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How to Write Essay on Containment Policy?


A Brief Introduction of Containment Policy


The Trauma Doctrine is also known as the policy of containment. The main point of the policy is that communism needs to be isolated and contain. Otherwise, one country communism spread into other nations it is also known as the domino theory. After World War II, nations that had been under Nazi domination were split between the Soviet Union's acquisitions and the newly liberated states of France, Poland, and the remainder of Nazi-occupied Europe, resulting in the Cold War. Because the US had been a vital ally in releasing western Europe, it discovered itself profoundly embroiled in this freshly split continent: Eastern Europe was just being maintained under the Soviet Union's military and political control, rather than being transformed back into free republics. To keep communism from expanding farther into Europe and thus the entire world, the US established a containment policy. The concept was first outlined by George Kennan's "Long Telegram," and then sent to Moscow U.S Embassy.

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History of Containment Policy


This policy was adopted by America and was part of their foreign policy. The strategy was a departure from the US's earlier isolationist principles, which prohibited the country from intervening in international issues. The US helped Greece and Turkey to avoid the Soviet Union communism. The four goals of the policy of containment were to block the future expansion of the Soviet power, reveal the Soviet pretensions' deceptions, compel the Kremlin to relinquish influence and control, and sow the seeds of disintegration within the Soviet Union. Containment was a US foreign strategy launched at the beginning of the Cold War with the goal of keeping Communism "contained" and confined within the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics rather than expanding to a war-torn Europe.


The US dreaded a domino impact, in which the USSR's communism extended from one country to another, destabilising one nation, which would then destabilise the next, allowing socialist countries to take control of the region. Their suggestion: severing communist power so at source or luring suffering nations with more financing than communist countries were willing to provide.

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Even though the term "containment" may have been coined to describe the United States' plan for preventing communism from expanding outside the Soviet Union, the concept of closing off countries like China and North Korea again from the rest of the world persists to this day. President Truman introduces the speech in the years 1947. The president requested the congress to accept the grant to Turkey and Greece as great Britain was not able to assist them. At that time Soviet was threatening turkey and the Greek needs support to fight against the Greek Communist Party. President Truman was successful in persuading Congress to contribute $400 million in help to both countries. This policy included the Marshall Plan, an American endeavour to provide economic support to democratic governments in Western Europe. The United States feared that destitute Countries in Europe will turn to communism. One year later, the United States coordinated the formation of NATO, which included 12 North American and European states, as a national defence bloc opposing any Soviet attempts to expand communism. In addition, the policy of containment was not only restricted to Europe. In Asia, the first involvement of the policy was in the Korean war.


Role of Containment Policy in Korean War


The war in Korea started in 1950 the time the army crossed the 38th parrel and that was divided into two parts as the North Kores was supported by the Soviet Union and South Korea was supported by the US. The United States saw this effort as an attempt to spread communism and started the war to protect South Korea. The conflict concluded in 1953 with an armistice that established a new border at the 38th parallel and established the demilitarized zone among North and South Korea. Since the US and the Soviet Union do not openly battle one other, the Korean and Vietnam Conflicts are very often referred to as proxy wars. In the Korean and Vietnam wars, both backed opposite forces. The United States' participation in Latin America was primarily focused on Fidel Castro's communist government in Cuba. The policy of containment was successful by keeping Americans aware of the world event and keeping them away from the power of the Soviets. In addition, it provides the U.S with the sense of Victuery as not an actual war. The policy was one of many other foreign policies of the U.S. that led many nations in falling the communism.


Containment as a principle was simple to preach and comprehend, but harder to implement in countries we had no influence over or could not fully support. It has gotten a lot of praise and a lot of criticism as a policy. It is clear that it has had a direct impact on the politics of many countries, but it pulled the western into supporting tyrants and others solely because they were communist opponents, compared to any standard of ethics. Containment was a cornerstone of American foreign policy across the Cold War, which ended with the Soviet Union's demise in 1991. The end of the Clod was 1991 market as the official end of the containment policy. The U.S keep close to the area of Russia, Germany, Iceland, and Turkey. In addition, much of the programme influenced later US foreign policy, such as at the time of the War on Terror and dealing with after Cold War tyrants like Iraq's Saddam Hussein. The utilisation of a broad variety of policy instruments was utilised to implement the containment strategy, but the time is remarkable for a noticeable decrease in the range of resources that were used to control the Soviet threat. The military feature was also no doubt played a significant role in the implementation of containment policy at the end of the presidency of Truman 1953. Another element of the strategy and policy is known as the Marshal Plan, NATO and the four-point program. 

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