and they are Cite, Compare, Contrast, Critique and Connect. All are essential for completion of the work with quality induced. There are numerous types of literature reviews. The students can conduct the same as per their requirements. They are systematic literature review, Rapid review, Scoping review and Traditional (narrative) literature review. Each one has a different period for addressing the issues. There are two or more reviewers needed for some of them, whereas for the others, only 1 reviewer is enough. This literature is required for the preservation, recording and transmission of knowledge, which is important for conducting research.

The most critical aspects of the literature review are inclusive of the details of the publication, summation of the main points of the publications, discussion of the gaps identified in the literature, and evaluation of the contribution of the publication regarding the topic of the research.  

After completion of the modules, the students shall be able to develop their understanding in the process of developing hypotheses in research such that they can conduct research.

Location: University of Southampton, United Kingdom

Study level: Masters

Unit Code: PSYC3003

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PSYC3003 Assessment Brief-

There are two modules in this particular coursework and each one is marked separately. This is part of The Year 3 Empirical Project. there are certain perquisites to this coursework and they are PSYC2019 AND PSYC2020) OR (EDUC2042 AND EDUC2043).

The first component of the coursework shall be completed in semester 1. In this semester the students shall perform a literature review on a given topic of the research. Here the students shall select a topic of their choice and develop a literature review for the same. Here the students should gather papers and pieces of evidence of the previous research. They should review each of the papers and analyse the importance of each one of them. This shall help in determining which paper is suitable and which parts of the paper are suitable for usage in this research.

The students should develop research questions and hypotheses as well, based on this the entire paper shall be developed. They should be careful in the selection of the topic, research questions, aims and objectives of the research as well. Especially, the hypothesis shall be developed accurately. Analysis of the paper shall be done based on the same and modifications cannot be done later on. Tutors help can be taken by the students if they are stuck or are not being able to develop the hypothesis. Students then should run an empirical psychology study to test this hypothesis. In the research paper, whatever they have studied and obtained in the research process shall be written in a descriptive and analytics manner.

After completion of the paper, the students should submit their research and wait for the feedback of the tutor. Only after that, they can proceed with the entire research process.

They should be careful with their research as this shall continue with the same in the next year as well. here they have to develop their entire paper based on the research they have done previously.

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Weightage of The PSYC3003 Course:

The overall weightage assigned to the assessment is 15 CSAT points. The ECTS point for the assessment is 7.5. The students have to obtain 50 per cent in each semester for ensuring completion of the assessment on time.

Referencing is one of the most important parts of the literature review assessment. This is mainly because the papers which must be reviewed in the assessment should be referenced alphabetically for ease of access. No marks shall be allotted if the referencing is not done properly.

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