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How to Start Writing Mothers Love Essay?


Essay on Mothers Love


The love of a mother for their children is always unconditional and most women are great mothers to their children. Mothers carry their children before they are born and they take care of their children in childhood as well as in adulthood. Mother always ensures that their children are safe and also happy throughout their childhood. This is the unconditional love that every mother feels for their children. It is very difficult to describe the feeling that mother has for their children. The love of a mother is not understood by most people until they become mothers themselves.




There is a famous saying that God could not be present everywhere so mothers were invented. Hence, this famous saying is an inspiration for all mothers across the world. Mother generally sacrifices their comfort and happiness for making their children happy. Hence, the mother provides a lot of support to their children. The role of the mother is not plain sailing. The mothers can also get hurt. Mothers always tolerate the anger of their children without saying a word and in spite of all this, they provide love to their children in the same way. Mothers are the cheerleaders of their children and they cheer their children either in a loud way or in an unspoken way in the background. Mothers often become the backbone of the families. The job of the mother is not an easy job as they have to sacrifice a lot and they also have their hearts broken. The greatest thing about mothers is that they love and understand their children in every possible way. Every year there is a day that is celebrated for mothers that is a day has been set aside for celebrating the role of the mother and that day is termed Mother’s Day. It is the day that provides opportunities for all the children to showcase their appreciation for the great work done by a mother. Hence, every year this day is celebrated especially for the mothers. Mother’s Day becomes special when she receives the reward that she deserves. It is the day when every child says thank you to their mother for all she has done for them over the years. Children of young age often make cards for their mothers for making them feel special and by seeing that card mothers’ eyes fill with tears and the children try every possible way to make their mother realize that it is all worth it. Hence, a mother’s love is impossible to describe and it is the feeling that can only be understood by a person who is a mother. There will be times when the daughter of the mother will become a mother themselves and so we should never underestimate the love of a mother that she has over her children. Mother teaches their children to deal with the toughest situation that will arise in their daily life. The life of children is greatly affected when the mother cannot look after their children due to some issues whether it is due to illness or death. Every mother should be respected as they have incredible power over their children. The children who lose their mother at a young age generally suffer from a tragedy and they always miss the love of a mother.


In this world, the mother is the first person who is concerned about the future of her children. No one in the world can be more loving than her. The world becomes a desert if the mother is not present on earth so a mother should never be harmed. The word “mother” is very precious as it is not only a name but is the foundation of our life. It is very difficult to live in this world without a mother. Hence, the importance of motherhood should be understood by every individual as no one can be more real as her. It is not easy to live life without a mother as she is the most important part of our life. The love of their children might be very little for their mother but the love of a mother can never be little for their children. When there is a crisis at home during that time, she never lets her children go to bed hungry instead she goes to bed hungry at night. The mother always buys new clothes for her children although she is wearing old clothes, she sleeps in we place and lets her child sleep in a comfortable position. Hence, the mother is dignity and we should feel fortunate and lucky that we have our mother with us. Whenever a child returns from their school a mother is always there with her child to give them food and love. A mother can do anything for her children and she can face any difficulty to make her child feel secure and protected. Hence, every child should understand the importance of motherhood. For the sake and happiness of the children, the mother maintains an uninterrupted fast and takes the whole day without having water. If the mother is angry with the child, then she does not keep that anger for a longer period of time as she cannot live without talking to them for long. Hence, God is the mother or God comes in the form of a mother to protect us in this world.




Therefore, mothers are the angels of the human form of God that stays with us on this earth. The love of a mother is beyond comparison. The mother has a sense which is much beyond our five normal senses and with it, the need of a child is understood by her easily. The instinct of a mother to guard and protect her child is built in her from the moment she becomes pregnant. Therefore, as children, it is our duty to honour the love and sacrifices that have been made by our mothers.


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