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How to Write Essay on Pollution Easily?


Introduction of Pollution


The occurrence of hazardous elements into the environment is pollution. Pollutants are the name for these substances. They can come from both natural and anthropogenic sources, such as volcanic ash and rubbish. The quality of water, air, and land is harmed by pollutants. Global pollution is a concern. Pollution from the air and water enters ocean currents and migrates with fish. One of the many things that harms our world, which was previously greener and healthier than it is now, is pollution. The harmful occurrence of pollution is a factor in a number of health problems.

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Types Of Pollution


The disruption of the physiological and chemical components in the earth's atmosphere is the simplest definition of pollution. It has a significant impact on both human life and the environment. Our natural resources are harmed, including the water we drink and the air we breathe thereby can affect our quality of life significantly.  

Air Pollution

When dangerous or excessive amounts of chemicals, such as smoke and hazardous gases from factories, CFCs and oxides created by cars, the burning of solid wastes, etc., are introduced into the environment, the air in the atmosphere becomes contaminated.

Water Pollution

Water pollution is the term used to describe how natural water resources become contaminated, rendering them unusable, by the addition of harmful chemical, biological, or physical materials, such as industrial waste, oil spills, household and farm waste, pesticides, as well as mining and agricultural waste.

Soil Pollution

The deterioration of the earth's surface by various commercial, industrial, agricultural, and residential activities results in land/soil pollution. Other factors that contribute to soil contamination include mining, deforestation, the disposal of industrial and electronic waste, and the use of dangerous chemicals like herbicides and insecticides.

Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is caused by excessive noise from sources including machinery, loudspeakers, microphones, loud music, factories, building sites, and civil engineering projects, among others.


Threats To The Environment And Community


Pollution is one of the world's most serious threats to our world today. Environmental contamination is a global problem that has an impact on everyone. It may take many various forms, such as harming the water supplies, we use for a variety of functions or the air we breathe. The rise in particles that contaminate the air and make breathing difficult for people as well as contributing to skin disorders is what led to the emergence of air pollution. Speaking about the other factor, life cannot exist without water. Due to industrial growth, fast urbanisation, and other factors, water sources are becoming contaminated and unfit for drinking or any other purpose.

Asthma, numerous skin conditions, cancer, etc. are just a few of the illnesses that can affect people as a result of air pollution. Therefore, it is imperative that severe measures be taken to drastically reduce pollution. On a personal level, we can reduce environmental pollution by using public transportation or carpooling to reduce vehicle smoke, avoiding firecrackers at festivals and celebrations to reduce air and noise pollution, avoiding the use of fertilisers and pesticides to prevent soil and water pollution, and converting to organic farming. To reduce industrial pollution, the government can also enact severe laws and restrictions. In conclusion, pollution of any kind harms the ecosystem and has negative effects including global warming and unbalanced climatic shifts. Animals lose their innocent lives as a result of human greed and illicit activity. The moment has come for us to act together to conserve the environment for both the current and next generations.

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Methods To Reduce Pollution


  • Before the air is released from the chimneys, the businesses should dissolve the hazardous gases from it. The usage of dangerous gases, which are the main contributors to air pollution, should be examined and avoided.

  • It is advised to use public transportation while travelling to far-off locations. Alternatively, it is always preferable to utilise your bicycle if you plan to visit any stores or purchase any clothing. You may travel to many locations with other people by using public transportation, which can lessen air pollution. Cycling can help the environment by reducing air pollution, and it will also improve your health.

  • The first step in maintaining clean water is to refrain from discarding of any kind of plastic or food waste in the water. As the waste materials dissolve in the water, they endanger both aquatic life and people who consume the water.

  • You should refrain from acquiring dangerous chemical goods that might contaminate water if they were to mix with it. The two largest culprits, which have a significant impact on marine life, are pesticides and insecticides.

  • Industries should refrain from dumping dangerous chemicals in the ground. It has the potential to alter the composition and structure of the soil, rendering a portion of land unfit for plants.

  • Using biodegradable food containers is preferable than using plastic ones, which are bad for the soil, when disposing of food containers in trash cans.


Gradual Reduction In Pollution


It is everyone's duty to take action to avoid pollution after knowing about its negative impacts. Every preventive measure that can be taken to lessen pollution should be known to us. For example, to reduce air pollution, we should refrain from lighting fireworks during festivals, take public transportation or carpool, limit the use of loud speakers, and reduce noise pollution by honking in public. This circumstance should constantly be on our minds so that we can respond appropriately. We are the ones who need to lead the way in being vigilant and alerting those around us. We should adopt environmentally beneficial measures, such as increasing tree planting, lowering plastic consumption, utilising more sustainable home items, etc. When discussing global pollution, it's important to keep in mind that every modest action will eventually have a greater influence.




On a concluding note, it can be denoted that different types of pollutions are found to affect individual lives significantly and has been found to impact on their living significantly. Further, it can be also evident that pollution from industries has affected individual living significantly.


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