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SOC110HM Assessment Answers

Is it a need for multicultural cultures to be colorblind, and if so, should they be? SOC110HM assessment answers examine how sociological theories and research techniques may be used to study colorblindness in multiracial communities. Learners will examine race and colorblindness through the lens of multiracial viewpoints, as well as examine their own lives and prepare for a multiracial and global future.


Participants in SOC110HM assessment answers should be able to:

  • Describe the concept of "race" using sociological and other scientific data in their course papers, quizzes, and class participation; and use sociological and other scientific evidence to support their arguments.

  • Through the Course Paper, quizzes, and participation in the course, examine how "colorblindness" manifests itself in a multi-racial society, both as an ideal and as an obstacle to racial democracy.

  • To gain a better understanding of how different multiracial groups perform in social institutions (housing, economics) and in the media, we will examine their Course Papers, tests, and participation in those exams for both intended and unintended meanings.

  • Course Students will gain a better understanding of how immigration policies impact multicultural societies and black/white racial binaries via the completion of papers, examinations, and participation in class discussions.

  • Analyze the contributions of diverse social groups to society in relation to various social change initiatives to reduce inequality in multiracial societies, particularly in light of how these initiatives exemplify the Saint Leo core value of community through the presentation and participation in course papers and exams.

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Unit Details of SOC110HM Assignment Answers

Students will learn how to connect with individuals of other races in SOC110HM assignment answers, and they will also learn about social justice movements that aim to make society more fair for everyone, regardless of their "race" or ethnicity.


Throughout all of our service sites, St. Leo University aspires to build friendly Christian learning communities. We create socially responsible workplaces based on mutual trust and respect, which encourages all of us to listen, learn, develop, and serve one another. This is accomplished via the development of a feeling of belonging.

Course Code: SOC110HM

University affiliation: Saint Leo University

Credit points: 10

Pre-requisites: None

Briefs of SOC110HM Assessment

Students will pick a film to see from a pre-approved list provided in the module (or from another title permitted by the instructor), and they will be challenged to apply what they have learnt in class (especially Bonilla-4 Silva's frames of colorblind racism) to their everyday social life. To determine whether the evidence they examine in their paper (a) reveals the typical colorblind pattern described by Bonilla-Silva in the textbook; (b) reveals a more progressive and/or minority pattern; (c) reveals some combination of the above; or (d) reveals some other pattern not discussed in the textbook but worthy of further investigation.


It is possible that a student's words may violate one of the four frames of colorblindness in some way, and this will be mentioned in their SOC110HM solutions report. It is likely that the conclusions of any paper that looks at the phenomena of colorblindness will have an impact on the future of a multicultural society. To put it another way, how do the representations you've identified in your study benefit or hinder a society's progress toward becoming an inclusive multiracial democracy, as you propose? A description of each of the four frames of colorblindness, as well as an analysis of each of them, should be included in the text. Later on in this syllabus, the UE rubric will be utilised to evaluate the contribution of the students to the class.


There will be a total of 10 points given for each of the elements. Presentation of information and discussion of information in the classroom are two important aspects of learning. Student presentations to the class are intended to take place during the semester as a result of one of the readings they have been assigned. This will be accomplished via the use of a PowerPoint presentation and a threaded discussion board. Students should be taught the importance of community and respect in and out of the classroom, as well as in and out of the classroom. Student collaboration on the creation of answers to these concerns should be encouraged.


There will be a total of six exams administered during the semester, two of which will be presented each week. Understanding of the information covered in the module will be evaluated via the use of essay questions.


Student participation in a discussion that will be evaluated will be required in each module. The Discussion Guidelines may be found in the Start Here section of the navigation bar.


Having regular attendance in class is the cornerstone of every educational programme that takes place in a typical classroom environment. Following are some rules and processes that provide credence to this notion:

Attendance at all regularly scheduled courses is expected, except an exemption may be granted in the case of a compelling need to do otherwise.

If a student's course performance degrades as a consequence of their lack of attendance, the instructor notifies the student and may dismiss them from the course altogether.


Graduate students whose academic status has deteriorated to the point that the Vice President of Academic Affairs considers that improvement is doubtful will be dismissed from the programme. When a student is dismissed from Saint Leo University, his or her status as a student is permanently ended. Re-admission is not an option for students who have been expelled from the institution.

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What is The Weightage of this SOC110HM Course Code in Their Semester?

Examinations: 40%

Course Paper: 15%

Class Presentation: 20%

Class Presentation discussions: 4%

Quizzes: 1%

Discussions: 12%

The semester will also include a number of midterm and final tests that will be conducted during SOC110HM task answers of the semester. In order to reflect the nature and progression of the subject, both tests will contain essay questions, with the final exam serving as a summative assessment.

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