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Confuse About How To Start Writing ET To EST Essay?


A Brief Introduction About ET and EST


The Eastern Time (ET) zone refers to the specific time zone that encompasses a specific part of all the 23 states present across the eastern part of the United States, various parts of Canada, Quintana Roo in Mexico, Colombia, most of the western parts in Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Panama as well as the Caribbean and the Atlantic islands. However, there is a primary difference between ET, which is segmented into two types, EST that stands for Eastern Standard Time and EDT that stands for Eastern Daylight Time. Each of the time zone is followed in different parts of the world depending on the time of sunset and sunrise in each of the section.


  • Eastern Standard Time (EST) refers to the specific observation of time, which is five hours behind the loosely Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

  • On the other hand, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), refers to the specific observation of daylight that saves time, which states being four hours behind the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).


Hence, from the above points, clear conclusions can be drawn that each of the time zone is solely dependent upon the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and the time gap between the same.

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What is EST?


The associated boundaries of Eastern Time Zone has been significantly moved towards the west since the establishment of the Interstate Commerce Commission, which took over the mentioned time-zone. This relates to the management of railroads during the year 1938. For instance, the existent easternmost as well as the northernmost countries present across Kentucky had been added to the zone during the 1940s. Additionally, the same had been added to the eastern states during the 1961 based on the primary requirements. In the year 2000, a personnel named Wayne County, present on the Tennessee border had switched from the existent Central to the Eastern Time Zone. Across the whole of United States, the most utilized Eastern Time Zone is widely used in nearly half the regions of the country. This was due to the ease of time tracking offered by the time zone to the residents of the region.


Daylight Saving Time


In March 2018, the existent Florida Legislature during that time had specifically passed a bill, which made requests of authorization from the existent Congress to have a saving time for an all year-round daylight, which will have major effects upon Florida working upon Atlantic Standard Time during that period. Following this, a similar bill had also been proposed at the Canadian province for Ontario, which was made by the legislative assembly during the late 2020. This will again have a similar effect upon the province, if the same is passed.


On the other hand, for all those countries existent in the United States, the concept of daylight saving meant for the Eastern Time Zone had been introduced as a Uniform Time Act of the year 1966. This specified that the daylight shall be saving time, would run till last Sunday of the month April until the last Sunday in October. The act had been amended to make the very first Sunday in April as the beginning of daylight since, 1987.

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Discussion Regarding Daylight Saving Time


Later on, the Energy Policy Act of 2005 had extended the saving time for daylight across the whole of United States, which had mainly begun in 2007. Since then, there are significant changes occurring within the local time such as 2:00 am EST to that of 3:00 am EDT on the second Sunday of March along with the return from 2:00 am EDT to 1:00 am EST on the very first Sunday in the month of November. On the other hand, in Canada, saving time for daylight begins as well as ends on the very same day along with at the very same time, which does the same across the whole of United States. Additionally, in Canada, the following few provinces as well as territories are a specific part of the Eastern Time Zone, which are mainly dependent on the populous time zone of EST. The states in Canada are,


  • Majority regions in the whole of Ontario.

  • Majority regions in the whole of Quebec.

  • Majority regions in the whole of Nunavut.


On the other hand, in United States, there is an existent boundary between the time zones that have been set forth within the Code of Federal Regulations, in relevance of the boundary between the eastern and that of the Central Time Zones being in specific detailing across 49 C.F.R part 71.


What is ET?


ET is the most commonly used general term for describing the various areas observing either EST or EDT, which has already been discussed in the above section of this discussion. However, it shall be mentioned that ET keeps switching between EDT and EST. This change mainly depends upon the region across United States and the time zone they belong to in specific terms.


Across the whole of United States the televised programs on a national level, along with evening newscasts, award shows as well as talent hunt programs airing live on the American television during the prime time are mainly broadcasted live based on the Eastern Time Zone. Majority of the professional sports leagues such as the likes of MLB, NHL, NBA as well as NFL provision with their game times based on the Eastern Time, even if the playing teams do not significantly belong to the Eastern Time.




The largest ever city to be belonging to the EST time zone across the whole of New York City is from USA having a specific population of nearly 8.175 million people. On the other hand, the major existing cities across the area are the likes of Toronto, Brooklyn, Montreal as well as Borough of Queens. ET can be converted to EST following a specific set of rule, which is necessary in all the regions across the world based on the eastern region. Each of the state falling under the rule of Eastern Time Zone shall be viewing time based on the Eastern Standard Time (EST) that is supposed to be the primary demarcation in terms of time.

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