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How to Get Good Grade in RM357E Risk Management


RM357E Assessment Answers

RM357E assessment answers is also referred as the unit code of business management. Under the course of business management, students are taught about different associated courses that can help to identify significant opportunities as well as threats from the external marketplace. In addition to that, the assessment requires to cover business plan that is used for effective business management. Business management is referred to the coordination as well as organization of different business activities, where business managers might oversee business operations or help their employees for reaching or achieving their higher productivity levels. Business managers might also supervise and train other new employees. It might help any business to reach their goals and achieve operational or financial objectives.

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Business Administration of RM357E Assessment

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration is designed to equip range of students with different concepts or principles associated with Business Management. This, in turn might enable the student to develop skills in different tools or programs equipped for developing a business or running an organization either in domestic or even in global platforms. This RM357E assignments also includes different types of business management that involve financial management, production management, human resource management, marketing management, knowledge management, program & project management, strategic management financial management as well as sales management.


Various experts highlighted that business administration can be considered as a good major as it dominates range of in-demand majors. As discussed above, pursuing major in the field of business administration might even prepare the students or individual for a wide range of any high paying career option with an above average growth prospect. Gaining a degree in business management enables an individual to understand different skills or abilities such as finance, economics, marketing and supply chain management among many others.

RM357E  Assessment Solutions

From the official website of University of Bedfordshire, it is observed that the course of business management will help this individual to develop their knowledge in the field of financial, operations, marketing and people or human resource management. In addition to that, this course will emphasize over work-based learning with respect to implementation of theories or concepts to practice. Furthermore, the course also covers different entrepreneurial theories or frameworks, which can enable the student to perform better in their future. On the other hand, this course will cover certain frameworks and tools that in return can increase the chance of establishing own business.


A student might gain significant advantage from this university such as practical theories and tools, which can help to understand different approach in politics and business. In addition to that, this university is associated with BSIS or Business School Impact System. The Business School facilities focussed on developing skills of their students so that they can learn and cope with different tools or business environment. On the other hand, business pods are focussed on developing especial teaching spaces, included utilization of practical applications of these business concepts. The business management course in this university also covers IT sector and social concept in the market.


Risk management during war is also discussed in this solution to understand risk associated with the nation that might enhance the chance of their success and reduce any economic risk in a nation. In addition to that, the concerned student will emphasize on identifying threats that can benefit a brand to a huge extent and increase their profit margin. Risk management is considered to be an important factor for a nation during war. On the other hand, if a student or any government fails to recognise these threats then, it might lose their profitable margin.

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Brief of RM357E Assessment Assignments

George McClellan was born in the year of 1986 in Pennsylvania. In addition to that, McClellan Flashcards went to college at UPenn and was number two in his class when he graduated from the reputed university named West Point. Furthermore, McClellan Flashcards served Mexican-American war, after that he came back to West Point to educate the young minds about military engineering. He was highly skilled and hence, he was sent to Crimea for studying war tactics where he developed McClellan saddle that was used by the then authority of cavalry till WW II. This assignment will be assigned to tutor who holds a background in history and politics.


On the other hand, market research and development section are comprised of significant tools and methods, where the brand will be able to gain accurate results that might influence the business to gain competitive edge from the market. Hence, the course covers different market and research development methods as well as tools, which can help in the long run. In the solution, our experts will focus on implementing primary and secondary research methods, which might help in delivering quality solutions. Hence, different sections of McClellan Flashcards will be discussed in the RM357E solution.


Study of McClellan Flashcards, might enhance the chance for these students to provide optimisation about these techniques to increase profit margin and enhance the rate of overall success in their study. In this assignment, the section of financial management will be comprised of 10 percent of the total 30 percent weightage of this paper. In addition to that, the section of market research and development will comprise of 5 percentage among the total weightage of this paper. On the other hand, section of analysis in business communication for improving the network for an organization will be calculated in this paper for 10 percent. The aim of this marks division is to encourage students in learning the different sections or factors involved with overall business development and growth both in long run or even in the short run.

Unit Code of RM357E Assessments

Location: University of Bedfordshire (United Kingdom)

Study level: Undergraduate

Unit Code: RM357E

What is the Weightage of this RM357E Course Code in Their Semester?

Lastly, 5 percentage of 30 percentage will be focussed on paper formatting and design. This also includes cover page, references or bibliography, table of contents. In addition to that, grammar of this paper will also be checked for improving quality of this solution. Hence, our experts will focus on marks division that can help the business to achieve higher score from this solution in this semester.

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