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How to Complete Essay on World Football Day with Ease?


World Football Day


Football is a sport that is played all around the world and is also referred to as a sport that contains the capability of integrating unity among people from all around the world. This does not necessarily depend upon the nation an individual belongs to but has always been the most famous sport across the world. With respect to this, Brazil being one of the most active nations when it comes to Football, celebrates National Football Day on July 19, every individual year. This South American nation is considered one of the greatest in the world of Football and has also been continuously dominating the sport across the world for a long time now.


A specific testament for this reign they contain and has become one of the most premier footballing nations across the globe is because of a singular fact, which is to have won the World Cup title 5 times till date. In addition to this, they are the only nation to have reached the qualification for every single edition of the World Cup that has so far been played across the footballing nation. Millions of people residing across the whole of South America every individual year intend to celebrate World Football Day, which specifically gains the attendance of huge masses across the world. Brazil has remained on the continuance of producing footballing superstars to have made a name for themselves and have taken forward their nation. Some of Football’s greatest names that belong to Brazil are Pele, Ronaldo Nazario, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho and so on.


Brazil intends to celebrate World Football Day every year on July 19. This particular date stands as one of the testimonial occurrences belonging to the popularity of Football as a sport across the South American nation. Football is not just considered and is restricted to the stadiums as well as grounds in Brazil, but is also played in smaller lanes and roads across the entire nation. Such groups playing Football in smaller lanes and streets include people of varied age groups such as young people to people who have crossed their retirement as well as still are fond of the sport to an extended level. Their relative passion for the sport is equally divided across the nation keeping aside the actual location of the residence in specific terms. As a reason, growing up since childhood with a football at their feet has helped them grow this love and passion for the sport as well as the motivation to celebrate World Football Day on July 19 every individual year.

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History of World Football Day


Celebration of the World Football Day, specifically on July 19, started with the associated foundation of the oldest football club that is present in Brazil, which is Sports Club Rio Grande. This is one of the oldest football clubs present across the nation but still remains active. Additionally, this particular club also won the major title that is Campeonato Gaucho, in the year 1936. This particular day is celebrated in honour of the club, which is the oldest in the country and deserves to be respected by every individual citizen of the country. Additionally, the club winning the title also motivated Brazil as a nation to take up Football professionally and grow a passion for the same that is visible today.


On the other hand, internationally across the globe, World Football Day is celebrated on December 10, where every individual fan of the world intends to celebrate the sport. This is particularly famous as well as well-known in terms of sports as a game, which has long origins and is historic. With respect to this, every year, on December 10, World Football Day is celebrated, where the associated purpose of celebrating the day is to bring all the players as well as the supporters together to specifically celebrate the beautiful game. Millions of people on this particular day commemorate their particular honour of the game. The United Nations had specifically founded World Football Day, which is also observed every individual year in December. For most people, Football as a sport is more of a simple game, but to people having a significant passion for the sport is not just a sport but a measure that is adopted by them to release all of their life stress and express themselves in the most beautiful manner.


The associated origins of Football can be specifically traced back to a very distant past. The very first record of the game, which is known as Football, can also be found in the chronicles of the dynasty. Mention has been made that nearly 2000 years ago, somewhere in Ancient China, a game had been helped where the rule was to constantly keep pushing an object with the help of legs. Nearly 1400 years ago, even the Japanese contained something that was similar to this. Hence, the associated rules of Football were formally established in the year 1863, as well as the Football Association was formed in England. With respect to this, the sport had taken birth.




As stated by Russia, the first ever legal game was recorded in the form of a game on October 24, in the year 1897. The venue for the game was the United States. As a reason, a specific day has been provided for the sport to be celebrated by all the passionate players and fans to devote themselves to the sport and showcase their love for the game. This is where World Football Day came into existence and is celebrated internationally without having to undergo any significant issues during the celebrations.

In addition to this, World Football Day is also celebrated by every individual nation, their teams, leagues, and all the clubs participating in the same since Football is the living they have adopted and considered till the last breath of their lives. Additionally, Football as a sport also allows them to earn their daily food.


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