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How to Submit A+ Worthy World Environment Day Essay?


Essay On World Environment Day


World Environment Day is celebrated every individual year, specifically on the 5th of June as well as is also one of the most important vehicles for the United Nations to significantly encourage specific awareness as well as action towards the appropriate protection of the environment. This particular day was first held in the year 1973, and following this had been a specific platform for the appropriate raising of awareness based upon the issues identified across the environment such as the likes marine pollution, global warming, overpopulation as well as required sustainable development along with crime occurring in the wildlife.


World Environment Day is also referred to as the global platform that is used to reach out to the public by allowing significant participation of nearly 143 countries every year. Every individual year, this particular program also provisions a significant theme along with a forum that is only meant for businesses, NGOs, government agencies as well as celebrities to advocate the identified issues across the global environment.

World Environment Day was significantly established in the year 1972 by the United Nations during the Stockholm Conference based on the human environment. This specifically resulted from typical discussions to the necessary integration of interactions carried out between the human and the environment that is present across the globe. A year later, in 1973, the first-ever World Environment Day was held with the associated theme named “Only One Earth”.

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The World environment day in 2022 has been planned to become a global campaign that will integrate transformative changes to necessary policies as well as choices, which have enabled get cleaner, sustainable living within harmony as well as greener. This has the necessary focus on the necessary need to live in harmony within the environment that is one of us. This also includes the likely shifting of possibilities towards having a greener lifestyle through the necessary admiration of policies along with individual choices to become a part of the greener lifestyle in specific terms. Ranging from the conference that was held in Stockholm in the year 1972, 50 years since then, the motto of the United Nations remains the same. This is due to the fact that the Planet Earth is our home, and we need to protect it by any means that falls under our significant capabilities.


This year, a historic milestone is supposed to be constructed by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as well as the global environmental community. This particular year specifically marks the 50 years anniversary of World Environment Day and is a necessary outcome of the Stockholm Conference that had been organized. This also specifically coincides with the Stockholm+50 meeting, which had been internationally held. Hence, such events that can be considered as significant emblems also provisions with the associated opportunity for the international community to significantly strengthen the appropriate cooperation as well as showcase the leadership towards bringing transformation to having an increasingly sustainable society and make the planet a better place for the humans to live in.


World Environment Day Hosting Countries


Every individual year, World Environment Day is mainly hosted by different countries across the world where all the necessary celebrations get carried out. However, the host country for the year 2022 is Sweden. To commemorate the UN Stockholm Conference, which had taken place in 1972, Sweden, along with Kenya, as well as significant support offered from the UNEP as well as partners, will carry out a high-level international meeting of the nations. The main objective of the meeting would be to put forward a healthy world, which will require the participation of every individual human living on this planet to make the living conditions of the world a better place to live in.


Five decades is the correct time to define the first ever conference based on the environment, which was held in Stockholm in the year 1972. The existing government of Sweden, along with the significant support obtained from the Government of Kenya, will host the World Environment Day in 2022 on the 2nd as well as the 3rd of June. This internationally held meeting will commemorate the 50 years since the decision to undertake World Environment Day occurred. Additionally, the major conference will be supported with outcome documents, mostly to note the Stockholm Declaration. Stockholm+50 will also serve the appropriate contribution of the necessary requirement to accelerate a specific action towards having an increasingly notable society including the likes of integrating sustainable recovery from the Covid-19 situation existing worldwide.


With respect to the three leadership dialogues, the associated meeting will also significantly reflect upon the urgent requirement of actions to be carried out towards obtaining a healthier planet as well as prosperity for every individual human being. This is mainly to achieve a sustainable as well as inclusive recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic as well as accelerate the necessary implementation of having an environmental dimension towards sustainable development in the context of the Decade of Action. The associated meeting will also reinforce the messages as well as the relevant outcomes of the event to be commemorated, which is the 50th anniversary of the UNEP that has already taken place in March this year, and the location was Nairobi.




Geneva, along with the surrounding areas of the place, has also been active in integrating a globally recognized environmental governance for nearly 50 years now. In addition to this, important as well as strategic meetings that are relevant to history have also been conducted across the region. With respect to this, the Geneva Environment Network will move forward towards celebrating World Environment Day through a specific event of celebrating the associated historical resolution that is also capable of recognizing the human right towards a cleaner, sustainable as well as a healthy environment. The associated recognition has significantly come from the time when the planet has been facing a triple planetary crisis in terms of the environment. This necessary impact has been identified in climatic changes, pollution in land, air and water, as well as a result a loss of biodiversity having negative impacts all around.


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