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SEC435 Advanced Network Management

This particular course is supposed to help in understanding the network management model as such is supposed to define several functional areas of network management. However, the overall purpose or the objective of the course is to offer some practical recommendations as each of these functional areas are supposed to increase the overall effectiveness regarding the current management tools as well as practices. This SEC435 Course also offers certain design guidelines for future implementation of the network management tools as well as technologies. Thus, the goal of the course is supposed to be in connection with the detection of fault management as such would notify the users of the extent to which the problem of the network can be fixed as it would require certain automatic solutions for the network to run in a smooth manner. These faults would cause certain downtime as it is supposed to be unacceptable for network degradation as the fault management would be through the widely implemented ISO network management elements. This would help them in developing certain tools in the network management platform that would create a deployment in the management of the enterprise as the infrastructure would also have to consist of certain multivendor network elements. This course is taught in Kingston University which is located in the United Kingdom and it is part of their postgraduate program where the students receive an MSc degree after the completion of the course.

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SEC435 Task Answers

In addition to this, the course would also be discussing about the receiving of processes events from certain network elements as such would be based on the critical sources of the servers which would be forwarded to the management platform. Therefore, the course would help in teaching certain functions to the students that would be included in a standard management platform and these are supposed to be inclusive of the network discovery along with the topology as such would help in mapping the network elements through an event handler where the performance data would be created through collector and grapher. This would also be inclusive of the management of the data browser. Therefore, the network management platforms are supposed to be perceived and viewed through the main console for network operations as these are supposed to be identifying and detecting faults in the infrastructure.

The ability for detecting or identifying problems would be based on the critical aspects of the network as the network operations personnel would be depending upon the graphical network map as such would be displaying the operational states for the critical network elements that are part of the routers and along with such the switches. Thus, the course would offer the students with the knowledge of network management platforms which would be representing certain graphical element through the management platform’s console. There would be several colors on the graphical elements as these would be representing the present operational status of network devices. These would help in configuration as such would allow the individuals to send notifications to the network management platforms. Subsequently, after receiving the notifications the graphical elements of the individuals would be representing the network device through the changes of a distinct color and such would be based on the severity of the notification that is received. Therefore, the notification is supposed to be called an event as it would be placed on a log file. Thus, it is supposed to be important as it loads the network into the platform in order to ensure there are several alerts coming from the devices and such are being interpreted in a correct manner.

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Thus, the brief of assessments is considered to be in relation to a number of network management platforms as such are used for managing several networks geographically through the distributed sites. This is supposed to be accomplished through the exchange management data as it is between the management consoles at remote sites and between the management station at the main site. Therefore, the primary advantage would be based on the distributed architecture as it would be reducing the management traffic and such would be providing an effective usage of bandwidth. This is also supposed to create a scope for distributed architecture as such is supposed to permit the personnel to locally manage the networks from any remote sites that would be consisting of systems.

Therefore, a recent enhancement to the management platforms is considered to be coming through the ability that uses a web interface for describing the elements of the management network. As a result, such improvements or enhancements are considered to eliminate the need for developing a special client software on the individual user stations as it would give the students access to the management platforms. Hence, the course carries a significant amount of weightage as it teaches the students about a typical enterprise that would be containing several distinct network elements. Nevertheless, each of these devices are supposed to normally require the students to find vendor-specific element management systems as it would effectively help in managing the network elements. Thus, the duplicate management stations are supposed to effectively help in creating and managing networks.

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SEC435 Assignment Answers

The data that is collected through the different systems are supposed to be stored in distinct databases thus, such creates administration that would be used as an overhead for the users. This course thus, helps the students learn a lot about network management and creates several viable job opportunities for them as such would help them settle in the future. Everything in the day-to-day lives is supposed to relate to networks and technology. Therefore, the connectivity creates a better scope for communication along with management and other official and business-related activities. This coursework with the help and assistance of unit learnings, modules, reading materials offers the students different perspectives that are necessary for learning about network management and this creates a stronger base as the network is supposed to be a boon for the students as such helps them build a career in this. Information security is supposed to be one of the fastest growing occupations and the students if they start learning through the course would benefit from it as they would be able to develop an understanding for the subject.

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