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Essay on "Climate Change" with professionals


Climate change is a term that has been popularly used to include both the term that is global warming born out of emissions induced by humans and along with the large-scale shift in the pattern of the weather. Despite the fact that climate change is not a sudden process the middle period of the 20th century has experienced an unprecedented impact of human activities on the climate system of the earth and the change has been noted on a global scale.

As per the research is concerned it has been noted that the gases causing the greenhouse effect have been the driver of global warming out of which the greater portion has been occupied by carbon dioxide and methane. The main source of this emission is the burning of fossil fuels and such has been joined by manufacturing, deforestation, and agriculture and as a plausible cause for climate change and its impact on the planet.

The increase in temperature as it has been on the land has been counted to be twice that of the warming rate on average thereby leading to the expansion of the desert and along with that common element of the wildfires and heat waves that have been developing in an increasing number. Relocation and extinction of a large number of species are the most common causes of global warming. The most immediate ones to be threatened by the adverse impact of climate change are the ones in the Arctic. Mountains and the coral reefs. The impact of the ecosystem has been noted in its ability to threaten people with certain aspects of their common lives. These threats include food security, scarcity of water, flooding, disease that are infectious, economic losses, and issues of displacement.

On an anecdotal note, there has been an increase in the average temperature of the planet which is about 2degree Fahrenheit which is of 2 degrees. The climate record of the earth has elucidated that there had been a prolonged period of stability. However, at the same time, it must be noted that a small amount of change in the climate actually corresponds to an enormous change in the environment. The impact of the global climate change has already created notable impacts on the face of the planet. The glaciers have sunk below the initial level with ice on the river and the lakes breaking up. There had also been shifts in the ranges of the animals and plants. The effect that had been predicted earlier by scientists to cause global warming has turned into a reality in itself. The loss of the ice in the sea, the increased rise in the level of water in the sea, and the intense and increased flow of sea waves are few to be considered.

The evidence that has been published in regard to the damages that have been caused by the changes in the climate can be considered to be significant enough to increase over time and thereby give rise to an increasing concern about the threats that life forth. For the decades to come the increase in temperature has been estimated by scientists and such has been attributed by them to the greenhouse gas that has been produced as a result of human activities. IPCC which is the intergovernmental panel dedicated to the changes in the climate includes more than 3000 scientists from the US as well as from other countries forecasted that there would be a rise of 2.5 to about 10 degrees Fahrenheit in the temperature for the next decade to come.

As per the members of the IPCC, the impact of climate change has been expected to vary from one region to the other and such a variation is also likely to take place according to the environmental as well as societal system in order to adapt to the changes as well as mitigate the changes. The scientists have also claimed that the increase in temperature in one region for less than 1.8 – 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit is likely to produce an effect that is expected to vary from one system to the other. The cost of catering to the issues of global warming has been considered to increase with the increase in the global temperature. If you are confused about how to choose proposal essay topics, then get help from's expert.

The scientific consensus in this context is comprised of the fact that the global surface temperature has increased in recent times and the fact that the trend has resulted from human activities, especially the ones induced by the emission of greenhouse gases. The growth of the consensus has reached a level of 100% who have developed an anthropogenic view of global warming as of the year 2019. Consensus has also developed upon the view that some action is required to be developed in order to undertake actions in order to protect people from the impact of climate change. Global leaders had been called upon by the national science academies in order to cut down the emissions globally. You should check for plagiarism in your essay and take essay assignment help.

Climate change has attracted public attention globally since the latter part of the 1980s. The understanding had been diverted with the conflation coming from other issues pertaining to global warming. The concern of the public in terms of global warming has varied across regions. It has been found that the increased public concern in terms of global warming. The people who are mostly highly educated have been noted to have developed a consensus on climate change.

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