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Essay on Big City Life for Students


The life in a big urban city means that people have to be involved in daily hard work and a lot of toil as well as ambition. Siri life is extremely fast paced and it goes away in the blink of an eye. Nobody waits for anybody else because everyone is busy with their own little bubbles of crisis. You always have to match this fast pace of the city because otherwise you will be drowned into the crowd. 

Other than this aspect city is also offer a lot of materialistic essay writing support for living a normal comfortable life only if you are able to earn properly. Therefore it is actually just about making the right balance and not being afraid of thousands of hurdles that might be thrown towards you. A big city is both a pleasant experience for people and also sometimes a very hard experience for people. 

A big city will give you a lot of pleasant experiences but just like life good things never come without the hurdles and the harsh experiences so in order to experience the positive side of city life you will also have to make sure to have a job and work hard in the same pace that every other people are doing it in the city. It is extremely technical and industrial and materialistic but it also is fulfilling and beautiful in its own way.

 People generally experience a lot more competition in the city because there are more amounts of population and therefore there are more competitors for the same goal that you have. Whether it is an entrepreneur or an employee in a 9-to-5 job or a person who is trying to buy essay for pursue a career in the creative field, everyone has to struggle and be competitive to on their goal as well as they deserve the money. 

But one thing that is positive about this is the fact that everyone has to struggle and it is not only you who has to struggle it is somewhat like teamwork when all of the people are struggling and passing their own personal hurdles together. A pleasant life in the city is not possible unless you have a proper job and you’re well-settled. City is more often than not do not give you any free time for yourself which is definitely a negative aspect. Another aspect is the hustling and bustling on the traffic at the start of the morning as well as in the evening when everyone is returning. 

The poetic in the most beautiful thing about the city is that everything is constantly in motion and everyone is going somewhere and everyone has something or the other to do. Even if someone is having a leisurely time in the park they still have some way to go to later on. The negative aspects are definitely the fact that there are more people and that is why public transports public places and housings are always congested with people and which is increasing day by day.

 It is not an exaggeration to say that in a city you will never get a time that is silent or quiet which can be nerve wracking. The city also has a lot of essentials and general materials to stay proper which are extremely costly and the people who are from the middle class have to struggle more. Due to the high number of population there is more demand of these resources and therefore you will find every single product or alternate product adulthood and mix with something else which can range from food to clothes to any other thing that you buy. Another thing that is a problem in the city is the huge amount of pollution. 

Now the positive sides were seen then it can be seen that in a big city life half of the people are strangers to you as compare to a town or a village where everybody might know you. This can work in your favour because no one knows you and therefore no one would gossip about your personal life and if you wanted to become a stranger for one day and go somewhere else to be alone for a while you could do that. And there are also more amounts of places to visit and more recreational activities that are available in the city that will get you out of the boredom of being stuck in one place. Because the city has more people the festivals are more extravagant and brighter and everyone even if they are strangers to you come together and enjoys it together. 

The food in the city is also extremely dynamic and there are variety of cuisines and foods available in range of prices and you can even get it on shops on the road which is another positive thing about the city. The city has a lot of enjoyable recreation and entertainment aspects to offer. The biggest thing that the big city teaches a person is that life is definitely a very big struggle and there are several hurdles that you have to overcome through your life but you cannot lose hope and you cannot give up because it’s not only you that the city is harsh with the city’s house with everyone. 

The dynamic aspect of the city is that you will both love the city and you will also hit the city. The city is just like life because it is neutral and it teaches you several important things about life and about yourself. So do not be scared of the life in a big city because just like it can give you a lot of hurdles you can also present to you with several beautiful moments and a present life but it won’t be without struggle because this very struggle will teach you a lot about yourself and a lot of valuable things in life. Life in a big city comes with several varieties of overwhelming experiences and things which makes life more adventurous.   

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