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Essay on Global Warming


Global warming is considered a phenomenon where the average temperatures of the Earth rise due to an increased amount of release of greenhouse gases. The greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, methane, and the ozone layer along with the incoming harmful radiation from the sun. all these create an escaping blanket that prevents the heat from going back into the atmosphere. This effect is known as the greenhouse effect.


But this is completely a myth as greenhouse gases are not generally bad rather it is quite good and effective and very important for the Earth. Without the presence of this effect, the sun’s reflection will be reflected into the atmosphere which will freeze the earth’s surface and make life very impossible. If an excessive amount of greenhouse gases got trapped then the repercussions can be very serious. This will result in the melting of the polar ice caps which will result in ib increase in the sea levels. The most threatening thought is that the poles contain the maximum amount of carbon dioxide in a trapped position in the ice if that gets melted then it will contribute greatly to global warming.

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Global warming is the term with which almost everyone is quite familiar. But the meaning of this term is not very clear to all of us. Generally, the term global warming mainly refers to the gradual increase of the temperature of the atmosphere in the earth. There are various other reasons which led to the increase in the temperature of the earth and this generally takes place gradually. The gradual rise in the temperature increases and this happens due to some activities performed by humans which led to this global warming. Due to global warming, the ice glaciers have been rapidly melting which harms the temperature of the earth.  This turns out to be extremely harmful to the earth as well the humans are also not spared of its negative impact. It is very challenging to keep in check global warming and it cannot be controlled easily as it has gradually increased however, it is not being well managed by the people very easily at present.  The first step that should be taken into consideration is that one must identify the cause of global warming and then finding out the solution to the problem can be a lot easier. Therefore, we have to understand what are the major causes of global warming and this will help us to think ahead of the situation and find out its solutions. So, while writing about global warming it is mandatory to know about the causes and various solutions to global warming.


Causes of Global Warming


There are various causes of global warming – the rise of global warming has turned out to be one of the grave problems that needs undivided attention. Global warming has not occurred based on one problem it has occurred based on several issues. All these causes summed up both natural and man-made reasons. Among the natural causes, it majorly includes the release of greenhouse gases as these are not being able to escape from the earth and it causes the temperature to rise above the determined level.  Further volcanic eruption is also one of the major causes of global warming. It is needless to say that all these eruptions tend to release a large volume of carbon dioxide that majorly contributes to global warming. Almost at the same time, the use of methane in the atmosphere is also considered to be the most vital reason behind the increase in global warming. Besides this excessive use of the articles and the results of the fossil in an increased level of carbon dioxide. Additionally, all the activities like mining and cattle rearing tend to be very harmful to the environment. One of the major issues that lead to the cause of global warming in a larger sense is the rapid amount of deforestation. This is a basic knowledge that we all have that if the basic absorption capacity of nature disappeared like if there are fewer trees then there will be nothing left in the atmosphere that will help in regulating the gas all over. Thus, it will increase global warming. Necessary precautionary steps must be undertaken that will help in minimizing global warming and make the world a better place to live in again.

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Solution For Global Warming


Solutions for global warming – as stated earlier it might be very much challenging but not at all impossible. This global warming can be completely stopped when all the citizens will take up joint effort to minimize it. For that purpose, not only governments but also individuals must take up necessary steps to achieve it. We must begin this journey with a reduction in the use of greenhouse gas. Additionally, all of us need to monitor our consumption of gasoline. Must switch to the use of hybrid cars and must reduce the release of carbon dioxide. Moreover, the majority of the citizens can choose to whether a carpool facility or public transport. Subsequently, the process of recycling must be encouraged also.


For instance, when people go out shopping, they can carry their paper bags and avoid the use of plastic bags. Another precaution that they can take is they can restrict the use of electricity which will prevent the outflow of carbon dioxide. Now coming to the government’s part, they should regulate industrial waste and ban harmful gas emissions in the air. There should strict regulation on deforestation and must encourage afforestation.




In short, if people and government realize the importance of trees and what severe negative impact global warming can cause to the world, the sooner they understand the better remedial measures can be undertaken to eradicate the situation. Our Mother Earth needs treatment and we all can help to heal her. The present generation must take up the initiative to stop global warming so that they can prevent future generations from vast destruction. Therefore, every little step counts, and no matter how small it is it will be a huge step towards development and toward less global warming and it will be considered a significant step in minimizing global warming.


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