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Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness Essay Help Online


Essay Introduction- Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness


Cleanliness is next to Godliness is mainly referred to as a wise saying that is also referred to as the necessary importance of cleanliness present within the life of a person. This had first been quoted by an English clerk named John Wesley in 1778, which meant that being clean is holy and religious and helps an individual with the capability of being purely religious if cleanliness is adopted. This particular phrase has been instilled into the necessary sense of cleanliness among the people as well as has been encouraged by every individual to adopt cleaner habits along with hygiene, having a similar devotion towards staying committed to god. Additionally, having a clean body and a mind is necessarily desired by god and is also respected by society. This particular phrase also means the cleanliness of the soul, body and mind. The associated purity of such thoughts in an automatic translation of the efforts allows for the necessary maintenance of cleanliness.


Godliness puts forward the meaning of the associated quality of staying godly or being devoted to the religion. This is basically compared to Godliness and also refers to the primary idea stating that every individual should keep themselves as well as their surroundings clean at all times. This provides a helping hand in keeping their bodies purified and also keeps their mind free from any form of evil intentions as well as negativity. Additionally, cleanliness is also considered as the idea of succeeding in life and can also perform their rites to always stay healthy. Hence, this is essential when it comes to remaining clean as well as hygienic at the same time.

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Cleanliness is a necessity meant for the healthy body as well as the mind, along with a moral obligation for every individual associated with this life. Additionally, cleanliness also is referred to as a reflection of identity for the individuals regarding their character, belief system, upbringing, character, background, nature as well as culture. On the other hand, cleanliness is not negotiable and is what that is required by every individual being for their own wellbeing. Hence, it becomes a primary responsibility for every individual to keep themselves clean, always.


Whenever cleanliness becomes a necessary part of the lifestyle, individuals automatically begin to keep themselves clean along with the surroundings they are living in on a daily basis. This relevant aspect has a necessary impact on the associated moral standards that need to be maintained. As a reason, there is a prime existence of a closer connection between the cleanliness of a person and their relative health. In addition to this, cleanliness present within the dressing also narrates the volumes of how should an individual carry out their daily activities in a cleaner manner and maintain hygiene. The main motive is to adopt the behaviour of staying clean, cleaning their things and maintaining a cleaner working environment.


Multiple cultures follow a stricter regime, such as the likes of washing hands as well as legs before they enter their house after a long day outside or being at work. This directly relates to the traditional steps, where a bucket is kept right next to the porch present within the premise of the house to allow people to wash their hands as well as feet before they enter their house. Hence, washing hands is one of the specific norms that is followed in most homes after they have their meals from time to time.


Advantages Of Cleanliness


For achieving cleanliness in a proper manner, there is a significant need to understand the importance as well as the benefits. Cleanliness is not only necessary for healthy and quality living but also to obtain some major benefits in multiple aspects as well. With respect to this, the following points have been documented to discuss the different benefits of cleanliness to help understand.

  • Cleanliness brings a significant reduction in the necessary chances of falling sick as well as can provide a helping hand in living a healthy life. Also, it should be stated that a dirty environment mainly attracts all kinds of diseases that can directly impact the health of an individual.

  • This provides a helping hand in staying organized. Whenever the surroundings are kept clean, all the associated belongings also get categories automatically as well as stay easily available to be able to manage as well as find every individual thing.

  • Keeping the surroundings clean also keeps all kinds of germs as well as viruses away. Regularised cleaning in the surroundings along with all the belongings also get automatically categorized according to the needs of the respective user.

  • Cleanliness is also capable of significantly increasing the surrounded positivity. Having a direct environment attracts negativity as well as makes the person lethargic. Hence, when proceeding towards a cleaner environment, all the surroundings attract positive vibes that are necessary when living within an environment.

  • Cleanliness also helps in significantly increasing productivity. The associated productivity also has a direct dependency upon the health of the individuals, which directly gets affected if the working environment is not clean.

  • Cleanliness acts as a significant enhancement to the personality. Whenever we tend to clean ourselves, we always look groomed as well as increasingly attractive.

  • Cleanliness is also capable of bringing a reduction in the cost of maintenance. Whenever personal belongings are kept neat and clean, they tend to last longer as well as do not need to spend much time on their relevant maintenance as well as required care.


Achievement Of Cleanliness


Some of the easiest as well as essential steps which are required to be carried out for achieving cleanliness have been outlined in the following points to help provide a better understanding of the same. Hence, some of the necessary steps to be carried out are,

  • Dustbins should always be kept in place to achieve cleanliness of the surroundings or the environment people live in.

  • There also lies an essential need for categorization of waste to carry out proper maintenance of the generated waste.


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