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Essay on Importance of Family


Family is the most important part of life. Be it humans or be it animals everybody has an affectionately love for their family and that love cannot be shared among others. Some live with their family out of choice others might live with their family out of habit. Many live away from their family due to professional causes or personal cause other stay with their own family. Many have their family settled very far from their home while thee are many others who live with their family and enjoy being with them. So the family is a tree and the members who are there in the family are its branches and this tree is grounded together with love and affection for each other which is the soil of the tree.

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Family is the first teacher of the child. Children mostly learn about maximum things regarding themselves specifically about their basic values and some basic virtues in the family itself. A child gets his academic bases along with his moral development from the family itself. The family is the first teacher of the child where he learns new concepts like honesty, respect, and kindness.   Families are the most permanent and pervasive institution of society. The family majorly comprises children and parents. Each individual is part of the two families then a new family is formed where the father is the head of the family and the mother is his support system. The family where an individual took birth is his own family. It majorly comprises siblings and parents. The family has been developed after a male partner and the female partner come into a love relationship and a new family is founded which is known as the family of procreation. It majorly includes husband wife and their offspring. The importance and contributions of other families by far are the most important topic that falls into the discussion. The family majorly performs all the vital functions in any individual’s life.  To begin with the fa, miles are the most prominent as they majorly give rise to their next generation. The capacity for the production of the family is the most vital role in terms of maintaining humankind’s existence. A family majorly performs every socialization function in the life of an individual. When any child is born he initially does not know anything about human existence and his respective role within society. As he generally grows up he tends to learn that every man can become a man only if he or she follows certain basic attitudes and maintains values and virtues along with many human interactions that create their survival within the society. The family mainly transforms the socially inactive individual into a proper social animal. At present, any kind of social function has been entertained by an individual. He mainly determines the attitudes which are considered to get social acceptance appropriately and this has been approved by the community. The family mainly provides the provision of a home for their children, the families are the safest place for the child. They know clearly what will be a comfortable area for their baby, and the child also knows how to get comfortable in the lap of their family’s special parents. The parents of the child in the family are the primary caregivers and for that child, that particular house is ost safest place on the earth. The family contains all the nucleus of being socially active and having an active social relationship. Individual majorly learns about different types of relations being present within the family. Along with changing times and having modern education, the families have the most significant bonding they generally get smaller and smaller in size. The age-old concept is also present among the joint families that have also gone extinct. An individual has an opinion regarding everything. The family supports his or her opinion if he or is right or wrong. The family always supports their child. The family never leaves the hands of their child and that is why after many ups and down the family is the only place where the child gets his or her ultimate refreshment. The child never wants to leave the hands of their baby. Baby feels safe within the family. The importance of the family lies in their unconditional support for their members. Be it a joint family or a nuclear family it gives the child many teachings. The child gets his or her first teaching from his family only. The family must have their members feel happy amongst each other and that helps in developing various ideas of solidarity among themselves.  The major role of the family has not been limited to just giving birth to their offspring rather the family performs many other duties to keep their child safe and secure. The family performs a major role in being the social coordinator in the life of a child. The child learns many things about his family, the child mostly gets his identity from his family. The parents usually give their child the name so that the child can sustain with that name and can gain popularity in this family. The family feels prod when their babies get popular among the public.  The role of the family has changed over the years. Earlier the families used to play an important role in terms of taking care of their adults but no the family keep their adults in old age home which is not good for society neither for the family should have this tradition of keeping tehri child in old age home.




Family is the permanent place for individuals and they help in shaping the life of an individual. Family can be joint or nuclear depending on the number of members. The joint families are not typical as due to industrialization a large number of people almost have abandoned most of the social traditional norms a move to cities from villages. The nuclear family plays an important part in case of economic functions and they mostly take care of the children in a better way.


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