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How Life on Mars Essay Help can Improve your Grades?


Essay on Life on Mars


Scientists who are headed by David McKay, belonging to the JohnsonSpaceCenter that is again located in Houston, had discovered a rock, which was named ALH84001. This also contains a peculiar chemical makeup and specifically contains the necessary combination of minerals along with compounds related to carbon that is present on Earth, which is again made up of microbes. In addition to this, the rock also contained small amounts of magnetic iron oxide, which is known as magnetite. This is, again, produce that is specifically found within bacteria. Furthermore, McKay had carried out presentations of an electron microscope to the crown to display a specific view of the rock, which made displays of globules containing a striking similarity to the bacterial chains, which had already been identified to be present on Earth. With respect to the researchers, it can be stated that these ought to be microfossils belonging to Mars, stating that it has life as well as points to a significant direction but does not put forward any kind of proof relevant to the same.


Carrying out imaginations of locations where the existence of extraterrestrial life can specifically dwell, most of the places help with the inspiration to imagine that the planet is capable of becoming Earth’s closest friend. For centuries now, humans have looked at mars, which can potentially be the home to other forms of beings, and it is possible. During the last 50 years, multiple missions to reach the red planet have been carried out to appropriately determine the associate probability of such kinds of evolution.


Searching for Life on Mars


During the procedure of searching for life, most of the existing astrobiologists have agreed to the fact that water is an essential component of any living being. All primary forms of water, if not available, living beings can still undergo growth without this liquid that is considered precious. Additionally, it also allows for an easier search of particular conditions that are also referred to as optimal, rather than having conditions that could be supported by it.


This specifically leads to a problem that is present on Mars, where the planet has significantly become dry as well as barren, having most of the quantity of water locked up within the polar ice caps. Additionally, the existing thin atmosphere also provisions the allowance of radiation from the run to be irradiated to the associated surface of the planet, which also adds up to the challenges offered by the environment. Associated evidence of the water had first shown in 2000 when the images that had been obtained by NASA Mars Global Surveyor identified gullies appearing to have been formed by the flowing water.


Mars is Still a Wasteland


However, on the other hand, Mars had also been considered an existing desolate wasteland. Furthermore, scientists also contain thought that in the past, the water might have flowed specifically across the surface of the rivers as well as streams along with the huge oceans that are present on the covering of the planet. Over time, the water had also been lost into space, but during the earlier conditions that were present, the wetter planets could have been considered appropriate for life to evolve. One of the necessary estimates that have put forward suggestions mentioning for an ancient ocean contained the capability of covering nearly 19 percent of the surface of the planet. This is in comparison to the 17% of the land that is covered by the Atlantic Ocean present on Earth. Michael Mumma, who was a senior scientist present at Goddard, had mentioned within the statement that Mars had been losing water where the planet had been very much likely to have been wet for a longer period of time compared to the previous thought that existed. This could have made Mars much more habitable in respect to this.


In addition to this, possibilities have also mentioned that the flowing liquid across Mars, specifically either on the surface or might be beneath the land. The associated debate kept on continuing on whether the associated features should have been known as an existing recurring slope linear (RSLs) from the ongoing flow of water to a stream of running sand. Water flowing beneath the associated surface of the Earth might specifically claim a better life. On the other hand, the undergoing water could also have been shielded from the potential life due to the harsh living conditions that had been prevailing. Furthermore, evidence showing the relative deposit of ice like the size of a Lake had also been discovered. This particular deposit that had been identified was increasingly accessible than most of the water that turned into ice present on Mars. This is due to the relatively lower latitude as well as lying very much flat on the surface that was increasingly smooth compared to Mars. This is due to the significantly lower latitude, where the associated landing of a spacecraft would be much easier compared to the other areas that had also been buried with the help of ice.




With respect to the last 4 billion years, Earth has also received multiple visitors from Mars. The planet had also been bombarded with the help of rocks from the blown surface of the existing red planet, where one of the few bodies present within the solar system also helped the scientists collect effective samples to move forward with the relative research in particular. A meteorite had also been found in Antarctica that also made it to the headlines in the year 1996 when the associated scientists had claimed to have contained evidence of the life traces present on Mars. This was known as ALH 84001. The associated Martian rock specifically contained structures typically resembling the fossilized remains similar to bacteria. Additionally, follow-up tests also made revelations regarding organic material. However, the debate was over whether the material had been caused by any specific biological procedure, which had not been settled until the year 2012. This specifically helped in determining the important ingredients, which had also been formed on Mars without the involvement of life.


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