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A Brief Introduction of Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia and he was responsible for overthrowing Persian empire and he used to carry Macedonian arms to the India. He had been born at Pella within Macedonia and he had been son of the Philip II and the Olympias. Alexander the Great had been king of the Macedonia from that of 336- 323 B.C. and he had conquered huge empire which stretched from Balkans to the modern-day Pakistan.


During the period of rule of Alexander the Great, he had a massive effect within his time and it used to send ripples within the future. The triumphs of Alexander made him the legendary figure and he proved to be an inspiration for the future generations. It has been brought out by ancient records that he failed of winning respect of subjects and people who had been close to him had been murdered. His personality can be asserted to be a paradox and he used to have great persona and force of the personality however his character had been full of the contradictions. He was able to motivate his army that helped him to evolve as a successful conqueror in the modern world.

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History of Alexander The Great

The father of Alexander was often away and he engaged himself in conquering the neighbouring territories and in turning down the revolts. King Philip II of Macedon is an influential role model of Alexander and Phillip helped to ensure that Alexander had been provided with significant education. In 341 BC, Athens had broken the peace treaty with Philip who had been instrumental in besieging coastal cities- Perinthus and the Byzantium. His education had infused him with philosophy, knowledge and logic and it helped him to admire and maintain the disparate cultures. Alexander helped his father to campaign within every year and it helped him of winning one victory after another. Philip used to remodel Macedonian army from the citizen-warriors into the professional organisation. Philip had suffered various wounds in the battle like loss of eye and broken shoulder when he was waging the wars.


Alexander had left the school of Aristotle in 340 BC and he returned to royal court at the Pella where he had been serving as re-agent whereas his father had been instrumental in attacking coastal cities like Byzantium and the Perinthus. He had put down the revolt by Maedi within northern Macedon and he renamed chief city “Alexandroupolis” and Greeks were settled within the territory. His early victories in Asia started in 334 BC and Macedonian troops of Alexander had been instrumental in crossing Hellespont into the Asia Minor. He used to pause at Troy for honouring heroes of Iliad and for making sacrifice to Goddess Athena. He wanted to turn south for freeing Greek colonies however he could not ignore Persian forces which had gathered along banks of the river towards north-west. The first encounter took place in between Macedonian and the Persian armies and it took place at Battle of Granicus. Persians lost in the war and Alexander started his advance and it made crucial city of Sardis and the surrounding territories surrender to him. He had captured cities like Miletus and Halicarnassus and he finally arrived at the Gordium which was capital of the Phrygia. Alexander had installed the satraps and they poured the taxes of Darius into the coffers of Alexander. This wealth helped to finance campaigns of the expanding empire and Persian forces had gathered this time at the Issus. Alexander had advanced quickly throughout the southern Asia Minor and he claimed lands across which he passed without the stationing of garrisons or the officials. Alexander had fallen ill across the route and he recovered before he engaged the opposition at Battle of the Issus. There was Persian advantage in the numbers however he had succeeded in winning another decisive victory. Darius had fled towards the Mesopotamia and he abandoned mother, wife and the children towards mercy of Macedonian forces. Alexander used to treat royal hostages in the respectful manner however he rebuffed offer from the Darius for ransoming them. Alexander did not enter Mesopotamia and Persian king started to rebuild forces and it made Alexander had swung south into the Syria. Island city of the Tyre had been besieged whereas second in the command, Parmenion had campaigned inland. Alexander had entered Egypt towards winter of 332-331 BC and Egyptians did not offer resistance and they were glad of ridding themselves of Persian domination. Alexander laid out plans for port city of the Alexandria and pilgrimage was made across Western Desert towards oracle at Siwa Oasis.

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Legacy of Alexander The Great

The Greeks used to respect oracle of Egyptian God, Ammon and it was identified by Greeks with the aid of their supreme God, Zeus. Darius had offered Alexander large concession of territory, ransom and daughter in the marriage. Alexander used to refer himself as “King of Asia” and he wanted for the subjugation of Darius as the vassal within Macedonian empire. In 331 BC the armies met and Alexander proved to be successful however Alexander did not hesitate of following Persian king. It was found that cities of Babylon and the Susa had surrendered themselves to Alexander without any kind of fight. He had married the eldest daughter of Darius and mass marriage had been arranged in between the Persian noblewomen and the members of the court. The capital city of Persepolis had surrendered and he permitted troops for looting it. The men had been massacred, women were enslaved and palace had been burned. Alexander had moved towards Ecbatana and Darius had been instrumental in establishing the new capital. Alexander had been caught up in 330 BC but it took place after Persian king had been assassinated by the satraps, Bessus. Alexander had accorded Darius the royal burial and had been instrumental in campaigning against the Bessus.

Conclusion of Alexander The Great Essay

The campaigns of Alexander made him turn eastward into the Bactria and he had put down the allies of Bessus he had married the Bactrian princess, Roxane. Alexander had led the troops towards India and it made him met with resistance. He had crossed Indus River towards spring of 326 BC and Alexander had defeated King Porous at Battle of Hydaspes. He was deeply impressed by courage of Porous and he kept Porous as vassal ruler within the region. It was found that towards late spring of 323 BC he had fallen ill and he died after suffering for a period of eleven days.

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