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Essay Help on Environment Topic


Introduction of Essay on Environment


Environment in simples sense denotes the immediate surroundings of living organisms such as human beings, animals and plants. On in other words, it is that surroundings where the human beings and other animals live, thrive and survive. It is to be noted that the environment which being referred here does not include the materialistic environment which is built by the mankind, but here duly refers to the natural environment built by the mother nature where all living things live, grow and survive. So, the environment here refers to the natural world or the immediate geographical area where all living things live grow and survive for the rest of his life. So, in truest sense, all living things which is born in this earth comes under the term environment and becomes a part of it where it can be specifically said that the land in which they live, the air they breathe and the water they drink is a part of the holistic natural environment. Finally, it is also to be noted that the atmosphere which consists of different gases that is very beneficial for safekeeping of life on earth by allowing the air to breathe and covering the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun are also part of the holistic environment itself which is very important for sustaining life on earth. Thus, the aim of this assignment is to develop a well-laid out essay on the environment.

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Description of Essay on Environment


The aim of this assignment is to develop an essay on the environment. It is to be noted that in order to better understand the topic in a meaningful way one has to firstly identify the importance of the environment in details. It is to be noted that the real importance of the environment cannot be deciphered by any human beings fully but the known importance firstly includes the fact that the environment allows all living things to live and grow on this earth. This can be better understood from the perspectives of the individual living things that live a grow on this earth. Let’s decode this very topic from the grassroot level of the food chain. The basic level of the food chain is the plants which is grown taking in the nutrients from the soil which is part of the environment as well along with taking in carbon-di-oxide from the atmosphere which is also a part of the environment as well. It is not all, the atmosphere allows the plant to get the useful rays of the sun and not get the bad ultraviolet rays of the sun which may destroy the photosynthesis process of the plant altogether. This photosynthesis process which is the utmost requirement for the existence of the life on earth is facilitated by the atmosphere only otherwise the plants will not be able to develop their own food and as a result the entire food chain will be at risk. Now it is also to be noted that the plants reproduce through the “asexual” mode of reproduction which is also facilitated by the environment as well. This is how the volume of plants enhance on this earth thereby facilitating the other organisms being part of the above levels of the food chain. It is to be noted that the second part of the food chain consists of the herbivores which in turn consumes the plants for living. It is not all, the higher organisms can only survive on this earth owing to the presence of the oxygen which is released into the atmosphere as a by-product of the photosynthesis process itself. Hence, all higher organisms which depend on either herbivorous or carnivorous diet ultimately depends upon the environment where they live in. It is also to be noted that the eminent issue of shelter is also provided by the atmosphere itself. The plants grow on soil, the birds and other arboreal organisms live on plants, people live in houses or huts built on land itself. So, it can be easily said that the food shelter and air to breathe is supplied by the atmosphere itself without which none of the living things can survive on this earth.


As portrayed earlier that the life on earth is greatly dependent on the environment itself, which is very true in all respects. This is because life on earth does not only depend upon the presence of necessary factors such as the food and air, but is equally dependent on the other eminent factors such as the maintenance of a certain temperature range below and above of which life cannot sustain on this earth. It is to be noted that if the earth becomes too hot for a longer period of time may be above 50º Centigrade or becomes below -50º Centigrade for a longer period of time the majority of the living beings cannot survive at all. The atmosphere on the other hand maintains a steady flow of optimum temperature on earth through the water cycle and may other phenomenon where the hotter zones pull air towards itself owing to low pressure and such air brings water with it in the form of clouds when such air passes over any water body and then sheds its water to the hotter zones and cools it off thereby maintain a steady flow of optimum temperature needed for life to survive on this earth.




On a concluding note, it can be said that the life exists on this earth owing to the environment of the earth itself that facilitates life on earth. However, it is seen in many circumstances that the modern people cannot understand the true value of the environment and nature and often ends up degrading the environment through man-made pollution which in turn threatens the very existence of life on earth. For instance, the people cause air, water and sound pollution which gravely threatens the existence of life ion earth. Finally, it can be recommended that people have to adopt a sustainable approach for themselves and take eminent steps for reduction of pollution which could allow the sustainability of life on earth for the upcoming years to come.


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