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Essay on Time is Money


Time is money is a statement that indicates that time is equal to money. A direct relation is established between time and money with this statement. Hence, a direct relationship exists between the two which states that if the time is used properly then we can get money and if the time is wasted or not used properly then we will not get money. Hence, in our everyday life, this saying has been used widely. The phrase time is money is a very simple phrase and it has a clear meaning. In this statement it is indicated if someone wastes time by sitting idle at home then that person will not be able to generate any money. Hence, for earning money we have to leave our homes and we have to make efficient use of time. Effective and efficient use of time will only help an individual to progress financially in life and will help in achieving success.




The phrase time is money can be better explained and depicted in the form of a story. Once there was s small boy who live in a small town with his parents, and for maintaining and meeting the needs of the family the father used to work hard in a factory. One evening the father came home after working in the office he was tired as usual for some time and the child had already taken his food. The boy asked a question to his father about how much he earns a day. After hearing the question, the father became sad and replied it is not your business to know how much money is earned by me a day. The father asked the son why he wanted to know all this but out of curiosity, the child insisted the dad tell him about his daily earnings. After some time, the father gave answered the son that he earns 500 rupees a day and after that, the child asked the father to lend him 50 rupees. After hearing this the father became furious and ask his son to go to his room and sleep. The poor child came back to his room and slept but the father kept on thinking that what motivated his son to ask such kind of question that is related to his earnings. After some time, when the anger of the father diminished, he went back to his son’s room and thought that he had done a long way. When the father reached to the son’s room, he saw that his child is still awake he apologized to his son at the same time he also offered 50 rupees from his pocket to the son. After receiving the money, the child became happy and he thanked his father then he went ahead to the drawer and kept the money in the drawer. After that, he started counting the money that was in the drawer. Once again, the father became a little angry and surprised too as he was not understanding where his son got so much money and if he was having so much money why he asked his father for 50 rupees. The child replied to his father that I had collected 450 rupees for a long time and there was a shortage of 50 rupees but when you gave me 50 rupees today my savings became 500 rupees which are equal to your one day’s earnings. So, I request you to take the money and spend one day with me. By hearing this, tears rolled out from the father’s eyes, and the father was crushed. He embraced his son and also promised him that he will take a holiday tomorrow and spend the whole day with him.




Therefore, by reading this story it can be said that time is as valuable as money. It is an established fact that time is more precious than money and this phrase is used as well as accepted by millions of people. There can also be many arguments related to this statement but if time is lost once then it cannot be earned back. Hence, time can be used for making money but money cannot be afforded over time. Thus, it is not possible to get back the time that has been done earlier no matter how much money you are willing to spend. The difference between success and failure is always wondered about. Every people only get 24 hours in a day and it totally depends on the person how he utilizes those 24 hours. A person who is successful in his life utilizes his time efficiently for earning money and also for progress. Hence, it is the time that is earned by money. The statement establishes that time is more valuable as compared to money or it is equally important to money. Time is something that is given to everybody and it is the duty of every individual to utilize it properly just like money. But there lies some difference: if some money is lost or spent then we can get back that money by working hard some more hours and by doing more work but at the same time if the time is lost then no money in the world can help us in getting that back. In other words, if the time is ruined then that time goes forever and it cannot be withdrawn. The value of time and the time is more valuable than money is known by the patient nicely who is fleeing to the hospital for getting medical attention. The patient will pay any amount in the hospital in order to survive as it is known by that person that he will be able to make money again after saving his life.


Therefore, it is an undisputed truth that time is money. The money that we have helps in deciding how efficiently our time is utilized by us. Hence, “Time is money” is a famous saying and it is accepted by everyone.


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