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How to Write Essay on American Education System?

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A Brief Introduction of American Education System

Foreign education system is considered to be one of the career boosting paths for many Indian families as well as for other country families. Among different foreign countries or nations USA is one of them where people from other countries found to have a career growth or option for them. Like every other country American Education System is also having some sort of characteristics which attracts the parents within the country to let their children develop themselves with in a positive environment. The education system in USA consists of 12 years of elementary and secondary education before the parents and students can think for advance education in terms of post-secondary pursuing. In the US, the calendar for schooling begins in the month of September or August and continues till May or June. Most of the students begin their process of schooling in the session of autumn and each and every academic year consists with three semesters. In the period of secondary education, the students are having one semester from September to December then there in a holiday break or winter break of few days. Then again one semester starts from January and ends in May. On the other hand, for the higher secondary or post secondary courses, there is another break after completing second semester which is considered as third semester which the students can avail from June to August.

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Schooling System in America

Education in the US is provided among private, homes schools and public schools. Based on the rules and regulations of State Government, the overall standards of education is set and that also mandate the standardized tests for supervise and systems of K-12 public school. This K-12 can also be considered as secondary or elementary education where the schoolings is quite similar across the entire nation of US. But it can be seen that even if the system is similar but based on state to state there are minor variations such as elementary schools runs for 6-7 years in Kindergarten through grade 5 or 6. Then comes the middle school which runs for 2-3 years in grade 6 or 7 through 8 and lastly the high school which runs for 4 years starting from 9 grade to 12 grade. After the completion of the 12 grade, each and every student will be the holder of high school diploma. Each and every students and parents in US needs to keep in mind that only after completing the 12th grade school, they will be eligible for the post secondary education. The public education in the USA is commonly free but the students need to avail a certain amount of feels in terms of uniforms, trips, and book and for some other things. On the other hand, post-secondary education consists with different fields such as Private University or College, Institute of Technology, State University or College and Community College. Based on certain criteria and formats students can let them enrolled in those above mentioned post-secondary education.


The USA is having more than 4500 institutions for post-secondary education. According to different research, the US is having their unique institutions which are not famous for organized structure but are working and providing education to regional and national levels. Each and every institution are providing students with unique experience of school and also giving students will the chances and opportunities to choose their own path where they can give their best for future career and own development. In the US, there are also lots of private and public institutions are also there which are supported by the local and state governments in terms of funding and other sort of efforts. Each and every state is having one state college and university and with the support of the government, students are being provided with the affordable post secondary options. But it needs to come into consideration that due to not getting funding from the governments, Private institutions are having high rate of tuition fees in terms of public institutions which are running on government funding. Another different that US education system is having is that, State University and Colleges offers more routes in terms of courses to the post-secondary student and that helps them students to select their choice of degree program for higher education and career growth. Whereas Private University and colleges are having less number of students due to high course fees and that is letting those institution to have less number of degree programs.


In addition to that State Institution are having high access to the vibrant campus life, teaching facilities for faculties and extra-curricular activities so that students can keep themselves engaged with the education and system.

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Conclusion of American Education System Essay

Along with that the US education government is also having various qualifications which students can avail while they study stateside and those qualifications are called as bachelor degree, doctoral degrees, master’s degree and associate degree. These qualifications are having certain criteria and features such as associate degree is a 2-year course program which is designed to provide basic knowledge on certain subjects where the institutions prepare students with entry level positions in different fields such as designing, education and nursing fields. On the other side, bachelor degree course is of 4 years where students are provided with different programs for career path development and after completion of the course students can have full and part time work in their respected field or background of education. Then comes the parts of master degree which is mainly about 1-2 years where students gets the opportunities to specialize themselves in particular fields for better career opportunities in future. Lastly there are doctoral degrees which can be off many types which students can obtain and based on research and under the supervision of supervisors they got their degree and specialize and do more research on certain fields and areas. These are the things how the US education system run for students from own and foreign countries as well.

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