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What Are Social Studies? 

Social studies refer to integrated study of humanities and the social science for promoting the civic competence. Within a school program, social studies provide systematic and coordinated study drawing upon disciplines such as archaeology, anthropology, history, law, geography, political science, religion, sociology and psychology and suitable content from natural science, mathematics and humanities. The key purpose of the Social Studies Homework Help lies in helping the young people in developing an ability of making informed as well as reasoned decisions for the betterment of the public as the citizens of a democratic and divers society within the interdependent world. Social studies are generally taught from the kindergarten through the grade 12 in the schools across nations. As field of the study, social studies are considered increasingly difficult in defining in comparison to single discipline like geography and history because it is interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary and since it is taught in the class and at times as separate discipline-based classes within the department of the Social Studies Homework Writing Help. The two key characteristics that distinguishes the social studies as the field of the study include promotion of the civic competence and the integrative nature of incorporating the different fields of the endeavor.

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What Is the Scope of Social Study?

  The scope of the social studies not only entails the man and his environment but also technology and science that man might use for making the environment conducive and suitable to him. It further entails that the fact of the social studies is considered as integrated subject.


When it comes to the man, it can be described as the human beings. It indicates the human beings anywhere across the world, either female, male, white or black. Environment on the other hand refers totality of the things and the fellow human beings around the man. There are two kinds of environment which are physical environment and the social environment. Physical environment refers to the physical things around human beings. Examples includes the river, land, car, water and the building. They are man-made and natural objects in the environment which one can see, touch and feel. Physical environment is usually divided into the Natural and the Artificial Environment. The natural environment are the things which are gifted by the nature which includes water bodies, relief, climate and vegetation while the artificial environment are the things that are made by the man with the environment and comprises of houses, roads, hospitals and factories. Social environment refers to the different avenues via which a man seems to interact with the other human beings within the environment. It indicates the culture, group of institutions and individuals with whom an individual seem to interact.


The institution with which the man interact comprise of the family institution, political institution, educational institution, marriage institution, religious institutions, economic and legal institutions. Man has been in a position to influence the environment through the science and the technology. Science appears to be systematically organized knowledge body which has been developed deliberately by the man for tackling the key problems and for improving the living conditions. Technology happens to be the suitable application of the science for resolving the problems of human. Through the science and technology, man devised machines or tools, tarred the roads, constructed the bridges, dams, drainages and the buildings.

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What Is the Main Purpose of Social Studies?

The purpose of the social studies can be described as putting across opportunities for the students for developing the skills, knowledge and attitude which would enable them in becoming active, engaged, responsible citizens and informed as well as responsible citizens who seem to be aware of the capacity for effecting the change within the society, communities and the world. Overarching skills, attitudes and knowledge are considered vital for the development of the students as responsible citizens.

What Is the Basic Concept of Social Studies?

On a technical note, social studies refer to the use of the different methods from the perspective of the humanities and the social sciences for studying the various elements within the human society. Some of the key concepts of social studies are as follows:

  • Organization based on Time: Studying all society across all time has been a pretty bigger job so there are certain ways one can think about organizing every possible thing. One effective way of organizing things is through time. Certain things take place before the others while some of the things happens at the same time.
  • Chronology:The arrangement of the things in the order of the occurrence can be termed as the chronological organization and this serves quite useful. For instance, if one wants to study civilizations of ancient Greeks, Egyptians and the Romans. Independently, these societies appear to be related and through chronologically organizing them one can start seeing the rise or the fall of an individual impacted by the others.
  • Continuity and Change:One of the simple ways of analyzing why and how the things get related lies in looking at the patterns of the continuity and change. There is no explanation of why some of the things changes over while the others stay same.
    • Periodization:Chronological organization aids in identifying the sections of the society which has been subject to the change like the hair style and those that remains increasingly consistent such as the moral values. It is from here where one can begin to start looking for the major trends with regard to when the things change. This is also known as periodization which indicates the basic idea that history might be organized into the periods of the similar trends. For instance, chronologically organization of American history indicates that major ideas and events through the past century showed that the beginning of 20th century has lot of people who seem to be focused on the social reform. This has changed post the first World War and into 1920s. So, there are presence of two periods.

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