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How to Use SPSS Step by Step?

SPSS is the statistical tool and is also known as Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, which is used for evaluating quantitative data where the data may be collected from surveys for performing trend analysis, developing models and examining the cause-and-effect relationship between the variables.  There are numerous of entering data into the SPSS Homework Writing Help platform where the data view is used to define the different variables based on whether it’s a numerical variable or string variable and can use the variable view to define multiple choice variables.  The value is entered into the cells designed for each variable based on the variable type. On the contrary, in the majority of the instances, the data is often collected using online surveys where Google form, Survey Monkey and Qualtrics is used for collecting data.


Once the data has been collected, it is exported to an excel sheet with an extension of .csv.  This .csv file can be imported to SPSS data using the import function, and there are numerous data types that support the import.  Once the data has been imported, it is essential to check the data type of each variable and clear the data for missing values.  Moreover, the data is checked for reliability and validity using the Cronbach’s Alpha test and Bartlett Test of Sphericity for checking the internal consistency of the data. Once the data has been cleaned, the data can be checked using a two-aspect transform and analyse.  Transform can be used to change any data to the required data type whereas analyse can be used to perform central tendency, regression analysis, correlation analysis, factor analysis, cluster analysis and many more.

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What Are The Advantages Of SPSS?

 There are a significant number of advantages of using SPSS as the statistical tool for analysis and these are as follows:

  • SPSS is a comprehensive statistical software that uses a graphical user interface so the tool is user friendly and can be used by the students without any programming knowledge.
  • SPSS has developed various complex statistical analyses as a built-in feature which makes it easier for the students to perform the complex statistical test and use it for different types of research and statistical projects.
  • The interpretation of the results in SPSS is quite easy and the results can be imported to words, excel and different other formats so the results can be extracted easily in business.
  • The data tables are displayed quickly and easily using a graphical user interface and there are different templates that can be used to modify the tables and the graphs so they can be customised based on the needs of the users.
  • It can be expanded easily where the data set can be increased and new input can be implemented within the data set without any complexity making it one of the most user-friendly software for evaluating statistical data.

However, there are a significant number of disadvantages of using SPSS as a statistical software for analysis.  SPSS is an expensive statistical tool and is not quite affordable for the students and the students often require significant training in completely exploiting the different available features for the business. Moreover, the graphs and their features are not as simple as in excel, and significant knowledge is required for developing effective graphs.

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What is the Importance of SPSS in Research?

SPSS is one of the statistical packages used for both non batched and logical batched statistical analysis. It is one of the most popular software used in performing complex manipulation of data and analysis using a simple graphical user interface.  It can be used to take data from any type of file and can be used to develop tabulated reports, plots and charts of trends and distributions, conduct complex analyses and descriptive statistics. Moreover, the program has been made available for both mainframe and personal computers.  It is one of the most effective tools for conducting research where it is beneficial for evaluating both qualitative and quantitative data and the majority of the research use quantitative data so it is widely used in quantitative data analysis.


However, it is as effective while evaluating qualitative data. There is numerous software available in the market that is used for analysing quantitative data but SPSS Homework Help is preferred by most researchers over other software due to its user-friendly nature and ease of use for any beginner and can be easily used for analysing large chunks of data.  In the case of research scholars having significant knowledge in their respective fields having less knowledge on software, the field can prefer to use SPSS Assignment help as it offers a geographical representation of the tests which is easier to use than coding used for various statistical software.  Moreover, it also facilitates the development of appropriate results based on the data entered.  It is a drag and drop process consisting of various basic and advanced statistical test that can be helpful to the scholars to easily adapt to the software and can conduct analysis effectively for achieving the results.

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Why SPSS is Better Than Other Software?

SPSS is highly effective for users that are new to analytics as it is one of the most user-friendly platforms for performing statistical analysis.  The software Assignment help in developing basic forms of visualisation which is useful for beginners. It can be used to open all types of data that are often for structural data sets.  Moreover, it is the best software for cleaning and analysis as it is the easiest to use and has a wide range of applications in research. Various users lack the programming knowledge of using software like SAS and R so it provides a graphical user interface where it is easier to choose the test without coding and it is performed effectively. Moreover, the software can be expanded using a commercial module and consists of extensive literature along with introductory topics available on macOS and Windows.  Moreover, it does not require special method knowledge for the users.  Therefore, it has significant advantage over other software.

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