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There are more than seven billion people on Earth, and everybody is different from one another. In this world, everything is present to serve some purpose. Humans are considered to be the best creation of God, and each person has a distinct character. Thus, I’m here to write a few things about myself that describe my life and experience and my plans for the future. I always try to be passionate, devoted, modest, honest and hardworking.

My family and childhood

I have learned the importance of dedication, passion, confidence and time management from the very beginning. We are three brothers, and I am the second one. My family is what my parents have worked for, that is, a satisfied and happy family. My elder brother is just four years elder in age than me. Luckily, I am loved, cared and the most favoured person in my family after my younger sibling.

I belong to a middle-class family from Jharkhand, India. Almost everyone comes into this world with the support of friends and family. My father is a respectable man in our community. He has recently retired from his job as a private contractor. My mother is a housewife who spent most of her time decorating our house and fulfilling our needs. My parents taught me the value of honesty, time, hard work and commitment to purpose.  

My childhood was characterized by happiness and few hardships that we have faced due to financial constraints. We used to live in a rented house for a certain period, after which my father was able to purchase land through his savings, and we shifted to a better place. I believe in the statement that a child becomes what the environment he gets in his home. I had experienced practically all essential humane qualities like dedication, sincerity, truth and honesty at my home.  

My Education

I have completed my Masters in Commerce (Finance) at the best college in my city after receiving a scholarship of fifty percent. I feel happy for being a part of that college with helpful and friendly faculties and sound administration. I have also completed Bachelor Degree in Commerce from the same college. My higher secondary education is from a well-known institution in my city. I was a meritorious student from the beginning and have some extraordinary skills in some subjects such as accountancy and mathematics. I had selected the commerce stream as I liked to play with numbers from my childhood. I won many awards and recognition throughout my education career, the latest being the University topper in Master’s degree.

In addition to educational interests, I was a part of my school cricket team. I represented my school in two tournaments at the school level and won both of them. I also love to read novels and history books. I have a keen interest in understanding the beginning of civilization. During my childhood, I listened to short stories from my father, which has a long-lasting effect on me.


My strengths

In addition to academic excellence, I have a keen interest in sports such as cricket and running. I was a very fast runner and won many medals on sports day. My parents’ advice had a great effect on my habits. I always try not to lie and speak the truth in every matter, even if it puts me in difficulties sometimes. They always taught me to accept the mistakes committed by me and fight for the right things. This fight does not resemble physical confrontation but with a peaceful and logical appearance. My greatest strength is that I know how to remain happy. As I believe that: “Happiness lies within ourselves”. Through my personal experience, I believe that one should not expect much from others.

Also, I am a very adventurous person and likes to the risk. Learning new things is one thing that attracts me the most. I always look forward to understanding people by communicating and try to understand their perceptions. I have very good listening skills, and I consider myself an observer.

My weaknesses

Every individual on this Earth possesses some strengths and weaknesses, so do I. I used to spend a lot of time playing games which is not a good thing. Also, I feel a little discomfort while speaking in front of a large group of people. This is mainly due to the lack of external exposers during my childhood, as I was preoccupied with improving my grades. If you are looking for such relevant essay topics, then take help from's expert.

My Hobbies

My hobbies comprise several activities such as reading books, making new friends, playing cricket and online video games, watching television and spending time on social media. Being a child of 1990s, I often prefer stepping out of my house and play with small children on my street. Nowadays, in the technological era, the current generation is missing the fun we used to have in our childhood.And You should check plagiarism of your essay and take essay assignment help.

My ambitions in life

Everyone certainly has ambitions in life. No one can do anything without an aim. Without career planning, one cannot be on the right track to lead a happy life. I have completed my post-graduation in commerce and am looking forward to serving as an accountant for a reputed corporation in the future, where my skills and knowledge are developed and utilized to a greater extent. I shall try to be a good and honest employee of the organization.


Though nobody in the world can be defined using few sentences, I presented a few of the lines that describe me. I always desire to serve my parents well and give them the life they deserve through consistency and dedication towards work. I always try to avoid unnecessary arguments and try to manage time effectively. To sum up, I always try to remain humble, dedicated, honest, hardworking, and passionate about work and other people. I deemed my parents to be my best mentor as I have learnt the real meaning of life from my parents. Having a happy and satisfied family is the greatest blessing from God in my life.

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