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Explain RES850 Research Methods

The course RES850 Research Methods is conducted at the Grand Canyon University which is located In United States. This course is mainly focussed at providing the students with a strong understanding of how the process of researching is carried out. It does not simply talk about the kinds of research and the rules to conduct research with utmost efficiency by it also goes on to talk about the kind of research topics. In this Course RES850 task answers the students gain a clear understanding of how the research topic need to be selected and the thought process that goes behind selecting the topic as well. The research method process is mainly emphasized within this course RES850 assessment answers. The students in this case get a close understanding of how the research process needs to be conducted and the factors that directly influence the research method in different cases. The course also brings to light the fact that the ways of research is greatly related to the topic of research. It is important for the students to take up the correct form of research in order to ensure that the research conclusion is accurate and is not based on findings that are not completely reliable.

The students in this course RES850 assignment answers are introduced to a number of methodologies and these methodologies play a very important role in determining the process of researching based on the topic that is to be researched. The application of the methods in the most accurate manner Assignment help in effectively conducting research without being diverted by factors which might not be of great importance. The students are also introduced to a range if frameworks and concepts which is essential for carrying out research irrespective of the method. The selection of the method which is to be used in the research process also requires the application pf different frameworks only to determine which method of research would come to be the most effective in this case. The students are then taught about different methods of researching. The course would typically emphasize on two methods of researching where one is qualitative style of research and the second is quantitative style of researching. In other words, one is based on the researches that have been done on the same topic and in addition it would also make use of the different scholarly articles as well in order to draw effective conclusions.

The second form of research is based on quantity which means in this case the research is conducted based on the findings done on the ground level. The different forms of research in this case would include questionnaires which is asked to be filled up or even a range of experiments. The best method of research has to be selected by the students only.

Unit details: -

Location: - Grand Canyon University, United States.

Study level: - Bachelor’s level course.

Unit code: - RES850

Brief of RES850 Assessment:

The assessment is mainly based on evaluating the conceptual understanding of the students and the application of the knowledge that is gathered by the students in this course RES850 solutions. The first part of the assessment is mainly focussed on testing the knowledge that the students have been able to retain. In order to do so, the students will be provided with a set of questions which needs to be answered by them. These questions would simply be based on the conceptual understanding of the students. The students will be provided with a set of topics and they will have the liberty to choose any one from the list of topics. They will be evaluated based on their ability to choose the correct methodology and also include the maximum amount of information in the given word limit.

The students will thus have to demonstrate a strong understanding of how the research is carried out and also the ability to choose the correct method based on the topic that is already chosen by the student. They will also have to show their ability to put together different information and create a research paper that has all the important information in it. The second part of the assessment is mainly based on the application of the knowledge. In other words, the students will have to present a proper research paper. Here, they will have to choose a research topic by themselves and tell their mentors about the topic they are researching. This research paper would typically have to use both the methods of researching which means it has to use both qualitative and quantitative research process and then go on analyse the findings to finally draw a conclusion. The students are evaluated on the basis of their ability to draw effective conclusions by the end of the research paper.

Weightage of this RES850 Course Code in The Semester

This course does hold importance within this semester as the students gain a strong understanding about how different kinds of research are conducted. They will also be able to differentiate between different research topics and the method that needs to be used while dealing with different research topics. In addition, they also gain the ability to closely look at every piece of information and determine if any information is important or not to the given topic while researching. Since, this semester is mainly focussed at making research effective for the students and also to ensure that every student has the ability to carry out researches in different domains to draw conclusions; this course acts as an integral part of the entire semester.

By the end of this course the students are able to carry our different researches and also pick the correct form of research methods based on the topic that is being researched by the students. This course also opens a number of opportunities for the students and the reason for saying the same is because research needs to be conducted in any organisation or any profession only to understand the development in that area and also to spot issues.

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