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How to Write the Best Christmas Essay


Christmas Essay

Christmas is the most important religious event of Christians, celebrated on December 25th every year. It marks the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ. It is the celebration that is spread throughout the globe and billions of Christians and people from other faiths celebrate this festival. Any global celebration comes with holidays which is enjoyed by all around. According to historical references, the date of birth of Jesus Christ had various controversies, and different theologies had different dates to provide. According to the Gospels written by Matthew and Luke (Donley  2016), the nativity sequence connect the dates of the birth of Jesus to the movement of the Sun. They called the phase the Sun of righteousness.

On the other hand, Romans celebrated Christmas during the winter solstice; the earliest recorded date was on December 25th, 336 AD. There are various controversies regarding the date of birth of the Lord. According to the two Gospels, there was no specific date mentioned for the birth of the Lord. From early times only the Churches around Bethlehem and Jerusalem celebrated the date to be on January 6th. But as Christianity spread in the European continent, the Roman celebrations took importance. However, the Armenians do not celebrate Christmas on December 25th but on January 6th only. Around the globe, although Churches now celebrate January 6th as the Feast of Epiphany (Thurman  2019). The Christmas celebrations come around the corner from the time of Thanksgiving only. Thanksgiving is an old ritual of thanking the Lord Almighty for the Autumn harvest from the commencement of the dry winter when there would be no new harvest. you should check plagiarism of your essay writing services online and take essay help online

The Christians celebrate Christmas by inviting friends and families for dinner on a special day. Christmas trees are an integral part of the celebration, where a Christmas tree is planted on the house's porch, and children become excited to decorate them according to their wishes. Christmas is all about positivity and lights, marking the belief that Jesus being the Son of God, would bring suffering to an end; He will bring peace and prosperity to the civilization. Various nations have different types of celebrations on this day (Kittler,   Sucher  and Nelms  2016). For the people of Bethlehem, nativity scenes are enacted or put up on display and houses put up cross symbols on their doors. While in Argentina, the people come over to neighbour's houses or arrange a family get together and exchange gifts. In America, carol singers get ready to entertain people on the streets and even in their neighbourhoods (Hancock  2016). In some European nations, Italy, Santa Claus is a witch named Befana who gifts good children and kidnaps bad ones. While in Syria, we get another version of the gifts from the Three Magi. In some nations like Ukraine, we find that having good food and a 12-course meal is the best part. In nations with small percentages of Christians like the Asian nations of Japan, India, Nepal, China, celebrations mean a small one week holiday marking the end of the year and a joyful environment to embrace the New Year (Kuschel  2018). Visiting departmental stores, KFC, having to get together is a way to celebrate the year-end festivals (Miguel 2017). In the Asian nations, Christmas, just like the European nations, is celebrated during winter. With snowfall and lighting, the Christmas tree fills an aura of positivity even in the dry cold winter seasons. These festivals during the winter remind us that the hardships of wintry nights have vanished with the company of near and dear ones (Kittler, Sucher and Nelms  2016).

A common Christian family, the starts its celebration mood by buying loads of gifts and new dresses coloured red and white mainly. They would be busy arranging their garden area or their drawing room to plant the Christmas tree. For that, they would clean the place. Then they would buy all sorts of decorative items like lighting, flowers, bells and stars to decorate their whole house apart from the tree. This is the best way to engage the children in creative works, as they too find happiness for winter vacations. Santa Claus, the older man who brings gifts for all children directly as a messenger of The God Almighty, is a very intriguing thing for the children (Salonen   2016). Children learn to be patient, hardworking, and polite to get gifts, as Santa Claus only gives gifts to good children. These motivations through religions are present in almost every religion as children form the basis of any society. Children become happy that they would help their family do the last preparations about the celebrations on Christmas Eve and wake up the next day to find their gifts hanging in the socks they kept under the tree.

Food is the best way to celebrate any festival. The cake is the most important part. The cake is specially made with dry fruits and wine. Children, too, become excited to feast on cake, muffins and sweet items. Families make homemade full course meals containing golden pork, roasted turkey, pastries, and lentil dishes. In some nations like Ukraine and Italy, meatless dinner is also served after they have kept a long fast in the name of Jesus (Mackley  2018). The children also enjoy local fairs, young people go to parties, enjoy to the fullest, dance to the tunes of music, sing together.

Christmas marks the fact that winter is also joyful despite its cold and brutal truth that various hilly areas get cut off from the rest of the city regions. Winter is deemed harsh with no life; without harvest, people still have one occasion to thank the Lord for all sorts of merriment. The birth of Jesus is auspicious to the Christians; the Son of God comes to the earth to end the tyranny of the rulers and free humanity from the sufferings. Jesus gave his life to prove that God Almighty is the only ruler who rules all the realms. No one is above Him, and we as children of God should obey and worship Him. If you are looking for such relevant essay writing services, paper writing help then take help from's expert.


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