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Value of money in day-to-day Lives


Money Essay - Introduction

Money is considered to be an essential necessity to survive in the world. With the onset of globalization, everything has become monetized and all the demands of individuals can be fulfilled through money. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a lot of money due to the existence of inequality within the society, which has made some people rich while the others. On one hand, with the help of money, one section of the society is able to fulfil all their needs and wants, while the other section of the society due to lack of money struggle to meet their basic needs of food clothing and shelter.


It should be noted that apart from fulfilling basic needs of food, clothing as well as shelter, money helps in fulfilling or achieving other goals of life like education, healthcare, adventure, charity and others, which too are considered to be important for survival of every individual. Money also helps us to fulfil intangible desires of everyone’s lives like it helps in offering a sense of freedom as well as independence, gives the opportunity to make most of one’s personal skills as well as talents, gives individuals the ability to make effective and efficient decisions about their lives and most importantly provided financial security. With the help of money many good things can be done like rich people can help poor people by giving them charity so that their basic needs can be fulfilled, rich people can donate their money in scientific experiments that will help in having knowledge regarding the prevention and mitigation of various diseases, healthcare needs of the poor people and children can be fulfilled which will thereby help in overcoming as well as avoiding unnecessary suffering in the world.


However, it should be noted, that money can help in fulfilling the worldly good and desires, but it has its limitations. For instance, though money can help in appreciating the simple and attractive things in life, it cannot offer the spirit of innocence as well as wonder. Though money gives time to develop and strengthen personal skills as well as talents, it fails to provide courage along with discipline that would help in making skills and talents credible as well as effective. Another significant factor which needs to be noted is, though money helps in making difference in someone else’s life, it cannot instil the desire to do so. It gives time to develop as well as nurture personal relationships by fulfilling each other’s needs through money, but fails to offer love and care which is necessary to build and sustain the relationship.


Hence, it should be noted that money is considered to be an essential part of everyone’s life which helps in leading healthy as well as prosperous life, but it cannot be compared to the necessity of love and care. At the same time, it also cannot be denied that both aspects are important in life and it is the responsibility of the individuals to effectively and relevantly prioritize the two aspects in different situations to live peacefully and happily. However, it should be noted that nowadays, there are many people who misuse the privilege of having money and invest the money in wrong activities like drugs, gambling, fraudulent behaviours and others, which not only affects them and their family, but also has a negative impact on the society and community as a whole. Bribery is considered to be one of the criminal activities which is done through money to get along easily by committing wrong and unacceptable things, which has an impact on the growth and development of the nation and further leads to the exploitation of the poor.


It is essential to note that due to social inequality, one section of the society is deprived of money and in need of money they are compelled to do menial jobs so that they can survive themselves. Additionally, there are many people with money, who exploit these poor people in return for money and offer them less money for more hard work, and the poor people are exploited despite being aware of this issue so that they can get some money to fulfil their need of food and clothing. Though the government of every nation have come up with various schemes as well as programs to overcome as well as deal with the issue of exploitation of the poor in return for small amount of money along with poverty, they still have a long way to go as there is a huge divide and corruption which is not leading to fruitful results as a result of which a wide section of the society suffer due to lack of money where they are unable to get their children educated, are unable to meet their healthcare needs and are also unable to provide them with good nourishment.


Hence, it is the responsibility of non-governmental organizations to make every person aware of their rights and different types of exploitation which are committed by one individual or group on the other, so that the deprived section of the society can voice their angst and atrocities being committed upon them which will thereby make the government to take strong actions against the wrong doers and at the same time, offer money schemes to the needy so that they are able to lead a normal life like others without being humiliated or exploited.


Therefore, it should be noted that people who have money needs to act in a responsible manner and take actions which are beneficial for society and people as with the help of money, love and care all the obstacles of life can be dealt in an effective as well as efficient manner and will also help in bridging the divide between the rich and the poor. Government, with the help of money can promote international trade which will help in increasing the revenues and GDP of the nation that will in turn help in distributing money equally within the society and its people. Else take  cheap essay writing service  help from experts that provide you with custom writing services that would be plagiarism-free, will provide by at

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