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How to Write Essay on My Dream?




Every person or child living on this earth have some kind of dream engulfed within himself from the very childhood which he or she wants to accomplish in life or bring the dream into reality. It is to be noted that majority of the millennials try to consider the high paying and respectable jobs of a doctor, engineer, pilot or an astronaut as their dream right from the very beginning. These particular professions are very lucrative in nature being very prestigious as well as very high paying through which the professionals can gain a high social status. This is why these particulars professions are amongst the dream of millions especially within the millennial generation. It is to be specifically noted here that its not just dreaming a situation which is needed to be accomplished by a young child but also have to take all the necessary steps aimed towards accomplishing the dream dreamt by the young child. So, the eminent steps which are to be taken by the young people in order to fulfil their dream that is to make it a reality involves eminent steps such as a strong determination, hard work, smart work, motivation, remembering the goal, rewarding of oneself in order to keep oneself motivated, taking some time off from the busy schedule and more which are to be discussed in details in the later sections. Finally, goals which I personally kept in mind is accomplishing or getting qualified as a professional accountant under the CPA course programme offered by the country of Australia.

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As mentioned earlier, the goal or dream which I personally want to fulfil is becoming a “CPA” or “Certified Public Accountant” in Australia. Now it is to be specifically noted that in order to successfully convert my dream into reality, the main factors that I have to maintain and have already maintained all these years firstly starts with the eminent factor of determination. It is to be noted that determination is that primary factor or driving force which guided me all these years in doing all the things that I did all these years. Determination in simple sense denotes the zeal or willpower or resolve that forces a human being to do things which are difficult to be achieved. It is to be noted that becoming a CPA is not at all easy for any given human brain where the need and zeal to accomplish such a goal should stay within an aspirant in order to allow him to successfully attain the goal which was one a dream. Just for instance, it is to be noted that I wanted to become a CPA where I had to dedicate majority of my daily time towards study and practical work concerning the study area which is really very difficult for any given person. It is to be noted that qualifying a utmost higher level accounting exam such as a CPA required utmost determination without which a person cannot remain motivated to study for longer hours and carryout all his practical work keeping aside all the pleasures of the world which would otherwise have contended him. So, dedication in doing things must be present within any individual who wants to achieve such kind of similar hard to achieve dreams.


The second and the third most eminent factors which will allow any given person to fulfil one’s dream in the easiest and most convenient manner is the presence of “dedication” and “motivation.” It is to be noted that dedication is one such factor which must be present within any given individual towards any work he does or any dream he wants to fulfil. This is because without the presence of dedication, the work being conducted looses its quality as well as validity and as a result the effort or even the final product thus produced or services rendered becomes very generic in nature without any presence of quality in it. This is how the zeal of the person in pursuit of the fulfilment of the dream ends up in a no man’s land and eventually cannot accomplish the objectives or fulfil the dream he was behind. The next eminent factor is the presence of motivation. Now, the motivation itself as well as its levels depends from person to person where some kind of motivation for one person may be different from the motivation of another person. For instance, the motivation behind my dream of becoming a CPA were first of all monetary benefits which are associated with the profession of accounting especially after becoming a registered CPA. Secondly, becoming a CPA earns you a social respect and status which may not be enjoyed by normal accountants who are just a degree course qualified such as the bachelor degree in accountancy and related field. The fourth most eminent factor is the factor or reward where one can enhance the degree of motivation after accomplishing larger milestones framed within the holistic accomplishment of the dream. For instance, I myself have set a few milestones within the holistic accomplishment of the achievement of the dream of becoming a CPA. Here, I have set a few rewards for myself such as buying a new smartphone and a trip on completion of the different levels of the CPA course itself which kept me motivated and dedicated towards the timely accomplishment of the course and eventually become a registered CPA.




On a concluding note, it is to be noted that the eminent attributes or factors which helped me to achieve my dream of becoming a CPA in Australia firstly started with the strong determination for the fulfilling the dream on time. Secondly, staying dedicated and motivated towards the accomplishment of the goals or fulfilment of my dream of becoming a CPA in Australia was very important as it kept me right on track for the accomplishment of the goal of becoming a CPA. Lastly, rewarding myself after completion of particular milestones within the holistic fulfilment of my dream as a part of the overall dedication and motivation process was very important in timely accomplishment of my goal or fulfilling mu dream.


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