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How to Write Essay on I Love My Family?


I Love My Family Essay


Family is a blessing and many people are not lucky and fortunate enough to have it. Hence, those who have it sometimes forget to value these blessings. For growth in life it is very important to have a family. Family helps us in developing and also helps us in becoming a complete person with an individual identity. A sense of security and a safe environment is given to us by our family to flourish in. Various benefits are provided to the members of a happy family. A happy family helps the man in growing and develop into a complete human being and at the same also helps in becoming social and intellectual. A lovely environment and security are provided in the family so that we can share our problems as well as our happiness. Security from outside conflicts is also provided by the family. To the society and country, a happy, smart, quick learner and a better new generation are provided by the family. A person living in a family is much happier as compared to a person who is living alone without any family. With the help of family, a person becomes, confident, powerful, and honest.


About My Family


I live in a joint family. In my family, there are ten members including my mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, and cousins. We all bond with each other in a good way and we always support and help each other during all times. In today’s time, most people prefer living in a nuclear family and they hesitate to live with many members due to many reasons but I feel proud to say that I come from a family which lives together in harmony with each other. Every member of my family always lives cordially with each other and it is the same ever since I was born. My family members do not indulge in any arguments or quarrels, unlike other joint families. Space is provided to every family member and they all are happy in their own space. The duties and responsibilities of each and every member in the family are well defined and based on that they perform their work without any further questions or without blaming each other. For example, all the finances in the house are managed by my grandfather and grandmother, and the responsibility for kitchen and other household tasks is handled by my mom and aunt. Good values are taught to us by our grandmother and it is also the responsibility of our grandmother to take us to the park every evening. Every member of the family is very mature enough to understand that no one is perfect in the world and that is the best thing about my family I love and appreciate this thinking of my family member. It is known by the family members that people will make mistakes at times and this is the way they will learn and grow. It has always been taught to me that in order to live cordially with each other it is important to understand each other and also to forgive each other. Hence, in order to live together harmoniously, there are a few qualities that need to be there.


Things We Do For Fun


We always plan our outings in a week together and every alternate weekend we either go to the mall or for a picnic or amusement park so that we can spend some time together and we can enjoy ourselves. When we plan any picnic, we always pack food and take it along with us and along with that we also take games like ludo, chess, etc to play there. All the members of the family take part in the games and we all enjoy playing the games together. Spending time together helps in strengthening the bond. When we go for an outing in the mall during that time, we all sit and dine together, and during that dining session we talk, laugh, and get to know each other in a better way.


My grandparent belongs to that era where friends and relatives are invited to a home and they also visit them often and this trend in our home is still continuing. Our relatives and friends are invited and a lot of house parties are hosted and during these parties, we enjoy ourselves a lot and we have full fun. During these parties, we meet our cousins and friends and we also enjoy amazing food. We also get to meet our uncle and aunt who pampers us and also shower us with blessings. During summer vacations we eagerly wait for our cousins and aunt to visit our house and it is the best time of the year. During this time there is no pressure of study and our house is also filled with laughter and joy. We also get to play a lot and eat various kinds of food items cooked by our aunts. A lot of ice creams and jellies are also eaten during this time. During the summer season, we hardly study for an hour, and the rest of the time is spent enjoying and playing with cousins during the evening time, we visit the park where we play cricket, football, hide and seek, etc.




Therefore, I really love all the members of my family and it is my wish that we all live together forever. It has been strongly believed that the system of a joint family is the best only when each member of the family accepts each other in the way they are. A joint family is the best if each member of the family prefers to live in harmony. Thus, I am very lucky to have such a loving, amazing and extended family. Every moment of life becomes memorable when we are surrounded by good and beautiful people.


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