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Examining The World Population Growth

What strategies do you think and believe will be most successful in addressing the population growth, especially in developing countries? Explain your response.


Review the post of your classmates to be able to respond to at least one other post to offer a substantial comment on the position of that class made on the issue or issues.


Slowing Down Global Warming

Studies have found that climate change and reputable scientific studies continue to show that the Earth we live in is warming at an unsustainable rate since of arise in the release and generation of greenhouse gases like CO2 and methane gases.


What is the relationship between population increases and climate change?


Review the post of your classmates to respond to at least one other post offering a substantial and apparent comment on the classmate positions on the issues.

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Accessing Non-Renewable Resources

Research says that alternative futures and developed and developing countries have access to the numerous resources of the planet since they are in a position to buy those resources from other is or because those resources exist currently in abundance in that country. This shows it continues to overgrow and places tremendous pressure on the availability of non-renewable resources.


Briefly, what non-renewable natural resources are most at risk of depletion?


Please discuss some of these sustainable development models that have broad applicability to the various needs to consumption demand of developing or developed countries. Again, review the post of your class mail and respond to it, showing a substantial comment on the position of your classmates on the issue given.


The Pledge To Eliminate Poverty

Studies have found that wealth and poverty and the millennium development goals were tab list to provide support to developing countries through the partnership of developed countries. One of the first and primary goals of that collaboration is to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty levels globally. According to academic Scholars and Research works, the population is still increasing in the purest region of the world. It has been observed and noted that progress in reducing extreme hunger is uneven across geography and countries. By looking at the reports from various sites, it can be understood the countries having the most outstanding production and extreme hunger and the factors contributing to this and even progress. Besides, this will SOC450 assessment answers help some possible strategies that create more progress in these countries.


You will be required to review one of your classmates' posts and respond to its company, showing a comment your response to your classmates' post on the issue.


Feeding The World

Research says that there is enough food produced and level able to feed the entire world every day; however, millions still go hungry for numerous genuine and not genuine reasons. This risk this security level of the food, but at the same time, it provides consistent access to adequate nutritional food. This is being understood as a persistent Global social problem in both developed and developing countries.


The question is, where do most of the Hungry live in the world?

What are the two major causes of Hunger Andrew problems that it results?

What are some of the potential consequences and benefits of using biotechnologies in emerging countries?

Basis the research currently available, should emerging countries intend to pursue the use of biotechnology? Why or why not?


Review the post of one of your classmates to respond IT company; hence offering a substance is a comment on the classmate position on the issue.


The Impact Of Climate Change On Population Growth And Food Security

The United Nations will be interested in having one of the people like you as a consultant to give a task to assess the anticipated impact that global warming to have on the population growth as well as the ability of societies in the emerging world to entertain the adequate security level of their food supplies.


For Which University This SOC450 Course Code Is Associated.

Strayer University

Unit details: -

Location: - Washington, DC

Study level: - Postgraduate

Unit code: - SOC450 solutions to global issues (Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101))

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Brief of SOC450 Assessment:

As the world's population is expected to be near 10 billion by 2050, global warming is already stripping some forms of natural resources from the environment. And they diminish in quantity developing countries particularly will be facing mountain obstacles to improving their livelihoods and stabilizing access to adequate amounts of food. These governments are falling more than before now because our climate is influencing their economic held and the subsequent diminishing living standards of their citizens.


Further climate changes are held responsible for the current losses of biodiversity and the physical access to some critical farming regions. As such, these are some changes in global weather patterns that diminish agricultural output and the distribution of food to the local and international markets. This difficulty will become even worse and more significant for these countries as the climate changes on the Earth for the worse since temperatures are already picking up and polar ice caps are melting. The salient question is: what does this indicate for developing societies?


What is the Weightage of this SOC450 Course Code in Their Semester?

You will be considered a pass if you are graded between 70-100. The course is worth more than 220 points.

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