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RNSG1209 Assessment Answers

This RNSG1209 creates an overview of nursing as well as the role of the professional nurse in patient-centered care, being a member of the multidisciplinary team, providing patient safety and advocacy, coordinating care, and being a member of a profession. This course includes topics like nursing history, judgment, theory, knowledge, research, skills, interprofessional roles, and professional values together with a legal/ethical framework. The course leads to an introduction to professional writing with the utilization of the American Psychological Association (APA) format. Students need to go through the study material and resources that are textbook to grasp their knowledge and understanding about the subject. The course is associated with South Pales College.


In this RNSG1209 assessment answers, Blackboard will be utilized for content and communication predominantly. The students should check the Blackboard course for taking quizzes, new messages, accessing content, getting assignment postings, and viewing changes to the schedule or content. In case the student experiences issues accessing as well as utilizing the components the student can seek specific help and email Brooke Walker at bawalker@southplainscollege.edu or call 806-716-2180.

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Key Concepts of RNSG1209 Assessments

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to analyze the relationship between contemporary events and historical events together with the development of nursing. Further, the students will be able to describe legal and ethical concepts related to the practice of professional nursing. Further, the students will be able to evaluate the nurse’s role as an interdisciplinary team member. . further the students will be able to explain the importance of key concepts in nursing that are philosophy in, research, nursing education and practice nursing theory, caring, and holism.


Lastly, the students will be able to identify the necessity of, membership, professional writing, and scholarship for professional nursing associations. The students will be able to discuss the nursing role as a patient advocate. The academic integrity is the SPC student nursing handbook that Refers to the "Honesty Policy" located in the student handbook and appendix for examples of plagiarism. In case of any Violations of the honesty policy like plagiarizing another’s work, cheating during testing, and falsifying records will lead to failure of the course.

Unit Details of RNSG1209 Assessments

Location: - USA

Level of study: - Under graduation

Unit code: RNSG1209

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Brief of RNSG1209 Assessment Assignments


Students will have to complete 4 exams that are listed on the class schedule for 60% of the final course grade individually. Module exams vary in the number of questions; however, they will get 1 minute per question to complete the exam. Under the Exam tab in Blackboard, Exams are located. Examinations are conducted open book which must be taken from the home of the student or preferred location which is to be completed by the dates listed on the class schedule. Students are expected to complete the exam in one sitting and exiting the exam will automatically lead to a submission. RNSG1209 assignments In case of any technical difficulty, the student must inform their facilitator through SPC email or via text messaging. Any exam not completed during the assigned time frame will receive a zero and the students must not click the Back, Forward, or the Refresh buttons. There are no "dropped" grades or extra credit assignments in this course. 

Policy on Exam Administration

Exams will be conducted according to the schedule set by the course facilitator which is documented in the RNSG1209 task answers syllabus. Modification in the exam schedule will only be done by the course facilitator. To prepare the students in a better way for licensure exam testing format, unit, as well as comprehensive exams the following format has been followed that are giving Questions to the student one at a time, The student need to answer as well as save the answer before moving on to the next question, not allowed to return to previous questions and question not being saved by the student is marked wrong.

Discussion Board Forums

In this section, the Students need to complete 3 discussion board forums that account for 20% of the final course grade. Grading rubric and instructions are found under Course Content on Blackboard which is the Discussion Board Forum module.

Nursing Theory Presentation

 Every student should complete a nursing theory that is a presentation that will account for 20% of the final RNSG1209 solutions grade. Every student will be assigned one nursing theorist for the presentation to develop a thorough analysis of the theorist and one nursing theory. The Students are given choices of electing their group members of no more than two students who must be in the same section on Blackboard. Students can choose either topic assigned to complete the presentation. The nursing theory presentation list and grading rubric will be present on Blackboard under Course Content, Nursing Theory Presentation Module. The date of submission will be given on the class schedule. 10 point deduction every day after the submission date is over. Each day late up to 3 days. Failure to submit individual assignments will result in a deduction. There are no allowances for extra credit assignments or resubmissions of an assignment.


Upon successful completion of this RNSG1209 assignments, students will be able to analyze the relationship between contemporary events and historical events together with the development of nursing. Further, the students will be able to describe legal and ethical concepts related to the practice of professional nursing.

What is the Weightage of this RNSG1209 Course Code in Their Semester?

The weightage of this course is high. The exam will have 60% value, the discussion board will have 20% value and the nursing theory presentation will have 20% value. Students need to demonstrate civility and respect towards faculty as well as other students in an online environment. Students need to assist in maintaining a virtual classroom environment for learning. Every student will have this opportunity to gain information from the learning environment and they are prohibited from engaging in any form of disrespect, inappropriate behavior, and distraction in online interactions. Inappropriate behavior will be dealt with by the course faculty on an individual basis. There are no office hours for this course.

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