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Essay on My Role Model


All people should have role models in their lives. They assist us through the ups and down of life and teach us how to become successful individuals as we grow. I meet with a large number of people on a daily basis. This includes all of my buddies, relatives, classmates, family members and other loved ones.

However, the woman who gave us life and ushered us into this world as a mother, is the only person in our lives who adores us much more than she loves herself. Mothers are the greatest blessing we can get in this life. The love a mother has for her child comes before anyone else in the world. Above all, she loves and cares a lot for us. Above everyone, my mother has the biggest influence on me in my life.

I have always felt indebted to my mother for making me where I am today. Everyone in their life does have a role model they really aspire. Individuals make a concerted effort to follow their favourite celebrity, athletes, friends or other role models. My mother, however, has been and always will be my role model. Her love knew no boundaries or limitations, and it is sufficient to overcome any obstacle that stands in my way. 


Characteristics of My Mother


The most significant way to characterise my mother's personality is to say that she is a strong woman who is supportive and spiritual. She also has so many other admirable traits and beliefs. My mother is a lovely woman. She is aspiring, intelligent, prudent, and diligent. She cares deeply about her family, just as many other mothers do. She ensures that we do have a pleasant and healthy life and that we can all make ends meet.


My mother's friendliness and welcoming attitude are two more wonderful qualities about her. People really enjoy her presence and are attracted to her upbeat attitude. She is a very calm and humble person, and she loses her temper quite slowly. My mother's compassionate nature defines who she is. She is always gracious. For instance, when I told her she was working on Saturday night but, in reality, she wasn't. Surprisingly, she accepted my mistake and completely abandoned the conversation. She cares a great deal about us because of the way she expresses her appreciation when we do anything that makes her happy. She is always there for us if we ever need a shoulder to lean on, assist with our homework, or even just some advice. She is a wise woman who knows the right use of words. No one was ever hurt by her words.


I've never seen anybody stronger than my mother. She brought her two children with her own capability. She used to spend a considerable amount of effort to support me and my family all we needed. She never brooded about the manner she lived. And although she sometimes felt exhausted from work, she still finds the time for her family and make sure we had finished our assignments. My mother taught me that if I put in the effort, I could reach my dreams.  She also used to say that "I wouldn't get anywhere without genuine effort,". Many people at our job complain frequently about petty nonsense. They wish to get everything without putting in the effort for it.

Next, my mother has a strong sense of responsibility. My mom has a wide range of responsibilities, including taking care of her children, maintaining order inside the home, and working to provide full support to the family. I feel immensely thankful for the kindness that my mom shows to me and my siblings.    I am simply in wonder of how she manages to balance working as a part-time RN and being a full-time mother. Whenever time she faces a challenge, she thinks about the consequences and wants to make sure she is entirely accountable for the success, whether they will be positive or negative.

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What My Mother Taught Me


My mother taught me to be trustworthy and to have faith in God. Since my mother is wise and experienced, I always ask her counsel when I need to make a major decision. Although the truth may not be pleasant, I can know that she will speak to me in love and without passing judgement.

My mom used to say these two words a lot: "God willing." She has a positive mentality and trusts in God. " Treat everyone as you would like to be treated, and never take the gift that God has given you for granted". My mum is holding herself with dignity and is a very proud woman.  Any person who knows her gives her respect. 


People look up to celebrities or athletes as role models. Well, I do not really think such individuals are true role models. A role model, in my view, would be someone who is always there for you, accompanies you through difficult times and does the same for themselves. They will be your biggest fan and will always have your back. Yes, I actually live in the same house with someone that fits that description who is  my  mother. She is courageous, supportive, loving, and prioritizes others before herself. Growing up, I often glanced up to her because despite all of the challenges, she continues to have a positive attitude and move on with life.




Since I was a young child, my mother has supported me without failure. She continuously encourages and educates me as I face life's challenges. She aids me with my academics and even helps me understand concepts that I struggled with in school.

She consistently shows an interest in my hobbies and academic pursuits, which helps in developing my ability to perform a task efficiently.

My mother is a fantastic human being with a wonderful personality. She has always helped me grow as a person. With her approval, I undertake all of my important life decisions. Nobody could be better for me than my mother. Thus, my mom is one of my best role models, in my opinion.


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