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Why Conserve Natural Resources


Importance of Natural Resources Conservation

Natural resources of earth include minerals, water, soil, wildlife, plants and air. Conservation of these natural resources refers to the protection and care of these resources. This essay will explain that it is necessary to protect and care for these resources in order to avoid depletion. It must be remembered that these natural resources are limited (Heras and Tàbara 2016). Therefore, the utilization of these natural resources must be wise and effective to avoid overuse. Overuse of natural resources leads to the depletion of vital resources.


Therefore, it will be difficult for people to consume these natural resources in future. The future consumption of natural resources largely depends on the present use. There are several ways to avoid depletion and conserve natural resources for future consumption. Carbon footprint is one of the major detrimental factors that impact natural resources and the environment (Riekhof, Regnier and Quaas 2019). In recent years, there is a significant increase in the carbon footprint across the world. As a result, the climate is changing at a faster rate that will leave the planet inhabitable for future generations.


There is no intervention of man in the occurrence of natural resources. These natural resources are divided into two types such as renewable resources and non-renewable resources. The natural resources that are undiminishable are referred to as renewable resources such as biomass energy, wind, solar energy and hydropower (Fischer 2020). On the other way, the natural resources that are diminishable is referred to as non-renewable resources such as natural gases, water, fossil fuels, minerals and nuclear energy. Are you seeking for the best writers to help you with your college essays? You're in luck since has a team of outstanding writers eager to produce the greatest college essays for you.


The survival of human beings depends on natural resources. As all-natural resources are not renewables, it is required to conserve the natural resources for the wellbeing of humans. Three basic requirements of the human being include food, shelter and water, which are derived from natural resources. As a result, human beings need to take appropriate steps for the conservation of natural resources in order to encourage the longevity and health of both humankind and the planet.


The use of non-renewable sources like fossil fuels by human beings leads to a massive change in the climate. It mainly produces a large amount of greenhouse gases in the environment, which is responsible for climate change (Borkowski et al. 2019). Thus, the conservation of natural resources can reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions in the environment. Therefore, it will create a positive impact on the natural environment, which will, in turn, protect human beings as well. Conservation of natural resources can be done on a small scale and a large scale.


While at home, people can change some of their practices in order to conserve natural resources. The usage of water at home can be reduced with the help of taking a shorter shower. Moreover, the faucet should be turned off while not in use at home to save water (Eulenstein et al. 2016). Awareness should be created about the uses of energy-saving appliances at home in order to save natural resources. People can also take the route of minimal use of electrical appliances at home in order to avoid the overuse of energy. Turning off lights while no use is equally important. In order to avoid a small amount of electricity consumption, the electrical appliances must be unplugged, such as toasters, coffeemakers and portable air conditioners.


There are other ways to conserve energy, such as switching to the LED light bulbs that consume less energy in comparison with standard bulbs. Hence, switching to this alternative mode of lighting method will help to conserve energy in an efficient way (Kala 2017). The use of more renewable energy should be encouraged in order to avoid reliance on natural gas. Additionally, it will also contribute to lower resource depletion over time. The consumption of renewable energy has been in practice for many centuries. However, the recent changes in climate and global warming have threatened the natural environment. Thus, more people, businesses and industries should adopt renewable natural resources like wind and solar panels.


The incorporation of these green practices will create a positive impact on the environment. Another way to conserve the natural environment is recycling. In order to make new products, we need new resources (Boley and Green 2016). However, recycling offers the utilization of used resources to make new materials. Therefore, it will reduce the manufacturing of new materials, which will contribute the waste reduction. Therefore, it will assist in lowering the air pollution along with the groundwater. In this way, the products like aluminium, cardboard and plastic bottles can also be recycled.


People can also encourage to purchase recycled paper and switch to paperless billing in order to restrict deforestation and logging for making paper. Composting is considered a useful way to transform the food scarps into useful materials for the garden. Thus, people should be encouraged to use compost for their home gardens. The soil can be enriched through composting, which reduces the use of water through the reduction of soil erosion. The use of harmful chemicals and pesticides can also be avoided with the help of composting as it attracts beneficial organisms.


The amount of pollution and waste produced by food waster can be lessened through the use of composting as it induces sustainability. In addition to this, people can also be encouraged to use reusable goods (Schleper 2019). Thus, the use of plastics can be avoided. It will be beneficial for nature if the peoples are opting for metal, ceramic or glassware and avoid the use of paper and plastics. The use of plastic bags should also be reduced and replaced with other grocery bags.


The thermostat can be managed to lower the use of energy along with saving the monthly electricity bills. Raising the thermostat two degrees in the summer can create energy-saving effects. Furthermore, the government should also take awareness programs for businesses and industries to lower the use of fossil fuels and energy. The lower carbon emission will protect the environment. In this way, the natural resources can be conserved.

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