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Explaining SOS150 Self-Assessment and Career Exploration

The considerable course has been designed with the foremost purpose of the course is to attain self-knowledge for students to be able discover new options in their career. In other words, the course seems to be based on the intent that of students being provided with the ability of developing a plan for being able to build as well as maintain a rewarding and a successful career. On that aspect, the course is being designed to provide the needful aid to students for them to be endowed with the ability of attaining the competencies being suggested for attaining self-knowledge as well as course through occupational and educational exploration. Hence the considerate part of the course is based on career planning. With an intent to help students to discover new alternatives in their career path, the course entails career paths and options that bears relevance with each student while also incorporating self-assessment along with self-awareness for providing the required guidance to the students in being able to choose their career path. To that extent, the framework of the course intends to cover options of job search as well as seeing to implement search strategies for the desired options to be availed by the students. In addition, it does intend to cover specifics of formulating a resume as well as cover to be let them prepared for a particular job application. Upon completing the course, the students will be bestowed with the ability to accomplish their self-assessment with SOS150 assessment answers, develop a search strategy while seeking opportunities of employment, and contemplate on the relationship between career planning and self-assessment and thereupon being able to describe as well as evaluate different strategies relevant with decision making.         

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Unit Details of SOS150 Code:

With the overall course consisting total ten modules that includes activities as well as study materials the structure of the course entails the entirety of its framework while labelling its module under personal assessment, exploring the world of work as well as developing a job search strategy in various divisions. Upon its completion, the students will seem able to understand as well as relate devised theories with practical reference that associates with career planning and development. The considerable theories being entailed within the framework of the course includes Super’s theory, Myers-Briggs personality classification system while it describes the relevant techniques as well as components that can assist an individual in creating as well as maintaining a positive outlook. The unit course also sees to identify as well as discuss trends in regards to the workplace culture in the 21st century while incorporating liberal arts education, lifelong learning as well as trends in job growth in SOS150 assignment answers. As much as the considerate emphasis is being exerted on job search, the course sees to bring in various methods in order for one to be able to avail their desired prospects while seeking help of job search engines, classified advertisements, email, volunteering, internships as well as employment agencies. An informational based interview will further be conducted in order to associate its relevance with that of securing the rightful job position and thereupon see to develop a personal portfolio that includes in cover letter as well as resume preparation. The stated course objectives will be implemented in the six part module wherein the overall course is a three credit online assessment that required participating in a total of ten online discussion forums. Furthermore, it requires completing six written assignments as well as requiring to complete a final project.    


Thomas Edison State University, New Jersey

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Undergraduate Course

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Brief of SOS150 Assessment-

The course is based with the intent for students to be able evaluate the considerable challenges being encountered in life as well as career from an interdisciplinary point of academic vantage and thereupon be able to build practical skills for making informed choices about life as well as career planning. In that regards, students will seem able to discern their life on the basis of how they might seem to assert more control after viewing common challenges in life as well as career planning. As much as the course sees to utilize a practical blueprint consisting SOS150 solutions that enable readers to be able to make international choices about their life and career planning with SOS150 task answers. In that regards, the course seems to lead towards personal satisfaction as well as fulfillment while at the end of the course it provides aid for students to be able to draft plans that will further seem to offer guidance for their decision making in career. The most critical component is that of communication as it requires fellow students interact with their mentors while attending online session and thereupon be able to attain SOS-150 solutions on participating.   

Weightage of the module SOS150 -

While comprising an overall of six assignments, the activities associated with each require demonstrating familiarity with reading as well as utilize skillset of high order thinking for the purpose of analyzing as well as synthesizing. On that basis, the course will seem to require relating concepts that has been studied in text with that of life experience. The assignments being written bears the primary aim of being able to express verbally and thereupon take time to familiarize with concepts being learned in Module. There is no midterm for the final course examination while a five to seven page paper acts as the piece of final assessment while it worth 20 percent of the grade. Out of the remaining, 36 percent entails online discussion while 44 percent bears written assignment. The students, as such, are required to participate in a total of ten discussion forums while they will be graded on the basis of their ability to think critically. As much as meaningful participation in online discussion needs to relevant with conveying critical insight, while staying on track of the course and thereupon exhibit the highest level of academic citizenship through participation, discussion as well as comprehensive assessment.

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